Compliments for Guys to Bring You Closer Together

youve been working out i can tellAs women, we all love a good, sincere compliment. It should come as no surprise that same few words could have such an amazing effect on the guys! Complimenting a guy the right way is an amazingly powerful way to show him exactly how much you care and appreciate him while making him fall even more deeply in love with you.

Keep it Real

thanks for always helping me

The first thing to do when you’re considering compliments for guys is keeping it real. Sincerity is important, as fake compliments are a real turn off for guys. Equally important is using specifics in a compliment for him, as generic compliments can also be a serious turn off. You can even add some great flirting into a compliment to give your man, telling him how you like the particular scent he’s wearing, how the color of his eyes remind you of the ocean or even how great it was that he took care of a problem you needed help with.

Manly Psychology

youre such a gentleman

So if you need to be sincere and specific, what should you focus on when you need a compliment to give your guy? It’ll take a quick look at male psychology. No matter how modern a guy is in his thinking, he gets his feel-good on when he’s a man of action. He’ll help solve problems, give advice on how to fix things or will wade right in and get it done. Complimenting him on his beautiful blue eyes will do something for him, but complimenting him on how he helped fix your car and how appreciative you are will put him over the moon.

Men are also very competitive by nature and telling them they’re on top of their game or that they’re above average makes them feel like a winner. Even better, giving him good, sincere compliments will make him want to live up to them, giving you a great tool to get the results you want.

The Best Compliments

you take amazing care of me

Okay, so here it is – the best compliments for guys:

  • “You’re such a gentleman!” When you need a compliment to give your guy, this one is a winner to ensure more chivalrous behavior from your man. If your man hasn’t been acting the knight in shining armor lately, a few gentle nudges on his better behavior can help bring his manners up to snuff.
  • “You take such amazing care of me.” This compliment for him is one that hits his provider button very, very well. Not only is he making sure to take care of business, he’s doing such a great job at it that you noticed.
  • “Wow, you’ve really been working out!” You’ve seen men who seem to have radar when a pretty girl enters the room – men respond to visuals. This awesome compliment to give your man tells him that you’re noticing how he looks and the changes he’s made, perhaps to impress you!
  • “You choose. You always make awesome decisions.” This manly compliment conveys trust and respect, which means that your man will try his best to please you with his decision. This is a great way to get your man to be more considerate of your wishes and desires.
  • “You turn me on so much.” This conveys that you find him not only physically attractive, but downright sexy. It communicates that he affects you beyond just being a pretty face. This also feeds into his competitive edge, because you’re admitting that he affects you more than other men usually have.
  • “You always know how to make me happy.” We’re going to let you in on a little secret – men love to make women laugh! It means that they’re doing things right and the relationship is flourishing because of it. This kind of compliment tells him that he’s keeping you happy.
  • “It’s so awesome when a man can cook/clean/etc.” This shows that you recognize that your man is willing to step out of his comfort zone to take care of himself and of you. With gender roles often mixed around more than it has been in the past, this shows that you’re cool with him taking on roles that have previously been considered women’s work.
  • “I love that you treat me with such respect.” Men are big about getting respect, but it’s harder for them to manage the fine line between giving respect and having his friends accuse him of being whipped. This tells your man that he’s pulled off the balancing act and won your admiration for it.
  • “It’s so awesome spending time with you.” Everyone wants to be wanted, and this tells your man that you prefer spending your free time with him instead of away from him and that his company makes you happy. This is another positive way to encourage him to spend enjoyable time with you.
  • “Your support means so much to me!” As women, we tend to second-guess ourselves, which is why a supportive man is so important. As independent women, it can be hard for a guy to be supportive without smothering us. This is a seriously important thing to encourage in your man.
  • “Wow, you smell fantastic.” As women, we tend to go on about how things make us feel while men focus on how they’re experienced. Telling your man he smells, feels or looks great tells him that he stands out to your senses, making him unique and ahead of the pack. Plus, smell is a great way to build attraction.
  • “Thanks for helping me with shopping/doing laundry/painting the house today. You did an awesome job.” When we’re thanked and complimented on a job well done, we’re more willing to help out in the future. Of course you should compliment your man the same way – you want him to help you out more down the road, right?
  • “You’re so big.” You can apply this whenever and wherever you want. Men are competitive creatures in any number of areas. Just listen to them compare anything – sports statistics, cars, grills, appliances. They’re all about who has the biggest and best! If we tell them they’re above average, it really gives them a huge ego boost.
  • “You make me feel so safe.” Men are natural protectors, so there’s no wonder why they love it when we let them take that role. Praising your man for making you feel safe means he feels he’s been successful where other people have failed, putting him above the competition and telling him he’s unique compared to the other men you’ve dated. This also works great if he has a praise kink.
  • “Look at all these women checking you out – I’m so lucky to have you.” Again, this contributes to his competitive edge, but above and beyond that, it also tells him that you appreciate having him in your life. Not only was he lucky enough to get you, but you realize it as well and appreciate that he is in your life.
  • “You really know how to treat a woman right.” Let’s face it, dating is kind of scary! It takes you out of your comfort zone, and does the same thing to the guy on the other side of the table. Telling him that he’s doing a good job means that not only is he doing it right, but that he’s doing such a great job that you’re noticing how much better he treats you.
  • “It’s really awesome that you want to  . .
  • ” This is a great way to confirm his dreams when you’ve been sharing thoughts on your big dreams. Everyone is nervous that their grand thoughts and big dreams aren’t that special or aren’t worthy of praise. This manly compliment is a great way to encourage him to continue opening up to you with things he’s not so sure of.

It’s the Small Things

you make me feel safeCompliments alone won’t make or break your relationship, but added to many other small factors, they can help make your relationship more passionate and loving. By showing your man just how much you love and admire him, you’ll help build your relationship to help it stand the test of time. Try a few of these compliments to get the behavior you want, to show respect and to help take your relationship to the next level.

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