When it comes to sex, a lot of uncertainty can be cleared up by asking the right questions! And “can you get pregnant from anal?” is definitely one of those questions! To answer this, you must understand a bit about your own biology. In turn, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your sex life and continue to be the bad girl we know you are! HOW DOES PREGNANCY OCCUR? Pregnancy requires a man’s sperm to fertilize a woman’s egg. Typically, the egg is located in the uterus, and the sperm must travel through the cervix, which is why vaginal sex leads to pregnancy when you’re not using birth control. Sometimes, sperm can fertilize an egg in the fallopian tube, which leads to an ectopic pregnancy. These can be harmful to your health. Some researchers believe that a woman’s orgasm helps sperm to make it to the egg, but sperm can’t fertilize an egg that isn’t there. An egg only exists for about 24 hours; although, sperm can survive in your uterus for around six days. Thus, if you want to get pregnant, having lots of sex during your “fertile window” is the best option. There’s a 30% chance of getting pregnant at your most fertile; although, some days present practically zero chance of pregnancy even without using condoms! When you’re most fertile depends on your cycle. It typically occurs about two weeks before menstruation, which means it falls in the middle of your cycle if you have a 28-day cycle. However, every woman’s cycle is different, which is something that is vital to understand whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant or trying to prevent pregnancy! This is something you’re likely well aware of if you have ever charted your cycle as part of natural family planning or to increase fertility. But can you become pregnant from anal sex? CAN YOU GET PREGNANT FROM ANAL SEX? A quick look at a woman’s anatomy shows us that there is no way for sperm ejaculated into the anus to reach the uterus under normal conditions. Unless there’s some sort of perforation, you’re in the clear, meaning you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. And if there is some sort of perforation, you should seek medical attention right away. There is the smallest of chances that semen could travel from the area around the anus to the vaginal canal, especially if you use fingers or a toy in both holes. However, the chances of pregnancy remain low. It’s just not likely that you’ll experience pregnancy after anal sex. You’d also have to worry about transmitting bacteria from the rectum to your vagina, which could lead to a nasty infection. That’s why you should never go ass-to-vagina, even if they do it in porn! Use a condom, wash your hands and carefully clean toys before swapping orifices such as using a dildo for anal training then vaginal use). Because anal sex doesn’t lead to pregnancy, some people engage in this type of sex rather than vaginal sex just like there are those people who use anal sex as an alternative to vaginal penetration because of the stigma of losing one’s virginity. Neither of these things is really necessary, of course. You can engage in vaginal sex safely without little to no worry about pregnancy as long as you understand the bit of human biology we discussed above. This is especially true if you have a regular cycle. Many committed couples use pulling out as their main form of birth control because the woman understands her cycle. But if you’re looking for a more secure method, there are tons of birth control options out there. We recommend using condoms for anyone who has multiple partners because they do the best job of protecting against STIs, too. Condoms also work well for cleanup, and you can use them for anal, too. If you’re already pregnant (yes, you can have anal sex during pregnancy), then you might skip condoms. ARE THERE OTHER RISKS FROM ANAL SEX? Just because you don’t have to worry about pregnancy from anal sex doesn’t mean there are no worries or risks. If you’re only concerned about getting pregnant from anal, then you’re missing out on some other concerns. Many people worry about having anal sex, which is why we’ve got a handy guide to making your first time awesome. Following our advice can eliminate almost every negative consequence associated with anal sex. However, there are a couple other risks from anal sex that you should be aware of: • Rectal prolapse: This occurs when the rectum becomes unattached from the inside of your body and moves to the outside. In many cases, surgery might be required. Although this is not a typical risk, it can happen to those who have a lot of anal sex, use overly-large sex toys or are otherwise prone to such conditions. • Colon perforation: If your partner’s penis or chosen sex toy is too big, you could do damage to your colon, which is located at the end of your rectal canal. This will likely hurt. • STI transmission: Here’s another reason to use condoms during anal sex! When you’re on the receiving end, you’re at a greater risk of contracting any number of STIs, including herpes, HPV and HIV. In fact, the transmission rate of HIV during anal sex is five times that of the transmission rate during vaginal intercourse. This may be due to the fact that the rectum tears more easily because it doesn’t self-lubricate. Using lube is definitely a must when playing with the back door! Anal sex like all anal activities (including eating ass) come with some risks. With that said, anal sex doesn’t have to be dangerous or uncomfortable. So go ahead and enjoy anal if it that’s what you like. Don’t fret about pregnancy after anal. Instead, focus on the positives! Many women love the feeling of double penetration, which can be achieved with your partner’s cock in one orifice and a toy in the other. Can you get pregnant from anal? No. But don’t think that anal sex is your only option if you don’t want to become pregnant. Because it’s not! But being conscientious about your sexual activities is always smart, which is why everyone should know as much as possible about the risks of anal or any other type of sex before they dive in.

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