What do guys find sexy? Well, it’s not easy to answer a question about what guys find sexy because men make up half the population, and there’s no way that many people can come to an agreement on anything let alone something so complex as attraction to another person! We tackle the question in this post, and hope to provide a solid answer to your burning question!

what do guys find sexy


We can’t really answer what every man finds sexy because what men find sexy varies from man to man. We can only generalize and make some suggestions, but the good thing is that what people find sexy is often an attitude versus a specific haircut or shade of lipstick, for example. This is actually good news. It means that while you might not be sexy to every man, there will undoubtedly be some men who find you incredibly attractive!

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For example, some men like traits that might be considered off or even unattractive to other men. We’re talking about a big nose or an unusual laugh. A big butt of even short stature, which can definitely make shopping difficult, are also traits lusted after by some men.There are specifically men who like BBWs. Whatever it is that you think is a negative or detracts from your sexiness might be your selling point to some men.

Some people try to hide what they consider to be cons (this is especially true in the selfie era). If you’re used to putting your best foot forward, it might be difficult to let what you consider the “bad” side of you show, and there may be some men who are turned off from this. But that thing that some men find sexy will attract more of the right kind of man.

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Ask any many or woman what’s hot, and they’ll tell you confidence. Now, this doesn’t mean someone who’s really arrogant or in your face about it. But someone who is comfortable in their own skin and with who they are as a person is pretty damned sexy.

Note that if you feel confident, you’ll look confident. So wear what makes you feel good from top to bottom,  even if it might seem risky or out of style. Confidence comes from within, so don’t be afraid to let it bubble out.

Confidence is also something that most of us struggle with from time to time – and some of us struggle with it more often than others. This is normal and part of the human experience, but a lack of confidence means you’re not selling yourself as the sexy woman you are. You may even be pushing away the very men who find you sexy because you do not believe you’re worth their consideration or that they can seriously be attracted to you.

In short, you need to stop that. You’re a worthy human even if you’re imperfect, and who among us isn’t?!


What fake it til you make it refers to is confidence. You might not be confident now, but acting like you are puts off a better vibe than being insecure. Of course, it’s easier said than done and not for everyone.

And confidence doesn’t just appear. It’s something that you need to make happen, so this piece of advice also means that you need to do whatever it is that will help you feel confident in yourself, whether that’s improving yourself in some way or learning to ditch the body-negative teachings you’ve absorbed along the way. Confidence is unlikely to find you if you’re not working toward it, however.

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It might not seem like it but taking a sexy selfie or even paying a professional photographer to take boudoir photos can be an incredible way to boost your confidence – and your man will love the results!


It’s easy to be confident when you know yourself. Figure out who you are, what you want to be and what’s important to you. Knowing this isn’t just what guys find sexy. It provides you with reassurance in your daily life, when you’re rejected or when someone tries to claim otherwise. If you know you’re an amazing sister or friend, for example, it won’t phase you when someone accuses you of being a poor one!


When you know yourself, you’re less likely to let others put you down, too. Whether it’s at home or work, you’ll speak up for yourself. It takes guts, but being brave and standing your ground is admirable. And to the right guy? It’s downright sexy.

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It’s much easier to come across as self-assured if you’re confident in your knowledge and competence. But if you don’t often take the time to become good at an activity or to learn about a subject, this will be difficult. Now, you might not think of learning as something that’s especially sexy, but it can be!

Many men find it sexy when a woman is passionate about a subject, knows lots about it and doesn’t mind teaching others. If it’s a subject with which he’s completely unfamiliar, he might be especially impressed with your knowledge and skill level.

Even a general desire to learn and improve can be sexy for someone to whom an open mind and motivation to become a better person is important (and why wouldn’t it be?). You can attract the right kind of man when your natural desire to grow and knowledge shines through.


It’s not easy to have fun when you’re wearing something uncomfortable or too worried that your hair or makeup will be messy. If this sounds like you, you might need to focus less on how you look and how you feel. Because a smile is certainly sexy.

But being uptight and too rigid is notably unsexy. It makes you seem like a stick in the mud or someone who thinks she’s too good for others. Now, it can be hard to let go for some people, especially if you struggle with anxiety, but you need to create the situations where you allow yourself to cut loose a little.

Having fun also plays into your interactions. If you’re able to take a little teasing and dish it out yourself, men will find you attractive. Playfulness is definitely a quality that men look for in women.


There’s nothing wrong with trying on different styles and emulating people whom you admire, but you don’t want to lose yourself in the process. It’s also pretty obvious when someone is trying too hard to be sexy (some people just can’t pull off saying sexy things like the ones in this post) or doing something that makes them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. You don’t need to teeter about in high heels if they’re just not for you (it might look silly instead of smokin’ hot – more on that here). Making yourself so uncomfortable can draw attention to you in a negative way, and no one wants that!

Plus, while plenty of women (and men) can be generically sexy, what guys find sexy in the longterm is you being true to yourself and exuding the type of sexiness that only you have. A pretty face can become boring over time – and we all age eventually – but a smashing personality will also be sexy and in style! Instead of trying to minimize your flaws, look for ways to highlight what’s already naturally sexy about your whether that be your shape, your wit or your compassion.


Honesty is the best policy in nearly every situation, but in this specific case, honesty might look more like vulnerability. Sure, you’re not perfect, and you have a few hangups when it comes to those imperfections. Being able to show that vulnerable side can actually help you become better connected to a man (and other people in your life), even though it’s hard – or perhaps especially because it’s so difficult. It invites others to do the same with you.

Of course, you don’t want to cross the line and be needy and dig for compliments, nor do you want to overshare too soon. But you can let a guy know that you’re nervous because it’s your first date since your divorce. Or you can let your boyfriend understand how anxious you are to meet his parents for the first time. If he’s a good guy, he’ll probably try to assuage your fears, but honesty isn’t about his response: it’s about being open with another person.

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While we’ve stayed away from describing what every man finds sexy, there are a few things that are nearly universally appreciated. Here’s a few examples…

  • Red lips
  • Shiny, healthy hair
  • Curves (breasts, lips, hips, butt)
  • Heels
  • Stockings with vertical seems
  • Skirts
  • Wearing his clothes
  • Tight jeans

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Now, you can play with these things to find those that best fit you comfortably, and to find a way to work them into your style seamlessly. You might even choose not to incorporate the standard sexy elements all the time. For example, surprising your man with stockings can lead to some great sex if you don’t usually wear them.

Furthermore, less may be more. Showing it all off can be great, but there’s also something to be said for leaving something to the imagination. Then, he’ll find his mind wandering to you when you’re not together, and you might enjoy him stripping you down to see what’s underneath.

There’s truly no easy answer for what guys find sexy, and we think this is a good thing. There are some images that are pretty pervasive, but it’s your own confidence and uniqueness that will ultimately be sexy to the right guy for you.

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