You’ve already had a first date that went pretty well. Attraction is there and you want to get to know more about this guy. But what should you do on your second date? Coming up with a fun second date idea might seem more intimidating than the first date you’ve already aced, so we have plenty of ideas to help with that.


The perfect second date idea might be something you haven’t done since you were a child, such as roller skating at the nearby rink, or something you’ve never done at all. In fact, activities that are new to both of you can help to cement your bond. As you get to know more about your date, you’ll also want to encourage chemistry.


We recommend trying something different than your first date, where you probably tried to talk and get to know one another. Instead, something a little more active might be up your alley. New experiences can help to build strong foundations and help increase chemistry, so consider a second date idea from the following list.


Visit a theme park and ride some roller coasters. Alternatively, try out a water park and enjoy tubing and flying down slides! The adrenaline coursing through your veins has been proven to heighten feelings of attraction, and you’ll be making good memories, too! The local fair can serve as a stand-in, or you might even consider Renaissance festivals, where you can watch jousting and eat whole legs of turkey, for your second date.


Hike at sunset or sunrise so you can enjoy the beauty of nature and your date’s company. You can look for the perfect hiking spot together or one of you can suggest a path you’re already familiar with. Considering bringing along your dogs and tossing a ball or frisbee. Otherwise, a picnic on the summit allows you to relax and talk. Trade in your hiking boots for some bikes to get even better mileage!


This second date idea will help you get in touch with nature and offers a little exercise, too. Rent a row or paddle boat and head out to the lake. The open water gives you plenty of time to chat, and you’ll have to work together! If you’re really adventurous, a sail or motorboat enables you to go even further out, and you can show off the skills you learned as a scout.


Many guys love when a girl is into watching sports. This often indicates a laid-back personality, so watching a football game or other sports activity is one of the second date ideas you’ll see repeated often. It doesn’t have to be professional, either. Local sports can make for a great second date. You don’t necessarily have to paint yourself up in the team’s colors or even completely understand the game. However, if you’re entirely unfamiliar, you might want to read up on the rules beforehand, so you don’t pester your date with questions.


Go to a bowling alley or mini-golf course to try out your skills. Neither of these activities requires you to be super athletic, and you can easily learn the rules the first time you play. Spice it up by adding fun dares or truth questions if you make or miss points. For example, you might have to tell an embarrassing story if you get a gutter ball! This post lists flirty questions to ask on a date, too.


When you’re talking about second date ideas with your date, consider something you’re both new at. If you’re terrible, you can laugh about it, and neither of you will have to worry about looking like a fool because of the other’s expertise. You can take a cooking class together. You’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labors as you learn. Skip the class and hit up your local Farmer’s Market to buy fresh ingredients for your meal and then head back to someone’s house to cook it all up! Pizza is a great do-it-yourself food that’s hard to mess up.

A painting or similar art class proves a nice alternative to cooking, and you’ll both stay in the moment because these activities are so hands on. Take home your painting or vase, and you’ll always have something to remember the experience by.


Suggesting a firing range as a second date idea to your date will probably take him by surprise. You might never have touched a gun in your life, but heading to the range with your date to fire off a few rounds might also make for a great second date! You’ll get to experience the power of holding a gun, which might even be quite the turn on!


Perhaps you’re not really into firing a real gun, so that second date idea isn’t for you. What about a virtual one? Heading to a video game arcade is the perfect way to do this. There are enough games for both of you to find something to keep you interested, and coop or competitive games will encourage some friendly competition, too. Consider racing side by side or table hockey. Plus, you can both reminisce about younger days playing Ms. Pacman or Mario Kart 64, even if the arcade doesn’t have those games. Finally, some arcades provide tickets that you can trade in for prizes, which sounds like fun to us!


There are plenty of other things to do on your second date. What about visiting a winery or touring several in the area? If fermented grapes aren’t your thing, you can head to an apple orchard or pumpkin field and pick your own prize. Then, you can plan a picnic with the apples as a snack or even carve up your pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern. Perhaps a local eatery has a trivia night, or your museum has an interactive exhibit on anything!

Pay attention to your community’s calendar for seasonal activities that maybe you’ve passed up in the past. If it’s autumn, visiting a corn maze can be particularly charming, while moderate winter days are ideal for a sleigh ride over the river and through the woods. Ditch the sleigh and simply enjoy horseback riding together. Summer is perfect for movies under the stars.

If you’ve exhausted everything in this list, try our post with 30 more date ideas!


The perfect second date idea always serves as a background for your conversation. You’ll want to continue to impress you guy but not brag so much that it’s a turn off. We’ve got more dating advice about dos and don’ts on your second date below.

Don’t go for a lot of physical contact. So don’t force a hug or lean in for a kiss on the cheek unless he’s sending the same sort of signals. Although you might be excited for your second date, your date might still be testing the waters, and you don’t know each other very well yet. See how things plays out for a hug or kiss at the end of the date!

Do take time to explain anything you might have said or done on your first date that may have put him off. Perhaps you accidentally insulted his favorite sports team or you were a little quiet because of nerves. The second date is the perfect time to explain and possibly apologize for these small mistakes, but you should take responsibility rather than making excuses for them. If he’s a good guy, he’ll understand. Dating is nerve-wracking, after all!

Don’t agree with everything your date says just so he’ll like you. First, this can backfire if you come off as someone who’s too eager to please or, even worse, boring! And it’s never a good idea to start a relationship off with dishonesty, either (in fact, there’s a rule about this). Instead, do express yourself, your interests and your opinions. And if you’re having a good time or feeling a connection with your date, tell him. If you feel something, you’re probably wondering whether he feels it, too. Start your relationship with open conversation, and you’re off to a good start!

Do give your date a chance to explain why he likes something — a movie, band, song, cuisine, TV show or sport, for instance — even if it’s not your cup of tea. It will give you insight into the person you’re spending time with, and it might also show you a different side of things. In fact, keeping an open mind is crucial to getting along with most people and not just potential love interest.

Don’t plan a second date at a movie or bar. The ideal second date idea is in an environment where you can talk and get to know one another better. Plus, you’ll want to continue flirting – check out these tips – like you did on the first date if you’re really into this guy. Consider opting for off hours if you’re headed to some place that might be crowded.

Do engage in physical flirting. Lean in to him, touch his arm or chest when you laugh at a joke and possibly hold his hand if this seems like something he’s be interested in. More on that in this article.

Don’t plan your second date with a bunch of friends. If this guy’s going to be around for a while, there will be plenty of time for him to meet your friends and family. And if he’s not going to make the cut, there’s no reason for them to meet him this soon. Focus on each other during the second date, but don’t plan your potential future – in your mind or out loud! You might fall in love down the road, but it’s too soon to think about. More on that here.

Do continue any conversation you may have had on your first date. Perhaps you went home and realize one of you didn’t answer a question very well or a story popped into your head as you were leaving from your date. It’s easy enough to bring up these things as something that occurred to you after your date ended. Plus, it shows you continued to think about him after your date finished. If you mention anything you recall from your previous date, you’ll likely impress him, too.

Don’t stick around the house. Although you can watch a soccer match or play a video game at home, getting out of your comfort zone is good things when it comes to second dates. This is as much of a chance to expand your interests and experiences as it is to get to know more about your date.

Do consider going together rather than meeting at your venue. This helps to build the feeling of camaraderie, reduce the risk that anyone will get lost on the way and you can chat in the car on the way over.

Don’t suggest the same activities as your previous date. Even if you’re opting for a different sort of cuisine, eating out all the time can get fast. Allow your date to see you in different situations, which helps him get to know you better. The same works in reverse.

Do have fun trying something new! It doesn’t matter if you’re not the type who would go on a ghost tour or visit a psychic normally. As long as you’re enjoying a new experience with your new beau, it might be a fantastic second date idea.

Don’t get too personal too soon. You’re no longer strangers, but you’re not best friends, and the second date determines whether you’ll continue seeing each other. So you don’t want to push too hard. Pay attention to your date’s body language and cues.

The most important aspect of a second date is being yourself and acting naturally. After all, you’ll want your date to like you for who you are, and if he does, it might be time to ask him out for a third date!

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