The Bodyguard sex position is like a cross between regular Spooning and the Standing position. It’s perfect for couples who want the naughtiness of Doggystyle with the intimacy of Spooning. The Bad Girls Bible sex positions guide has even more exciting positions for you to try with your man!

To perform the Bodyguard with your man, you both need to stand upright, facing in the same direction. Your man will be behind you and will enter you. If he’s taller than you, then he will usually need to bend his knees to penetrate you. From here, it’s just a simple case of him thrusting in and out or you pushing yourself back onto him.


When you are in the Bodyguard position, it’s completely up to you how involved you want to be. If you want your man to take control and do all the work, that’s fine. But if you want to get involved too, then there is a range of things you can do.

One is pushing yourself back onto your man as he fucks you. You can also wrap your arms backwards around his waist and butt and pull him into you as he is thrusting. A very intimate thing that you can do in the Bodyguard position is to lean your head backwards so that it is resting on his shoulder which will allow him to kiss you on the cheek and neck.

You can also play with your breasts or rub your clit.


Unlike some of the other positions I teach in the Bad Girls Bible, the Bodyguard is simple to do. All your man needs to do is simply thrust forwards and backwards. By straightening his legs to get higher or bending them and getting lower, he can change his angle of entry.

As your man is located behind you, he can wrap his arms around you and hold you closer to make it more intimate. He can grab you anywhere, around the waist, the shoulders or even the neck. He will also find that holding onto your waist allows him to more forcefully penetrate you with each thrust.


Many students I have talked to are big fans of the Bodyguard position as it’s so easy to do and has a really nice feeling of closeness that people want when making love. Here are some of the things they do while performing the Bodyguard with their man:

  • If you love this position, but want to change it up a bit then get your man to bend his knees to get slightly below you and thrust up into you instead of just thrusting horizontally.
  • If you want to provide a different sensation and more friction for your man, then bring your legs close together. This is a good idea if he has a smaller penis.
  • For maximum contact, make sure that your man fully wraps his arms around you (either by putting his arms under your arms and grabbing your shoulders or by putting one arm around your upper body and one around your lower body.
  • Try leaning right back into your man and let gravity do all the work so that you don’t have to thrust back into him.


  • Slow Dance – Face one another, and you’re in this sexy pose!
  • Pearly Gates – Try this one where he’s on his back and you’re pressed against his chest.
  • Standing – Standing position is like Spooning while you’re standing up.
  • Teaspooning – If your heights don’t mesh for standing sex, try kneeling.

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I really like the Bodyguard position as you get to be close and intimate with your lover. It’s also really easy to switch from slow passionate sex to rough and vigorous sex in a second when you are in this position.

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