Can All Girls Squirt? The Very Real & Very Weird Answer

can all girls squirtCan all women squirt? Some people will tell you “Yes!” Some will argue that this is a myth. Others aren’t so sure. It seems like a question with no clear-cut answer!

At the Princess Fantasy, we think it’s important not to say all girls can squirt when it may be extremely difficult or even impossible for you to achieve success with squirting. Indeed, some sex educators who want to encourage experimentation may go so far as to make a woman feel bad when she can’t squirt.

You may have wondered why the tips in the how to squirt post haven’t worked. We feel you! Whether you can or can’t, you’re awesome and sexy, but we want to offer some insight that answers the question “Can all girls squirt?” And why this may or may not be the case!

What Affects Whether Girls Can Squirt?

Obviously, anatomy is of great importance when it comes to the ability to squirt, so many of the items on the list that determine whether a woman can squirt have to do with her body.

1. The Sensitivity of Your G-spot

For most women, squirting happens when they orgasm – typically a G-spot orgasm. And if you’re unable to have a G-spot orgasm at all, it will probably be more difficult for you to squirt. However, it may not be impossible. There are definitely cases of women who can squirt even if they’re not cumming. However, you can try to learn how to have a G-spot orgasm with help from this post.

We definitely recommend using a vibrator or dildo that’s curved or angled to stimulate your G-spot. Make sure you’re aiming for the right part of your anatomy. When you’re having sex, a position like this can help to stimulate your G-spot, too. Doggy style is also good for G-spot stimulation, and you might find different positions during masturbation help you access your G-spot better, especially if you have short arms or a curvy tummy.

2. The Size of Your Skene’s Glands

Fluid that’s ejaculated when a woman squirts comes from two places: the Skene’s glands and the bladder. The Skene’s glands exist against your urethra and make a small amount of milky “squirt.” Science is still figuring out exactly how everything works, but size definitely seems to come into play.

According to one study, larger Skene’s glands produce amounts of a specific enzyme, PDE5 that acts against key ingredients needed in penal and clitoral erections. In fact, it’s the same enzyme that Viagra blocks to help with erectile dysfunction.  However, PDE5 may be found in much lower concentrations or not at all in women whose Skene’s glands are much smaller.

There isn’t anything that can be done to change the size of these glands, but you can certainly have fun trying to stimulate them! This also means that the answer to the question “Can all women squirt?” might also be “No” – unless medical science finds a way to encourage growth of the Skene’s glands.

3. How Hydrated You Are

can every woman squirt

Drinking water is essential to our health. We’re not talking about taking a dip in the pool or ocean. No, we’re talking about how important water is to squirting. Girls can squirt more easily when they’ve well hydrated. Plus, hydration can improve your skin, reduce headaches and make your body and bodily fluids smell better!

4. Your Willingness to Squirt

If you don’t actually want to squirt, then your chances of success are much smaller. Make sure your interest is because it’s something you want to do and not just because you’re being pressured by a partner or saw someone do it in porn!

Sometimes women don’t want to squirt because they’re afraid it’s pee. Science has yet to fully discover what female ejaculate is, but it can feel good no matter what it is. So we recommend giving it a try! Try throwing a towel or Liberator Throe (a “sex” blanket) on the bed to protect it from your fluids, and you’re good to go!

Remember that squirting can feel like a relief similar to how it feels when you go to the bathroom. You’re relieving congestion that’s grown with your arousal. Of course, you might describe how orgasm and squirting feels differently than the next woman!

5. How Relaxed You Are

If you’re feeling rushed, then your attempts to squirt might be for nothing. It’s important for you to be completely relaxed. Whether that means putting on music or lighting candles, taking time for a sensual massage or first trying to squirt when you’re by yourself, that’s fine. Just give yourself the time to be fully relaxed!

6. How Much Fluid Your Body Produces

can all women squirt

For some people, their introduction to squirting came from porn. While many women can squirt, it often doesn’t look like what’s on the screen at all. This is for a couple reasons. For starters, we have to remember that porn isn’t real. It’s scripted, edited and pieced together. Squirting is all too often fake, especially in mainstream porn. If a starlet is “squirting” directly from her vagina and not her urethra, it’s fake!

If you expect something that looks like that, then you might be disappointed. For some women who squirt, it’s a very small amount of liquid. Although, you may be able to increase the amount that you squirt by drinking more water (see above), women naturally produce different amounts of liquid when squirting.

7. How Trained Your PC Muscles Are

PC muscles are located around your vagina and anus. They help to stop the flow of urine. They also make you feel “tighter” for your man. You can train them to stop incontinence when sneezing, coughing or laughing. Those same exercises can lead to better sex and orgasms. And they may be able to help you squirt (better), especially if weak muscles means you can’t push fluid out or your fluids are actually flowing back into your bladder instead of outward. 

We don’t know how many women experience retrograde ejaculation, but having control of your muscles might reveal that you actually can squirt.

Although there’s still more to know about squirting and female sexual anatomy, even what we know help goes a long way to help ensure women can squirt when they want to and feel comfortable doing so! Hopefully you’ll take some advice and be able to squirt yourself.

Squirting is such an amazing thing that some women are able to do, and you may be able to achieve this feat yourself if you create the right atmosphere and practice. However, not every woman can squirt, and even some who can’t don’t find that it makes their sex lives any better. As long as you’re having fun, whether you try or not, enjoy it!

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