8 Steps to a Full Body Orgasm!

In the movies, women always seem to have toe-curling, scream-inducing orgasms that wake the neighbors. They’re left panting and disheveled while their partners boast a satisfied smirk. Do you wonder if you can achieve an orgasm of that magnitude? Are those even real? If so, can you have one?

young woman shouting in ecstasy

Of course, the big screen is all fantasy, but some women do report having full body orgasms – and they love them! Who wouldn’t?! Not every woman can achieve every type of orgasm or do so with ease. But we’ve got advice to help you achieve your own full body orgasm.

A full body orgasm, also known as a cervical orgasm, can last for hours; although, you shouldn’t set your mind on that goal for the first time you try it. You can expect a feeling more like vibration or tingling in your body. It may feel like waves. Or it may feel different for you.

Read on to learn how to have your own full body orgasm.

1. Build Sexual Tension

A full body orgasm is unlikely if you only have time for a quickie. We recommend setting aside plenty of time when you want to try for a full body orgasm. This allows you to build up sexual tension. Read more about that in this post.

Remember that arousal can start well before you enter the bedroom. Stimulate your own mind and that of your partner to build sexual tension for a more incredible experience.

2. Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Adding more time for sexual activity with your partner also means more time for foreplay. This is important to having full body orgasms because it enables you to become more aroused. With activities like a sensual massage, manual stimulation and oral sex, you’re much more likely to have an orgasm, including one that envelops your entire body.

3. Get Tantric with It

You might find the advice provided about Tantric sex to be useful in your pursuit of a full body orgasm – more on that here. Part of the focus in Tantra is the exchange of energy, also known as Chi, between you and your partner. Plus, Tantra isn’t just focused on the genitals alone. It stands to reason that a full body orgasm will be easier to achieve if you involve your full body rather than being hyper focused on your genitals.

One thing that especially helps is paying attention to how your entire body feels. If you’ve ever participated in guided meditation, then you’re probably familiar with the idea of focusing on body parts one by one. This activity is usually accompanied by deep breathing as you focus on your head, your hands and arms, your legs and your torso.

The same method can be applied to your sex life, whether you’re trying for a full body orgasm or not. As you feel an orgasm approach, visualize the energy building up in your body. Then, use your mind to dispel it away from your genitals and throughout your arms, legs, stomach and head.

4. Make Yourself Comfortable

Much of what happens during a full body orgasm is focused in your mind. Women who don’t think they can have full body orgasms are going to have a much harder time achieving one. If you feel uncomfortable having sex or talking about it, even with your man, then you should consider what you’ll need to do to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Not only might this help you have a full body orgasm, but it’s going to make your sex life better in general.

The Bad Girls Bible has advice for dealing with sexual anxiety (here) and talking about sex with your partner (here). However, you might even find the help of a trained professional beneficial if you have issues with body confidence and self-esteem, or if you’re recovering from some sort of sexual or emotional abuse.

5. Choose the Right Partner

Obviously, it’s important that you’re with a partner who makes you feel comfortable. You don’t necessarily have to be in love, but that certainly helps. Someone who makes you feel valued and appreciates you will be a better choice for achieving full body orgasms than, say, a one-night stand or a casual sex partner who simply helps you to scratch that itch.

6. Add Something Else

You might find that other activities besides sex help you get to the point of having full-body orgasms, too. For example, if you’re submissive and experience “sub drop,” an altered state of mind similar to runner’s high, you might find yourself having a full body orgasm after an intense session that involves genital stimulation. If you identify more as a dominant, then an intense scene where you exchange emotions and energy with your sub might help to reach your own full-body orgasm. Find out how to start BDSM here.

It might not be BDSM that gets you over that hill, either. For some women, edging helps them to achieve full bodied orgasms. Edging is the process in which you work yourself up to orgasm, but stop just on the edge, hence the name. If you do this as much as you can, you may experience multiple orgasms or one explosive full body orgasm. Read all about edging in this post.

7. Stimulate Your Cervix

Many women describe their cervical orgasms as a full body orgasm. Your cervix is the opening between your uterus and vagina. Throughout your cycle, your cervix hardens or softens and moves up and down. When your cervix is hard and low like it is around your period, contact with it might be uncomfortable, leading to cramps after sex. Your cervix may prefer rougher stimulation when it’s soft and higher, however.

Because the cervix is deeper in the vagina than the G-spot, you might need to adjust your methodology to have this sort of orgasm. A longer dildo (with plenty of lube!) or your partner’s penis might work better than fingers, for example. This is where deep penetration comes into play. Read more about that in this post. You might also consider sex positions that allow for deeper penetration, including doggy style. More on that here.

Deep penetration may at first be uncomfortable, which is why plenty of buildup and foreplay is advised. This loosens your body. Consider starting with a smaller, shorter dildo or vibrator if your cervix is too sensitive in the beginning.

You can also visualize “opening up” your cervix so it becomes receptive to more stimulation. This could mirror the emotional sort of opening up that you’re doing with your partner in your attempt to have full body orgasms. A regular clitoral orgasm or two might make it easier to achieve a full body orgasm. However, many women experience clitoral sensitivity after an orgasm, so give yourself time to recuperate before trying for another orgasm. More tips on clitoral stimulation here.

8. Practice Your Kegels

Kegel exercises work out the pelvic floor. They’re typically recommended to recent mothers are childbirth, but they have a ton of benefits even if you haven’t had a child. Doing kegels helps to reduce urinary incontinence too. They also allow you to strengthen vaginal muscles and squeeze your partner firmly when he’s inside you.

Plus, kegels can lead to more vaginal sensitivity and better or more easier muscles. So it’s worth giving these exercises a try in your quest for full body orgasms. Check out this post with multiple ideas for kegel exercises. Even if you don’t wind up having a full body orgasm, kegels can benefit your sex life and health!

There are other things to try to help in your pursuit of this type of orgasm, too. For example, you might find yourself having better and bigger orgasms when you’re vocal. So make noises and moan as much as you need. It’ll turn your man on, too! Consider watching a sexy movie or reading some erotica if that’s what gets you going. The more sexual energy you gather, the bigger the payoff when it expels through orgasm.

Remember that a full body orgasm doesn’t mean every muscle in your body will contract like in a clitoral orgasm. Learn more about the types of orgasms here. However, it allows you to experience that energy throughout more of your body than simply your genitals. A full body orgasm may also lack the obvious buildup and descent of a clitoral orgasm.

There’s no one way to experience a full body orgasm, and you might have different experiences every time. It’s not something that every woman can do, just like not every woman can squirt or have multiple orgasms. It may be something you can only do sometimes, no matter how much you try to prepare. However, practice may makes perfect, and you can have a great time just trying. Remember not to focus too narrowly on orgasm, however, as that may be the very thing that makes it elusive.

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