Blooming Orchid

The Blooming Orchid has a little bit in common with the Bended Knee position as you are both facing each other while on just one knee. It’s also one of those positions that you’ve probably never tried before. (Click here to see all 119 illustrated sex positions)

To set it up, both you and your man are going to be facing each other on your knees. You should be so close that you are hugging each other. You are then going to both raise your right knees so that your right thighs are parallel to the bed, and your lower legs are vertical with your right feet firmly on the bed. This will allow your man to easily enter you.

If he is much taller in this position, then you need to put a pillow/cushion under your knee to raise yourself up high enough.

What The Girl Does In The Blooming Orchid Position

When you first get into the Blooming Orchid position, you may find it to be a little awkward. You won’t be able to have particularly fast sex or long strokes. If you’re looking for faster sex then you may want to try the Fast Fuck position and if it’s longer strokes you’re after, then Doggy Style and even Missionary are great positions.

But the closeness will make up for this. The Blooming Orchid is more of an intimate position for you and your man. You can push yourself onto your man with each short stroke or push back against him while he is grinding on you. By the way, the Coital Alignment Technique is great if you love your man grinding on you. You should wrap your arms around his waist and back or put them under his arms and hold onto his shoulders. You can also kiss him on his neck, cheeks, lips and ears. You can also put your hands on his butt to pull him into you with each stroke.

What The Guy Does In The Blooming Orchid Position

Your man just needs to get into a nice steady rhythm when doing the Blooming Orchid. He’ll find that he can’t take long strokes because of the position that he’s in but instead has to make shorter ones.

Your man can also put his arms around you. He’ll find that he’s in the perfect position to run his fingers through your scalp or even lightly tug on your hair. If you’d like some rough sex ideas, then check out this rough sex guide. He can also put his hands on your butt too and pull you in with each stroke. He can also keep you constantly pulled against him while he grinds on your clit with his pubic bone.

Things To Consider When Performing The Blooming Orchid Position

The Blooming Orchid does not need a lot of flexibility. But because it looks a little different or even weird to some, not that many have tried it. I have managed to get some thoughts on it from those who have:

  • The Blooming Orchid is ideal for when you want to try something different while having slow, passionate sex.
  • You will find having anal sex in the Blooming Orchid position to be tough. You can learn more about anal sex in the anal sex guide and learn some great anal sex positions here.
  • If you are flexible, then try leaning either forward or backward with your man to change the angle of penetration.
  • Don’t forget to switch knees if you find it getting uncomfortable.

Similar Positions

  • Book Ends – This one doesn’t require you to raise one leg and is a little easier to perform.
  • Bended Knee – Very similar, but you will be resting one leg on top of his thigh.
  • Dancer – Again you need to raise one leg, but, this time, you’ll be standing.

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