Do Guys Like Short Girls? You Better Believe They Do!

why do tall men like short womenEveryone has preferences in relationships. You might like guys with blonde hair, or you might prefer your guy to have brown hair. You might like thin guys, or you might be hot for built ones. Similarly, men have their own tastes, and it might make you wonder, “Do guys like short girls?” You might be surprised to find all the reasons men do like short girls. There are so many, in fact, that you might even want to kick your high heels to the curb.

Guys Do Like Short Girls

1. It Makes Them Feel Powerful and Strong

A guy will naturally feel powerful and strong if he towers over a short girl. A short girl feeds into many a man’s common desire to take care of their partner, and this is a main reason why guys like short girls. Short, adorable women are irresistible to many men. When short girls look up to a guy (literally), it makes him feel important.

2. He Can Pick You Up

Or he can give you piggyback rides if you are a short girl who is also thin. Both are fun, playful activities that are easier for him to achieve if you’re short. And you’ll both have a great time as he picks you up and takes you to the bedroom.

3. Potential for Crazy Sex Positions

A short girl potentially weighs less than a tall girl does. Therefore, the possibilities for standing sex positions are increased.

The stand & carry position (learn more) is one option if he can safely support your weight.

If you’re short and experiencing a height mismatch, you can use furniture to help out. Try sitting on a counter or table while he enters from in front. High chair sex position (find out how to do it) is another option.

4. Short Girls Are More Feminine

At least, there’s some evidence that they have more estrogen, one of two female sex hormones, than tall women do. Estrogen is responsible for slowing growth during pubery, which is why men are generally taller than women.

An interesting (and weird) side fact is that doctors used to prescribe some tall girls estrogen treatments to slow or stop their growth [1]. Back then, if a girl got too tall, her parents worried she’d never find a man to marry her.

Thank goodness attitudes have changed. Not to mention that this estrogen treatment turned out to be dangerous. The type of estrogen used in these treatments was diethylstilbestrol (DES), which was later linked to cancer, especially cancers of the reproductive organs [2].

5. Short Plays Into a Cute Femininity

As we mentioned, short girls tend to have more estrogen, which naturally gives them more feminine traits, such as being nurturing versus the testosterone-based traits of being aggressive and competitive. Guys also typically feel protective over short girls, so they view them as being more feminine than tall girls who they perceive as being able to take care of themselves. The taller and bigger person in the relationship is perceived as being the stronger one.

6. He Feels Useful When He Can Reach Stuff for You

why do guys like short girls

When you’re a short girl, you have one of the oldest, tried-and-true ways of meeting guys: You can ask them to reach something for you. Whether you’re at the grocery store, at school, or at work, if something is sitting on a high shelf that’s just out of your reach, you can nicely ask that kind (and cute) guy near you if he wouldn’t mind getting it for you as you simply can’t reach it. What guy wouldn’t feel flattered to help a damsel in distress? Short girls: use this to your advantage.

7. It’s Considered “Normal” for a Guy to Be Taller

The average height of a woman is 5’ 4”, and the average height of a man is 5’ 10”. Therefore, chances are that most men will be taller than the women they date. So society has come to view a typical couple as a short girl with a tall guy.

Whenever anything out of the ordinary happens, people tend to notice: a guy with neon green hair, a cat wearing a dress, or a couple where the woman is taller than the man. But just because it’s more likely for the man to be taller doesn’t mean that it’s weird in any way for you to be taller than your guy. You don’t have to be a short girl to get a guy.

8. Personality Trumps Height/Appearance

Height is usually not the most important attribute people put on their must-have list. Of course, some people will always want a certain type, but by limiting people based only on height, it means that you (or they) could be missing out on a great person. In the end, someone’s personality and how right they are for you should matter more than some arbitrary height requirement.

Short Female Celebrities with Tall Men

A short girl with a tall guy is popular among celebrity couples. Here are some examples of famous couples (both current and past) where the woman is shorter than the man:

  1. Nicole Richie (5’ 2”) and Joel Madden (5’ 9”)
  2. Reese Witherspoon (5’ 1”) and Jim Toth (6’ 0”)
  3. Isla Fisher (5’ 3”) and Sacha Baron Cohen (6’ 3”)
  4. Nicole Alexander (5’ 1”) and Shaquille O’Neal (7’ 0”)
  5. Kristen Bell (5’ 1”) and Dax Shepherd (6’ 2”)
  6. Jada Pinkett Smith (5’ 0”) and Will Smith (6’ 2”)
  7. Jessica Simpson (5’ 3”) and Eric Johnson (6’ 3”)
  8. Miranda Lambert (5’ 4”) and Blake Shelton (6’ 5”)
  9. Amy Poehler (5’ 2”) and Will Arnett (6’ 2”)
  10. Fergie (5’ 2”) and Josh Duhamel (6’ 4”)
  11. Eva Longoria (5’ 2”) and Tony Parker (6’ 2”)
  12. Kim Kardashian (5’ 2”) and Kanye West (5’ 8”)

Guys Like Tall Girls Too

1. It Might Be Different If You’re Taller

If you wonder, “Do guys like tall girls?” the answer is that they do. However, some guys are intimidated by height, especially if you’re taller than he is. Talk with him about it if you sense that he is. But ultimately, if you’re taller, and he’s insecure, you don’t need to fix him. If he wants to only be with a short girl, there’s not much you can do about that. Wish him well, and find someone who appreciates you for the tall, beautiful person you are.

2. Tall Girls Seem More Powerful

do guys like short girls

We imagine alpha females when we see a tall woman. We believe she’s capable and powerful. Tall women command attention when they walk in a room, and they typically draw more attention from people than short women do. Many people also assume that because a woman is tall, she is also successful.

3. Closer Height Makes Some Sex Positions Easier

Some sex positions work great if you’re taller than your guy or about the same height. Here are some of them:

  • Missionary position with your legs on his shoulders
  • Missionary position where you wrap your legs around his legs
  • You stand up and he enters you from behind (bodyguard position), leaving his hands free to touch you where he likes.
  • You stand facing one another with one leg up. This pose is known as the Ballerina.
  • He kneels on the floor and puts one leg in front of him with his foot on the floor. You kneel in front of him.
  • Shower sex may also be easier.

4. He Won’t Have to Bend to Kiss You

When you and your guy are the same height, it makes kissing while standing up so much easier. He doesn’t need to bend down or get into any sort of awkward position as he might when kissing a shortie. And you don’t have to get on your tiptoes for a kiss.

5. Walking Is More Comfortable

If he likes to put his arm around your shoulder as you walk together, he can if you’re tall. This doesn’t work with a tall guy and a short woman.

6. Everyone Has Their Own Preferences

Ladies, listen up. It’s you who are pickier about height than men are. One study determined that height matters more to women than to men [3]. Women, as you may expect, prefer tall men. And while some guys prefer the woman they date to be shorter, only a small percentage does: 13.5 percent. Far more women place height restrictions on dating. Almost half of all the women asked want to only date men who are taller than they are.

So, yes, some guys like short girls. Some guys also like shy girls.

Celebrity Couples Where the Woman Is Tall

We presented a list of celebrity couples where the woman is short. There are also many examples of celebrity couples (either current or past) where the woman is the taller one, or at least appears taller when wearing heels:

  1. Cameron Diaz (5’ 9”) and Benji Madden (5’ 6”)
  2. Chrissy Teigen (5’ 9”) and John Legend (5’ 9”)
  3. Nicole Kidman (5’ 11”) and Keith Urban (5’ 10”)
  4. Charlize Theron (5’ 10”) and Sean Penn (5’ 8”)
  5. Helen Lasichanh (5’ 11”) and Pharrell Williams (5’ 9”)
  6. Liv Tyler (5’ 10”) and Royston Langdon (5’ 8”)
  7. Alessandra Ambrosio (5’ 10”) and Jamie Mazur (5’ 8”)
  8. Katie Holmes (5’ 9”) and Tom Cruise (5’ 7”)
  9. Erin Darke (5’ 7”) and Daniel Radcliffe (5’ 5”)
  10. Tina Fey (5’ 5”) and Jeff Richmond (5’ 3”)
  11. Stacy Keibler (5’ 11”) and George Clooney (5’ 8”)
  12. Uma Thurman (5’ 11”) and Ethan Hawke (5’ 10”)

Some guys like short girls, so you needn’t worry if you have your eye on a taller guy. But being the taller one in a relationship is becoming more common, too! Times have changed greatly since the 1950s where parents would get estrogen treatments for their daughters to keep them from becoming too tall. Society is more excepting now of superficial differences.

So no matter whether you’re under 5 feet or over 6 feet, be confident in who you are when you are ready to start dating. If you’ve ever wondered, “Do guys like short girls?” you now know that they do, but they like tall girls as well.

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