Brazilian Wax – The Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t love the feel of silky smooth skin, especially in the bikini area? If you’ve never done it before, you might suspect that the Brazilian wax is the way to achieve this – and your man might like it, too. This type of wax removes all hair around your pubic area and butt; although, you can opt for a small landing strip or triangle of hair to remain.

Give it a try if you want to encourage your man to go down on you. You can also get a Brazilian if you think it’ll encourage your man to give manscaping a go if he’s a little unkempt. It’s only fair for both of you to give and receive!

brazilian wax

However, Brazilians take a little more research, preparation and money than other hair removal methods or simply leaving your pubic hair as is.

Salons and Waxing Prices

You’ll want to find a full-service salon to get profession a Brazilian wax. This means the type of business that provides wax and other body services. These salons provides services in a professional and clean environment, and you can check out Yelp, Google or other reviews to get a feel for the business.

Prices for a Brazilian or bikini wax vary between location and business. The amount of hair might also impact the price of your wax. You can get a Brazilian wax for $45 or $85; although, many salons provides waxing services for around $50. You can save money if you downgrade to a bikini wax, which removes hair from a smaller surface area.

Prepare For Your Brazilian Wax

There are a few things to keep in mind before you go in to your Brazilian wax:

  • A shower or cleansing with a wet wipe keeps you fresh and clean, which can help you feel more self-assured during your appointment. It’s also nice to be clean for the person who will be performing your wax services.
  • Make sure your appointment isn’t when you’ll have your period to save everyone hassle.
  • Similarly, open sores from STIs (more symptoms in this post) or skin conditions such as psoriasis and sunburn are a good reason to postpone your waxing appointment!
  • Hair shouldn’t be too short. So don’t shave immediately before your waxing appointment. A hair length of 1/4″ or greater gives the wax something to hold on to, making it more effective. If your hair is coarse, an even longer length — up to 1/2 inch — is . preferable. You can trim your hair down to that length if you tend to go au naturale.
  • Wear clothing that’s comfortable and not too tight because your skin may be tender after your Brazilian wax.
  • You might take a pain killer such as ibuprofen before your appointment to help numb the pain. If you’ve got a low pain tolerance, you don’t want to show up to your appointment without taking something. Your waxer might recommend drinking a glass of wine before your appointment (and some salons even offer wine). However, you should definitely be sober!

What to Expect During a Brazilian or Bikini Wax Appointment

During a bikini wax, you’ll have access to a paper thong that might be less than flattering but will help to cover up your private bits when your technician is removing hair from other parts of your skin. This may not be the case during your Brazilian wax because hair will be removed from everywhere below the belt!

Paper thong or not, you’ll be shown to a private room or partitioned space and left alone long enough to strip from the waist down, just like you would for an OBGYN appointment. A towel or paper sheet can cover you during some of the procedure, but you should be ready to ditch your embarrassment if you want a Brazilian wax. Your waxer has seen all sorts of vaginas, and, yes, yours is normal!

Your waxing pro might first trim your hair if it’s too long, before getting down to the waxing itself. Depending upon the salon, your treatment may be done with hard wax or soft wax.

  • Hard wax requires more time to cool, and the waxer will pull the wax directly off your skin.
  • Soft wax requires paper or muslin strips, and your waxing pro will remove strips with the wax.

Hard wax is more commonly used for Brazilian and bikini waxes because it’s more difficult to use muslin strips in the nooks and crannies of that terrain. But some people find hard wax more painful than soft wax.

Your technician should apply wax with a wooden or plastic applicator and gloved hands. A new applicator should be used every time – no double dipping! The wax will be warm to the touch but shouldn’t burn your skin. Let your technician know if the temperature is too high for you to handle. Beware that your skin might be tender and red due to the combination of heat and hair removal during a bikini wax.

A good waxer will be quick, so your appointment should generally take no longer than 30 minutes. During this time, she will apply wax with an applicator, press a muslin strip over the wax if using soft wax, allow it to cool and then pull it off, taking bikini hair with it. She should hold your skin taut to make it less painful and more effective. When your skin isn’t taut, this could lead to bruising. Another potential side effect is the removal of skin along with the hair; although, someone who is skilled at their trade will be able to prevent this.

The process will repeat until all hair is removed from your bikini area, including your butt and even between your cheeks! You’ll be silky smooth everywhere your man wants to touch after you leave the salon! This makes a Brazilian a great way to prepare for a rim job.

If there are any stubborn hairs leftover, the person providing your service will go back with a pair of tweezers to remove them. During this time, she may trim the remaining landing strip or even create a design in your pubic hair upon your request. However, this may lead to a higher price tag!

An oil-based treatment can help to soothe skin and remove any wax particles toward the end of your appointment. These products can clog pores and cause breakouts for some customers.

A standard 20% tip for the person providing your services is appropriate when you’re satisfied with your services. The salon may recommending booking your next appointment three to four weeks in the future. Periodic waxing helps to keep up with appearances and can help slow the rate and coarseness of hair growth.

Brazilian Wax Aftercare

Your salon might send you home with an exfoliating scrub, or you can purchase one yourself to keep the area smooth and prevent ingrown hairs. More on that here. A gentle lotion is also recommended, especially one containing alpha hydroxy acid. If you’re experiencing sensitivity to waxing, there are a number of products you can try:

  • Topical anesthetic
  • Hydro-cortisone cream
  • Aftershave or afterwaxing cream
  • Any product intended to eliminate ingrown hair

You may have to experiment before you find the right product for you, especially if you have sensitive skin.

You might also want to lay off exercise after you get waxes to give your skin time to relax. Sitting in the sun directly after your appointment may also further irritate your skin.

Alternatives to Brazilian Wax

If pain, finances or modesty are roadblocks to getting that baby-soft Brazilian wax, there are a few alternatives to consider:

  1. Bikini wax: You’ll be waxed outside the traditional bikini bikini panty line. The wax may continue just inside those lines. Each salon may offer different types of bikini waxes for various levels of hair removal.
  2. Sugaring: This technique can be done at home, and many salons also offer hair removal via sugaring. A paste is made from sugar and removes hair similar to waxing. The paste can be reused time and again, and it doesn’t require strips like soft wax. It can take some time to get it right, just like with waxing. Sugaring is typically faster than waxing, and many people find it’s easier on the skin.
  3. Trimming: Keep things neat without running the risk of ingrown hairs and the pain that comes with waxing. You can keep up with waxing yourself.
  4. Shaving: Shave your bikini area if you like it soft but can’t afford salon prices. Always shave with the growth of the hair, using a bikini shaving cream. Stubble can be quite prickly as it grows out because of the blunt cut of the blade.
  5. At-home waxing: You’ll save money, but you might not do as good of a job as the professional. It’s hard to keep your skin taut and wax those hard-to-reach areas. The effectiveness of waxes you can buy also varies. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  6. Bleaching: Instead of removing hair, just lighten it so it becomes more difficult to see.
  7. Do nothing: The bare look is less popular than it once was. Don’t feel like you have to do anything with your pubic hair if you don’t want to. It’s up to you and you alone! After all, what is sexy varies.

Of course, the soft skin that you get after a Brazilian wax might make you feel cleaner and fresher. You may be more sensitive during sex and masturbation, and your man may find it sexy. However, it’s not entirely without risks and negatives. If you’re ready to deal with that and show up to your appointment prepared, you’ll have longer-lasting results than most other hair removal options!

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