If you want some steamy sex, you’ve got to try it in the shower. The added heat and moisture, not to mention doing it someplace other than the bedroom, can really spice up your sex life. And you don’t need any special toys to do it!

Of course, shower sex is slippery and there is a finite amount of space, so not every position will work. Keep reading if you want to know the sex positions you absolutely must try in the shower.


This shower sex position works best when you’re of a similar height, or even when your man is a little shorter than you are. You can help him out by going up on your tip toes and wrapping one leg around his waist/back. But not everyone will be able to make this position for sex in the shower work, and that’s okay. It’s great for manual stimulation. You can give him a slippery handjob, and he can return the favor by rubbing your clit or fingering you.


If you have trouble making the previous shower sex position work, try this one. It’s easier because you can lean against the wall while your man penetrates you from behind, which might be good for G-spot stimulation. If you’re a squirter, you needn’t worry about the mess before you’re already in the shower and ready to clean up!

He should make sure his feet are planted firmly on the shower floor with his hands on your hips. If you have a shower chair or your tub has a built in seat, you can lead forward on your hands for stability. You could also lift one leg, bend it at the knee and rest it on the surface.


Use that shower chair to your advantage (this shower sex position can also be modified for sex in hot tubs or pools with steps or ledges). Shower sex positions like this one are a bit less dangerous because you’re closer to the ground, and there are four legs supporting you. Your man can sit, and you can straddle him like a lap dance. Alternatively, you can straddle the chair backward, and he can kneel to penetrate you anally. Check out our sitting sex positions list to find those that you can adapt for sexy shower times.


Sitting down in the tub might be the position you prefer. You can choose whether to leave the shower on or not. You’ll slide in facing one way, and your man will face you. You’ll both bend your knees to keep your feet tucked around the other person. Scoot closer until you can penetrate. If your tub is full of water, take it slow to avoid splashing. Lay a few extra towels down around your tub just in case!

This position might not work if either of you is bigger or if you have a narrow tub. You can sit in the tub and lean back – a bathtub pillow helps support your neck – while he sits outside the tub and rubs your clit, kisses you sensually or even shampoos your hair. Check out our advice on how to make bathtub sex hotter.


Of course, we couldn’t leave this old favorite off of our list! Doggy style is great for shower sex for a variety of reasons. It’s easier if there’s a height difference. You shift your center of gravity to make it safer. Women love it for G-spot stimulation, and your man can pull your hair if you like rough sex! Try it for vaginal or anal. Both of you can stimulate your clit, and you can even bring your favorite waterproof toy into the shower with you. Check out our best sex toy suggestions if you don’t have anything that’s safe for use in the shower!


While the Bulldog sex position isn’t intended for shower sex, it can work. It’s a variant of doggy style that works for vaginal or anal sex, and you’ll both have more stability because you’re lower to the ground. You don’t need to worry about getting a face full of bathwater, either, because you’ll support yourself with your arms. Get more tips for the Bulldog position.


If your shower allows for it, Teaspooning can be an incredibly intimate position. Your man can whisper in your ear because he kneels behind you to penetrate. Either of you can suds up your breasts or rub your clit. You can lean forward toward the floor to support your weight, especially as you orgasm.


The shower is perfect for giving oral. All you need to do is drop to your knees in front of your man. Use your hands to stimulate his balls or prostate if he’s into that. The shower floor can be hard, even if you have a mat, so fold up a towel and place it under your knees. Not only does this make things softer, but it helps to prevent you from slipping when you’re really going at it. Check out other blowjob positions in this post.


The final position in this list isn’t exactly a shower sex position, but it’s one you should try if you can’t wait to get down and dirty before you hop in the shower to clean up! Burning Man position is typically performed standing up, but you can kneel and lean over the edge of the tub as your man kneels and enters you from behind. Because you’re not wet yet, there’s more traction, which is great if you like it rough!

You can experiment with shower sex positions if you have a larger shower, a walk-in tub or even access to a community shower.


Shower sex can be hot and steamy, literally, but it can also be tricky. You don’t want to ruin the mood when sex in the shower is a complete disaster or, even worse, end up with a trip to the hospital. So make sure you’ve got good footing. Floor mats or non-skid stickers can help. Furthermore, don’t rely on shower fixtures to hold your weight as they aren’t intended for that and can break off. If you like, you can try using suction cup footrests and handles that can aid in your quest to conquer sex in the shower. You might experiment with sex positions where your man holds your weight outside of the shower, but it’s too dangerous once you’re in the slippery stall.

Finally, invest in silicone-based lube whenever you have sex in water. Water-based lubes will wash right off, which can make for a painful time if you’re combining a shower sex position with anal sex. Learn more about personal lubricants here.

Finding the right shower sex position can be the difference between “Eh, it’s okay” and “I love having sex in the shower!” So don’t give up if the first position doesn’t do it for you. But if you don’t get it right after a few tries, it’s okay if you find shower sex more awkward than amazing. It’s great to get in the mood then continue in the bedroom. Sex in the shower is difficult to finish to completion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun fooling around.

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