Anal Bleaching: Complete Guide, Dangers, Products

how to bleach your anusYou know how you see things in porn and wonder if any real people do it? This post is about one of those things: anal bleaching! How do adult actors get their anuses so light, does anal beauty really matter, what is anal bleaching, is it something anyone can do, and what sort of person bleaches their anus, anyway?

Now, anal bleaching has nothing to do with actual bleach. And you should never use actual bleach on your skin because it’s quite caustic. Instead, anal bleaching is a process that relies on certain chemicals to exfoliate the skin around your anus to lighten it. It’s like using a chemical toner to leave your face fresh and smooth.

So it shouldn’t hurt; although, it might tingle. Let’s back up for a moment, though.

Why Is Your Anus Dark?

Your anus is darker than the skin on other parts of your body, partly due to how the skin puckers. Imagine your vulva or armpits, which may also be darker brown or redder than other parts of your body. And your man’s scrotum isn’t the same shade as the skin on his hands.

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So it’s completely normal and, no, it doesn’t mean that you’re dirty. You can shower, use a wet wipe or douche, and there’s still going to be some discoloration in that spot. For some readers, that’s enough to know to leave it alone.

Keep in mind that you don’t really need to bleach your anus to get ready for anal sex. 

But you might be one of the people who want to know if you can change it, anyway. Perhaps you think it’ll look cleaner or simply nicer if you can lighten the color of your anus to better match the rest of your body.

Anal Bleaching Gains Popularity

The story goes that a porn star was getting a Brazilian wax (learn more about Brazilians) and saw how dark her anus was compared to the rest of her skin, so she asked if anything could be done about it. Her beauty therapist suggested using a skin lightener and some exfoliation, and it worked! Since then, anal bleaching has become more common. You might be surprised how many people do it, and we’re not just talking about porn stars! In fact, anal bleaching has even been mentioned in movies such as Bridesmaids and has been featured in several documentaries.

Since then, the process has also become possible to do at home. If you browse Amazon, you’ll find a number of gel products that promise to bleach your anus without pain or discomfort.

Types of Anal Bleaching

The three main categories of anal bleaching are:

  • Creams/topicals
  • Skin peels
  • Laser therapy
  • Cryogenics

Technically, there is a fifth type of skin lightening: injectables. Although not designed for the anus, some people might be tempted to use these products for anal beauty. But the FDA warns that these anal bleach products aren’t approved and may be dangerous [1].

The first four methods of bleaching your anus vary in price, availability, and effectiveness. For example, you may have the option for professional anal bleaching, depending on where you live. Professionals may offer any of these above methods; although, the topical products they use are typically stronger or more regulated than those you can buy to go the DIY route.

Going Professional

You’ll want to look for a salon, plastic surgery office, or spa if you’re in the market for professional anal bleaching services. If the business offers other skin-lightening services or services that improve the appearance of the genitals, they may offer anal bleaching as well. You may be able to ask for testimonials/reviews or before or after pictures to help decide which business or service is right for you. The provider may recommend the cryogenic method if you have darker skin.

Laser skin lightening – Laser skin lightening such as Med Space promise permanent results, so while it may be more expensive, you don’t need to repeat the services. While laser skin lightening is effective, the area may be tender for a few days afterward.

Chemical peels – You may be familiar with a chemical peel because this method has been used to rejuvenate facial skin for years but is now sometimes available for lightening the skin around your anus. Skin peels work by applying a topical product to remove the top layers of skin to reveal the younger, brighter, and healthier-looking skin beneath it. There are a few downsides to skin peels, including the fact that you may need the procedure multiple times to achieve the desired results and that your skin can flake over the following days.

If you cannot find or afford professional anal bleaching services in your area, then you might want to try at home anal bleaching. DIY methods for anus bleaching typically involve topical products such as a cream that you apply, which temporarily lightens your anus. This is the more cost-effective option and is also better for those people who may not want to expose themselves to other people.

Plus, doing it yourself isn’t without its risks.

bleached anus

The Risks of Anal Bleaching

Even anal bleaching products that are listed as natural can still cause pain, discomfort, or even worse, which you probably want to know if you’re looking up how to bleach your anus safely! Possible side effects range from a temporary burning sensation to permanent scarring, also known as anal strictures, and even incontinence – and no one wants to deal with that! Of course, incontinence is also a risk of anal sex [2].

Do you know what other activity is pretty risky but still tried by many? Choking during sex. More on that here.

Test your skin sensitivity first – You can certainly test your anal bleach product on a less sensitive part of your body, and if it’s too harsh on your skin, skip the anal bleaching altogether. However, because your anus is more sensitive than most of your skin, this test might not indicate how it will react when it comes time to bleach. Think of a product like Nair. It might be okay on your legs, but your face or genitals often react more intensely!

If, at any point, you notice a reaction, remove the product from the area and cleanse it with soap and water.

A reaction on your bum is pretty serious. It might hurt to go to the bathroom and wipe if something goes awry. Chances are, you wanted to bleach your anus so it would look nicer during sex and anal sex. But there will be none of that happening if you wind up with a nasty chemical burn.

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Permanent scarring – Scarring means that anal sex may become difficult or impossible in the future, and your ability to feel pleasure might be decreased. However, you may suffer some unintended consequences from bleaching your anus even if there’s no visible irritation. Skin abrasions can become infected or even make it easier for you to contract an STI.

Most of these risks may be increased if you have any cuts or tears in this sensitive area, which you may not be aware of because you can’t easily see your anus. If you’re comfortable enough to ask for help from a partner, you might reduce some of these risks and be able to apply the product more easily.

Why you may want to see a professional – The risks that come with anal bleaching are greatly reduced when you pay for professional services. Providers are trained to use these products and tools correctly (and in some areas may need to be licensed, certified, and insured to provide their services), have a better view of your anus, and use numbing and soothing agents to make the entire process more comfortable.

However, an uncommon but serious side effect of anal bleaching via skin peel includes damage to the heart, liver, or kidneys. This risk comes only with deep chemical peels, which use carbolic acid to remove the top layers of skin. However, the risk can be mitigated by limiting how long the product is used or scheduling multiple light or medium chemical peels rather than a deep skin peel to bleach your anus.

Finding the Right Product for Anal Bleaching

If you decide to try it at home, you’ll need to pick up the right product. Search for products such as:

  1. Anal bleach
  2. Whitening cream
  3. Lightning/Lightening cream

Look for a container that’s easy to hold and use with one hand, nothing with a screw-on cap or the like. You’ll notice that some anal bleaching products are designed to be as easy to use as possible. For example, some come in a roll-on applicator, while many come in a pump bottle. Several companies sell small foils or sample packets if you’re unsure about the right product for you.

It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts, however. The chemicals inside are just as important.

Kojic acid, one of the most popular ingredients in at-home bleaching kits, works by inhibiting “tyrosinase activity in synthesis of melanin (skin darkness)” [3], or mulberry leaf as the active ingredients. Some bleaching products also contain salicylic acid, a common ingredient in acne, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory products that can also be used to reduce hyperpigmentation in skin [4]. The active ingredient in deep skin peels, the most effective type of skin peel that you can have professionally done is carbolic acid (also known as phenol).

You may also find all sorts of do-it-yourself “recipes” for anal bleaching that rely on other ingredients, but they aren’t intended or regulated for anus bleaching and may run increased risks of injury or pain.

Avoid this – One ingredient you want to avoid at all costs is hydroquinone, which is a skin irritant [5, 6]. If you’re in the European Union, you won’t find products containing hydroquinone, which has been banned due to its potential to permanently discolor skin and a potential link to cancer. It’s fairly easy to find anal bleach without this ingredient, fortunately.

Aside from ingredients designed to lighten the skin, many anal bleaching products include ingredients designed to soothe skin or minimize risks. These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E encourages cell renewal to reduce discoloration.
  • Aloe is soothing.
  • Citrus may be used as a scent.
  • Cocoa butter moisturizes and improves skin tone.
  • Chamomile soothes skin.
  • Coconut oil softens and moisturizes the skin.

Many anal bleaching products are labeled as all-natural, but you’ll need to pay attention to the warnings. For example, some products advise you not to use if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

anal bleaching

How to Prepare for Anal Bleaching

Rather than a list of what to do to prepare for anal bleaching, we offer a list of what not to do, which is arguably more important.

Most of the following things lead to irritation, making anal bleaching more uncomfortable or increasing the likelihood of unintended consequences. So definitely avoid the following for a few days leading up to your appointment or DIY anal bleaching:

  • Anal sex
  • Hair removal
  • Tight underwear

It’s also important not to engage in any workouts or activities that lead to drastic sweating before you bleach your anus because this can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

So all you really need to do is to show up clean and in comfy undies. A shower should be enough; although, you may want to take special care using a wet wipe. It’s not necessary to douche before anal bleaching,  but you can if you’d like to feel extra secure.

Consider breathable natural fibers such as cotton, which are better for reducing sweat when dressing.

Finally, keep that in mind if you were considering anal bleaching as a special treat for your partner on a day such as his birthday or your anniversary. Anal bleaching requires maintenance. Some people recommend a nightly regimen until you start to see progress. It may take between six and eight weeks to see your desired results, and you’ll need to keep it up if you want long-lasting results. The darker your skin, the longer you’ll need to continue bleaching your anus to get a lighter color.

What Happens After Bleaching Your Anus?

It’s easy to focus on the cost or preparing for bleaching your anus, but it’s important to know what happens both before and after. You may experience some discomfort afterward, whether it’s DIY anal bleaching or you go to a professional.

Aside from scheduling a follow-up appointment with your provider (if you need to), make sure to ask about anything you need to do to increase comfort or the effectiveness of the procedure. It may help to apply a soothing product such as aloe vera, and some providers offer products that help to soothe the treated area and increase the effectiveness of the procedure.  Vaseline can also be applied to “seal” the area after treatment.

As we mentioned before, your skin may flake if you got a bleached butthole by using a chemical peel.

There are some people who still go ahead with bleaching their anuses because they like the results. It’s okay if you fall into that group.

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