The Butterfly position is great whether you are in bed or on a table. The image below gives an excellent outline on how to perform the Butterfly. There are a few really important things to keep in mind, though, to make sure you get the most out of this position. Don’t forget to check out over 100 more positions in our Sex Positions Guide here.

Performing the Butterfly is very easy for girls. As I just said, you can perform it on a table or bed; it’s up to you. In the diagram above, the man is standing, but he can also be on his knees if you are using a bed. You don’t have to be that active when in the Butterfly position while your man will need to do most of the work. All you need to do is to lie back while your man lifts your hips upwards. You can rest your thighs on his chest and place your ankles over his shoulder, just as in the picture. Alternatively, you can just put your legs either side of his waist. My advice is just to do what you find to be most comfortable.


I think that you will like the Butterfly for sex, especially if you are tired. This is because your man will have to do most of the work while you get to lie back and enjoy it! In the diagram above, the man has his hands under the girls’ hips and is raising them up. This is fine, but if he wants to penetrate her more vigorously, he can hold her thighs which will make things a lot easier for stronger penetration.

He will also find that he can move further forwards and backward when he is standing as opposed to when he is kneeling.


When you are in the Butterfly, you simply need to lie down on your back, and either put your legs around your man’s waist or instead allow them to rest on his chest and over his shoulders.

While you can be very passive and can let your man do everything, you may find that you get more pleasure by controlling how high your hips are raised. This is easiest when your legs are on his chest and over his shoulders. Because your hips are raised, your man’s penis will be in direct contact with the upper wall of your vagina, allowing him to directly stimulate your G-Spot, which can lead to wonderful orgasms. You can also use your stomach (abdominals) to help keep your legs raised, but you’ll find that they quickly tire.

You can also rub your clit or your breasts, talk dirty to your man or even play with a vibrator. More on that here. Doing Kegels during sex can also feel great for both of you!


Here are a few things that my students and I have found from performing the Butterfly with our partners:

  • Using pillows or cushions under your hips/waist is a very good idea. It means that your man won’t get too tired from holding your legs up and you won’t get tired from trying to keep them raised either.
  • If your man is on his knees, it might be a good idea to put a pillow under them to make sure that they don’t get hurt.
  • To get maximum pleasure from this position and make it easier for your man to hit your G-Spot, make sure that your hips are slightly higher than his.
  • Keep adjusting how high you hold your hips until you find the right spot. Trust me; it’s worth it!


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As a guy, I quite enjoy the Butterfly position, although I prefer standing up as opposed to kneeling. To be perfectly honest, though, it can get quite tiring quite quickly if I am doing all the work, keeping my partner’s hips raised. So if you see that your partner is getting tired performing the Butterfly, then it might be a good idea to switch positions to something like the Anvil or something else or even grab a pillow to put under your hips to give his arms a rest.

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