Bedroom Games For You And Your Man

adult bedroom gamesEver feel like all you do is get dressed, undressed, sleep, and have sex in your bedroom? It can get a little boring. For both of you. Instead of just having regular sex with your man, why not spice things up by playing some bedroom games! Below or some of my all-time favorite sex games that you can play with your man. Not only are they fun and sexy, but they are great for showing your man that you are adventurous and like to have fun in the bedroom

Tie Him Up

I honestly consider this one to be one of the tamer bedroom games that you can play with your man. Tying him up is really easy. It just takes a little preparation beforehand. It works best if you have bedposts on your bed. Just tie some tights around each bedpost with enough of the tight free to tie around your man’s wrists.

Then when you and your man are in bed together, get on top of him and put a knee on either side of him so that it’s hard for him to escape. Now you need to tie his arms to each bedpost so that he can’t use them. With you on top of him and his arms tied, you will have all the control. Now you can do a number of things, you can slowly go down on him and give him head or you can start having sex in the many girl on top positions like the Cowgirl, Betty Rocker or Crab sex positions.

If your bed doesn’t have bedposts, just tie his arms together and hold them over his head.

Just to be clear: You need to make sure that he knows you are just having some sexy fun and that you are not trying to harm him when tying him up.

Racing 69

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The Racing 69 is a fun game to play with your man. Here’s how to play it:

You and your man get into the 69 sex position. When you are both in position and ready, you need to start giving each other oral sex. The winner is the person who makes the other orgasm first. The loser is the person who orgasms first. The loser has to perform a forfeit like cooking the winner their favorite meal or cleaning the house or wearing something really sexy the next day.

The Racing 69 is a really simple bedroom sex game to play with your guy. If your man wants an unfair advantage, then he can use a vibrator or if you want an unfair advantage, you can start by giving him a handjob for a few minutes beforehand to warm him up. These ‘unfair’ advantages can make the Racing 69 a lot more fun and interesting.

The Oral Sex Game

The Oral Sex Game is sort of like a combination between a regular videogame/boardgame/sport and sex. The idea is that you and your man play a game against each other that you are both evenly matched at. It could be Halo on the Xbox 360 or chess or table tennis. The key is that you are evenly matched and that the game you are playing has both a winner and a loser. The loser has to give the winner oral sex.

The Oral Sex Game is really easy to play and instantly makes any game you play with your man a lot more fun and interesting!

Make A Sex Tape

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Making a sex tape with your man is something you should only do if you both know and trust each other very much.

Making a sex tape is hot, very hot! It’s something special that only you and your man will know about it. It’s not exactly a ‘bedroom game’ like the other games that I have described above, but it’s still fun. The coolest thing about making a sex tape with your man is that you get to watch yourselves afterwards. Before you dive right in, there are just a few things you need to consider when you want to make a sex tape for yourselves.

  • You don’t need a top of the range camera, but it should still be good enough that you can watch it on a laptop/computer.
  • It’s easier to just set up the camera on a chair and leave it there. But this is no fun and makes for a pretty boring video. A much better way to video is to combine this with one of you grabbing the camera and holding it so that you can video different angles and positions more closely.
  • Make sure to hide the video so no one can ever find it.. Give it a name like, ‘writing tips’. Don’t store it on your computer (use a CD or external hard drive) and make sure to password protect the file.

Remember: Only ever consider making a sex tape with your man if you both really trust each other.

Why You Should Use These Bedroom Games

These bedroom games are great for changing things up in the bedroom. But you may be a bit nervous trying them for the first time and wondering if your man will enjoy them. Firstly don’t worry about being nervous, it’s completely natural. Secondly, the main aim of these bedroom games is not to just give your man a mind blowing experience.

It’s to show him that you are adventurous. It’s to show him that you want to have a fun and fulfilling sex life with him. It’s to show him that you are open to trying new things, even if you are a little nervous about them at first. This is incredibly attractive for guys.

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