While many women are quick to reach for a sex toy to stimulate their clitoris or vagina or just play around with regular clitoral/vaginal masturbation, they might find the thought of anal masturbation to be taboo.

While the exploration of anal play comes naturally to others, you may have to work yourself up to the idea, perhaps at the insistence of your partner. However, you may experience more intense orgasms if you learn how to masturbate anally in a way that works with your body.


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As a woman, you might wonder whether or even how you could enjoy anal play, especially because you don’t have a prostate like a man. However, many women do enjoy incorporating butt play into their masturbation sessions, and a few of them can even orgasm this way. Although you might not achieve anal orgasm, it can still feel fantastic to insert items or even stimulate around the entrance of your anus, also known as your bud.

Curiosity has paved the way for all sorts of sexual exploration, and anal play is no exception. Be sure to look for a comfortable position if you’re pregnant as you might be more uncomfortable than usual.

For some people, the taboo alone is an intense turn on while others enjoy feeling stretched to the limit. Additionally engaging in anal masturbation and exploring back there can help prepare you for more enjoyable, pain-free anal sex with a partner. Some BDSM couples also use anal play in the form of butt plugs as a method of erotic control!

Nerve endings can make masturbation and other activities feel great.

And there’s no risk of becoming pregnant from anal masturbation like that is with vaginal sex.

Now if you start searching for toys to help you masturbate anally, then you may be wondering…


Your local sex shop or trusted online retailer will have plenty of options when it comes to things you can use internally for anal play. Here’s a short list:

  • Butt plugs are intended to be inserted and remain in place during sex or masturbation. They have a flared base.
  • Dildos can be used anally as long as they’ve got a flared base. Experiment with angled dildos and thrusting. Dildos can also be used with strap-on harnesses.
  • Juicing dildos are typically glass and have a flared base with a crank that you use to turn them rather than thrust.
  • Anal beads are a row of beads on a string. You’ll find similar silicone toys with bulges that are more hygienic. When you’re learning how to anally masturbate, you might enjoy inserting them and pulling them out one bead at a time.
  • Anal vibrators vary in size and shape. Many of them are “C” shaped or look similar to G-spot toys. You may be able to thrust with the right shape or simply hold them in place. Some vibrators have multiple prongs or extensions, which you can use for simultaneous perineum and/or vaginal stimulation.

    Size, color, shape and purpose of anal toys can vary. For example, some butt plugs are outfitted with pretty gems at the base or flowing, furry tails that are tons of fun. Some toys are shaped like tongues to mimic rim jobs.

You can gradually increase size if you’d like. This is known as anal training.
Of course, you can always use your fingers to stimulate your butt if that feels good to you. In fact, this is probably the best option to try first, before you start shelling out for sex toys.

Anal masturbation doesn’t necessarily have to include penetration, which is what many people think of when the concept comes to mind. While there are plenty of insertables, you don’t have to use a toy. Plus, you don’t have to insert anything at all. Using a vibrator or your finger on and around the opening to your anus might be enough to send shivers down your spine!

Just remember: The small vibrators you might use externally should never be inserted, as you’ll find out later.


Even if you’re interested in butt play, you might be worried that it will be too messy. You can minimize the potential of any messy situations by preparing properly first.

Generally, all you need to do is ensure a bowel movement earlier in the day. Clean thoroughly with wet wipes or a shower. If you want to be especially thorough, a small anal douche can rinse out the canal of any matter that might be remaining.

Important: Stay away from anal play if you feel constipated or ill because that could lead to some unsightly and embarrassing situations.

It’s important that any item you insert is free of ridges or sharp edges, and this includes fingernails. Cutting and filing them so they remain short is important. Sharp nails can cause tears in your anal lining, and the bacteria can lead to infection. Furthermore, that bacteria could get trapped under your fingernails.

Finally, use lube, more lube and even more lube. Butts aren’t capable of self-lubricating like the vagina. A thick lube like can seriously ease insertion. A slick lubricant made of silicone may be longer lasting than water-based lubes, however. Just make sure that you don’t use so much that you lose your grip on your toy, however. Apply a generous amount and keep the bottle within reach if you need to reapply.


Before you get down and dirty, make sure you’re relaxed. Set the mood with lighting, candles or music. Explore your body with your hands. Masturbate as you would normally, perhaps bringing yourself to orgasm to fully relax your muscles. As you’re first inserting, you might clench. Relaxing your throat can have the same effect on your butthole. Pushing slightly expands the row of sphincter muscles, which can make insertion easier.

Smooth materials will be easier to insert, while those with ridges of a velvety finishing might cause drag, requiring more lube. You can warm a toy by placing it in a bowl of warm water or wrapping it with a warm cloth before insertion, which may help your anus remain relaxed enough to continue. Cold toys can be a bit of a shock to the body…which is exactly what we don’t want.

There’s no right or wrong way to masturbate anally, everyone has their own preferences.

  • You might like to wear a butt plug while masturbating vaginally with your favorite G-spot toy.
  • Or slowly thrusting your finger in and out of your anus may be your favorite method.
  • As you’re on the verge of clitoral orgasm, running your finger around your hole might feel fantastic.
  • Or you might like hard and fast thrusting of a dildo or vibrator.
  • Some women are able to achieve some vaginal stimulation when playing anally
  • Anal masturbation can provide the sensation of dual stimulation if you have a toy in both holes. If one’s a vibrator, the sensations might transmit through the thin vaginal wall into the other.


Safety is especially important when it comes to anal masturbation – and any partner play with your back door. Here are the most important facts to remember:

You’ll find many anal numbing creams on the market. However, pain or discomfort is your body’s alert that something is wrong. If you’re experiencing pain, especially extreme amounts of pain, when inserting anything into your butt, you should slow down and use more lube. Proper relaxation and an orgasm or two before trying out anal toys can make a world of difference.

You should never use any toy anally that could be sucked further into your rectum, potentially causing irreparable farm.

Sex toys that are safe for anal exploration will have a flare or flanged base. Dildos intended for use with harnesses are perfect for this! Straight, slim vibrators are out, for example. You could also use an anal toy with a loop or handle at the end, which ensures you can keep a grasp on it, even during vigorous play.

Aneros is a company that specializes in anal toys for men; although you might enjoy them, too. Their designs include handles on either side that both stimulate your perineum while making them safe for anal insertion.

Finally, the material also poses an important safety concern when exploring anal stimulation. You should never insert any toy vaginally after using it anally without sterilization because the bacteria can cause an infection. Some materials are impossible to sterilize, however, and should be used only anally and never shared with partners – if at all. These materials include:

  • Jelly
  • Any “real” skin that isn’t silicone
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Silicone blends
  • Latex

The tiny holes in these materials can trap bacteria, and this bacteria will re-enter your body every time you use it. Plus, jelly materials rely on chemical softeners that can leach out over time. However, there are a number of body-safe materials to use when it comes to anal play, including silicone, glass, plastic, stainless steel, treated wood, and ceramic.

Even if you find an amazing, luxury anal sex toy, you might not like the sensation, and that’s fine. You might also find that the current state of your GI tract, levels of stress and even where you’re at in your menstrual cycle make anal play more or less enjoyable at other times. However, you might find that anal play is a pleasurable activity that you like to add to your masturbation routine from time to time.

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