The Boss’ Chair blowjob position gets it’s name from the fact that your man will feel ‘like a boss’ when you are giving him fellatio. It also gets it’s name from the fact that your man will be sitting down when you are giving him oral sex. By the way, this page is just a small chapter of the detailed Blow Job Guide, which will teach you everything you need to know to give your man earth-shattering oral sex. Check it out here.While your man will be sitting down, you will be on your knees like in the Kneeling Blow Job position.


If you are in the bedroom with you man, it’s really easy to start using the Boss’ Chair position on him, especially if he is on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. A better place to use it though is while he is sitting down watching TV, on the computer or eating something.

All you need to do is slowly walk up to him, look him in the eyes, then slowly start to undo his fly with your hands before giving him head. It will completely catch him off guard and there isn’t a straight man on the planet that will stop his girl from doing this.


Roleplay – A really great way to take the Boss’ Chair position to the next level is to introduce an element of fantasy or roleplay. Try dressing up in a sexy skirt and shirt/blouse so that you look like a secretary. Then slowly make your way over to him before giving him a hot blowjob.

Half Time Surprise – The next time you and your man are home alone and he is watching his favorite team on TV, wait until just before half time, then slip into something you know he finds irresistible like lingerie or even a sexy pair of heels, walk into the room and without saying a word, start giving him a blow job (these blow job tips will help) using the Boss’ chair position. You can be pretty sure that your man will be happy whether his team wins or loses!

Tie Down – If you want to get a bit more dominant with him, trying tying his hands to the arms of his chair and his ankles to the legs of the chair before going down on him.

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