When do your and your man usually have sex? It’s probably at a time that’s convenient – after work or on your days off. Is this when you actually want to have sex? It might not be! According to one survey, 25% of people desire sex most in the morning, but most people have to schedule sex, and it often happens after a date night.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling sex if you have a hectic life, and date nights help keep you and your man connected (just try having sex in a hotel!). But you might be surprised by some of the benefits of having morning sex!

There are plenty of pluses to having sex in the morning.

  1. You start the day off in a good mood.
  2. You’ll carry that “after sex” glow with you to work or school!
  3. No one has to sleep in the wet spot.
  4. It can take the place of your morning workout.
  5. Sunlight drifting through the shades can be quite romantic.
  6. You’re not thinking about the sleep you’re missing out on because you’re already well rested!
  7. You don’t have to worry about wrinkling clothes you might want to wear again.
  8. There’s no need to worry about looking your best first thing in the morning.
  9. Oxytocin, which is released during sex and cuddling, helps you feel close to your man all day long.
  10. Morning sex three times a week may even reduce risk of heart attacks!
  11. The increase in testosterone men experience in the morning may help him last longer.
  12. You won’t be full because you just went to a restaurant for a meal.

There’s no lack of reasons why morning sex is awesome. That sleepy feeling can make the whole thing seem pretty surreal, and you might be more animalistic before your brain kicks into a more “human” mode. While you might normally reach for a cup of coffee, consider morning sex, instead.

Sex in the morning might be a good option if you frequently find yourself nodding off at night before you and your man have a chance to strip each other down. And if you do wind up finding time to fool around more than once during the day? Then more power to you! So set your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier. You don’t even have to let your man in on what’s going on if you know he’ll be down for morning sex!

Which brings to mind the question of whether it’s okay to wake your partner up – or be woken up – with sex. It can be hot to be roused from dreamland because someone’s slipping hands inside your panties, groping your breasts or fingering you, but it’s not for everyone. If this is something you’re open to, let your man know beforehand. And if you’d rather get sleep for your big presentation, let him know, too.

Make sure to find out where he stands on the issue because, contrary to popular belief, all men don’t want sex all the time! Consent is important, even if you’ve already had sex one or 100 times, even if you’re in a committed relationship. It’s so important, we can’t talk about things such as BDSM or drunk sex without mentioning it!

Morning sex is a go. How can you make it awesome? Read on!


One way to let your man know you’re okay is by sleeping without underwear – or without anything at all. There are other benefits to sleeping naked, too. Even if you don’t wind up having sex, you’ll feel pretty awesome sleeping naked.

You can also encourage him by pressing your body up against him. What woman hasn’t taken advantage of spooning to encourage her man to get in the mood? If you find that sleeping naked gets you horny, you could even start by masturbating. Once your man is awaken by it – a few strategic moans can help – he can join in. Or maybe you’ll just stick to mutual masturbation. It can be incredibly sexy!


Many people keep condoms or other types of contraception readily available in the nightstand drawer. It’s especially important to remember to use birth control when you might not fully be awake. Contraception such as the diaphragm, Nuva ring or sponge can be inserted beforehand,which might be useful when you’re in the mood for morning sex.


If you live in a place where the mornings are warm, sneak outside for a quickie on your patio furniture or try having sex in your sun room. As the sun rises, you’ll get a great view. It’ll feel great, too. If there’s a risk of being caught, you might enjoy it even more! But you’ve got to be careful when having sex outside.


This one works when you’re the one who typically wakes up first, but making a point of feeding him in the morning if that’s not normally your routine as can show him how much you care about his pleasure. You can get breakfast started, and when you let him know it’s served, be naked when he enters the room. Take a few precautions. An apron protects delicate skin from oil splatters. And you might not want to make anything hot at all if it’s going to get cold as you fool around.

Something silly like holding donuts over your nipples can indicate that you’re what’s ready for the taking. You can also use the counter or table as a prop during your lovemaking session. The Burning Man position is great for this. Plus, you can lean over the counter for rear entry or anal sex positions.


Of course, many men have boners in the morning due to high levels of testosterone and increased blood flow during sleep, which makes morning a perfect time to ride him. Plenty of men would love to wake up to a morning surprise like this.

Consider reverse cowgirl, too. This position helps to deal with that morning breath issue. Plus, you get a different angle and you can control the depth and speed of thrusting. It’s understandable if you feel self-conscious when it comes to being on top during sex. 


Another way to make sure your man wakes up happy is to rouse him from slumber with your our mouth on his cock. Of course, waking up to your man moving between your legs is just as nice, so you can drop a few hints that you’d like to wake up to this.


Morning sex is awesome because it’s often ‘sleepy’ and lazy, and you don’t need to do any sort of gymnastics because you’re not fully awake yet. This is one reason why spooning is such a nice position. You can be close to your partner, and either of you can stimulate your clitoris, but you can keep the pace relaxed. Plus, you don’t have to deal with morning breath, which can definitely be a mood killer!


Another option is to have sex in the morning while you’re in the shower. Shower can can be incredibly sexy when done right. Make sure there’s no chance of slipping, which could lead to injury. If you want, add a waterproof toy, and plenty of silicone-based lube (because water isn’t actually good for your natural lubrication), you’re good to go.

Hopefully these suggestions give you some ideas of your own, whether you’re new to having sex in the morning or you’re an experienced pro. If it’s something you don’t normally do, your guy might be receptive to your advances. Or you might realize it just doesn’t work well with your schedule, and that’s okay, too. There’s no one way or right time for you to have sex, which is why experimenting is so much fun!

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