The G Spot position above looks really unconventional when you first try it. But stick with it. It’s a great position if you want to get some serious G Spot stimulation from your man. To get into the G Spot position, you need to start off having sex with your man as you would in the Deep Impact sex position. This means that you need to lie on your back on the bed with your legs in the air, pointing at the ceiling. Your man will be penetrating you while on his knees. But instead of spreading his knees apart to lower himself down towards you like in many of the other sex positions I teach, he needs to keep his knees together so that he is as tall as possible. He will need to grab you by your knees/legs and pull you up towards him so that he can penetrate you. Pretty much your entire body will now be pointing towards the ceiling, and you will carry all of your weight on your shoulders/upper back while holding onto your man’s legs to steady yourself. If you have a bad back, then you probably shouldn’t try the G Spot position. WHAT THE GIRL DOES IN THE G SPOT POSITION Getting into the G Spot position is your first task. Starting from a position like the Launch Pad will make everything easier and more natural. It can feel a little awkward and clumsy, but just power through it because the sex will be worth it. The sensation of being upside down with your man will also feel a little weird at first. But you’ll find that after being in this position a few times it’s not a big deal, and you’ll get used to it. You only have two tasks in the G Spot position: 1) Stay comfortable without hurting your back. 2) Staying in position so that your man can continuously penetrate you. Holding on to his leg will keep you in position. That’s it! WHAT THE GUY DOES IN THE G SPOT POSITION Your man needs to hold you in position. While grabbing your thighs, he can very easily hurt you by stretching your skin. So he has to be really careful to make sure he is soft with you. After that, he just needs to focus on thrusting in and out. If you like harder, more passionate and even animalistic sex, then your man can really pound you hard by pulling you into him with each thrust. He can also use one hand to hold both of your legs while using his free hand to rub your clitoris. THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN PERFORMING THE G SPOT POSITION I have been fortunate to talk with a lot of students about different sex positions, including these G Spot sex positions. Through talking with them, I have managed to get some great outside perspective and tips on it. • Pillows are your friend. They will help you to stay in position without your man needing to strain his arms. • When done right, the G Spot position can lead to some really powerful G Spot orgasms. But to get it right, your man will need to try changing his angle of entry a few times until he finds an angle that you love. • You can try anal sex with the G Spot position, but most people much prefer vaginal sex in this position. • When you are both trying this position for the first time, it can be quite awkward and ‘fumbly’ to point your body towards the ceiling. There is nothing you can do about this, so try not to worry. Once you are both in position, you’ll see (and feel) that it was totally worth it! SIMILAR POSITIONS • Down Stroke – This one might be complicated because your man holds your entire weight. • Legs On Shoulder – Your man can sensually massage your legs and feet in this pose. • Right Angle – This might be easier because your entire back is supported by the bed. The G Spot positions above are all fantastic if you enjoy lots of G Spot stimulation during sex. SEAN’S THOUGHTS ON THE G SPOT SEX POSITION I love the G Spot position. It feels great to me, and the girls that I have performed it on have really, really enjoyed it even though it looks awkward. I highly recommend that you try it with your man.

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