There’s an episode of FRIENDS where the women teach Chandler about a woman’s seven spots or erogenous zones. Monica outlines a pattern of stimulation that will make a woman’s toes curl, and Rachel even excitedly exclaims about toes! While we never learn what exactly those places are, we know there are at least seven – if not more – erogenous zones on your body that you and your man should know about.

man kissing woman on the neck from behind, one of her erogenous zones

Pay particular attention to these erogenous zones during foreplay if you have trouble getting turned on, which can make your G-spot and clitoris more receptive to aggressive stimulation. You may find yourself more aroused, more easily pleased and more likely to orgasm after incorporating more erogenous zones than just your breasts, clit or vagina.


You can take the time to get to know these sexy spots on your own body during masturbation. Then, you’ll be able to suggest to your man where he can touch you to get you extra turned on. Some erogenous zones may not respond to your own touch, like ticklish spots on your body, and you may not be able to provide the right type of stimulation, such as kissing, to some body parts.

However, you can give it a try, anyway. You may even be surprised at some of the unexpected places that can be highly sensual.


Ears play a significant role in foreplay. He can lick or nibble on them. Some women experience a shiver down their spine when they feel the heat of their partner’s breath on their ears, which happens during kissing or whispering. If your man purses his lips, his breath will feel cooler.

Don’t forget about fingers! Lightly tugging on earlobes or tracing the cartilage can feel more sensual than you can even imagine, and some women enjoy a light trace of the finger along the skin behind their ears.


It’s no surprise that a woman’s neck is an erogenous zone because of all its nerve endings. After all, “necking” is a familiar name for making out! From kissing to leaving hickeys to massage, there’s plenty of ways to arouse your neck.

The part between the jaw and shoulders to the side is known as the nape, and it’s especially sensitive! It can feel delicious to run an ice cube down the skin of the neck. He can use his fingers or even a feather toy to lightly tickle your neck.

Just be sure to let him know if it’s okay to leave a love mark or not!


Most people realize that lips play a role in arousal and sex. In fact, our lips even become flushed and swell slightly as we become aroused. We use our lips and mouths to show affection to everyone, with open-mouthed kisses being the most intimate type. But lips can do so much more than that!

They respond to light touches such as being traced by a fingertip. You might like when your man bites your lips. Alternating sweet and passionate kisses help to keep things interesting, and if either you or your man needs a refresher in kissing technique, check out this post.


Here’s another unexpected erogenous zone. We usually think of hands in regards to what they can touch, but they can be touched, too. If you’ve ever gotten a hand massage, you can appreciate how good it feels to stimulate one of the most overworked parts of your body. It’s amazing even when it’s not sexual.

But if your man adds some massage oil and kneads the palms of your hands, rubs the backs of your hands and slides his fingers between yours, you might melt well before your clothes come off!


The lower back isn’t just a good place for a tattoo; it’s also one of those famous erogenous zones! If you experience lower back pain after a long day at work or during your period, you might especially enjoy the attention to this area.

A woman’s lower back is ripe for a regular massage, and your man’s hands can travel south to rub your butt, too. He can focus on your spine if it relieves any discomfort. You might have a hard time reaching your own lower back, but your man can kiss it or even run an ice cube down the small of your back.


If you automatically head to your clitoris or vagina when you masturbate, you may be making a mistake! The same goes for your man. Both men and women can experience pleasure from this area. The inner thighs are sensitive to both lighter touches and more intense ones, so your man can try tracing with his fingertips, kissing or licking for a lighter touch.

But if you like rougher sex, he can try even biting the fleshy part of your inner thighs. Some people also like slapping or spanking of the area.

Although you can’t reach your own thighs with your mouth, try caressing them the next time you masturbate.


We’ve already listed seven erogenous zones, and we’re just now getting to the clitoris. This is a powerful one. Without stimulation of the clit, most women are unable to orgasm. This is completely normal, but it’s also normal for clitoral stimulation to feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re not properly turned on first.

After turning yourself on, you can try a number of ways to stimulate your clitoris. This includes using your fingers, a vibrator or even rubbing against something such as a pillow or your partner’s thigh. These masturbation techniques will give you 14 different ways to stimulate your clit and the rest of your vagina.

If you’re like most women, you probably enjoy when your partner performs oral sex. If your man needs some assistance, suggest that he views your vulva like the face of the clock. As he moves around the clock, he should pay attention to the areas that you like the best.

If you like lots of clitoral stimulation during sex, then check out this in-depth guide to clitoral stimulation for everything you need to know.


Once you’re sufficiently aroused, perhaps with an orgasm or two under your belt, vaginal penetration becomes more comfortable. It’s always a good idea to have a bit of lube on hand. More on that here.

The most sensitive part of your vagina is within the first few inches, which is why you don’t necessarily need a super-endowed partner for sex to feel good. Your G-spot is located toward the front wall of your vagina within the first two to three inches. Use your fingers to search for a bumpy area in a valley.

Other sensitive spots in your vagina include the anterior fornix erogenous zone (also called the A Spot), which is located along the front wall several inches further beyond your G-spot. There are some tools and toys you can use to reach this or any erogenous zone in your vagina, including fingers, your partner’s penis, a dildo or vibrator.

Depending on your body, you might prefer the friction of fast-and-hard thrusting, vibrations or simply the feeling of being full during penetration. However, vaginal stimulation doesn’t necessarily need to be aggressive to feel good.


Because of the proximity between your vagina and anus, there’s no surprise that this is yet another erogenous zone. You can experiment with anal sex or anal fingering if you’re not ready to dive in. A variety of sex toys exist specifically for pleasuring the back door: butt plugs and anal beads among them.

Not everyone is comfortable with anal sex, but your butt can still be receptive to sensual touches. Many people love when their partner grabs their ass, and some women enjoy spanking, too. Your partner should aim for the meatiest part of your butt cheeks when spanking or using impact play toys to be safe.


While a man often goes straight for his woman’s breasts, not every woman finds her breasts to be a particularly sensitive area. You’re likely going to find your nipples the most sensitive, and you can pinch them or even try nipple clamps if you like more extreme sensations. A sensuous breast massage can also be quite relaxing.

Your man can lick or bite your nipples, which will be especially sensitive to cold. Ice is a popular “toy” for nipple play. Looking for inspiration? Try this advice on nipple stimulation.


While we’ve listed off nearly a dozen places on your body that like to be touched, licked, kissed or even pinched, this isn’t even a comprehensive list of a woman’s erogenous zones! Any place on your body can respond to touch, and some people find certain places to be particularly sensitive.

Some women enjoy touches along the top of their backs while others find their feet unusually erotic. You might enjoy a foot massage or when your man sucks on your toes. Experimentation and communication are key to unlocking all of your erogenous zones – and his erogenous zones, too.


Obviously, we don’t mean that you should massage the grey matter of your brain! But a woman’s brain might be the most potent erogenous zone that she has. Some women are even able to orgasm from thought alone [1]. But even if you can’t, you should respect your brain’s role in your sexuality. When you can get your mind in the mood for sex or masturbation, your body will often follow.

This is something that many men fail to understand, which can lead to unhappiness in your relationship. A woman whose mind is at ease is more likely to want sex, which means your man should take out the trash or help the kids with homework when he can so you can relax.

There’s also a saying about how men use sex just for the physical release while women need to feel love to have sex. If you feel used or objectified, you’re less likely to be turned on. Make sure your man understands this and makes you feel loved.

Mental foreplay is an enjoyable exercise that can have you thinking about and wanting sex like never before. Let your man know your plan to ravage him when you get home from work that day. Send a sexy text or even a photo when he’s at the office. Even a little flirting with your man can do the trick if you’ve gotten into a routine.

If you ignore the contribution of your mind to arousal and pleasure, you might have a hard time stimulating any of the erogenous zones on this list. But you’ll be glad when you incorporate teasing to increase sexual chemistry and provide sensation to a wider variety of body parts to facilitate more intense pleasure and better orgasms!

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