The Doctor blowjob position gets its name from the fact that your man will be reclining on a sofa just like he would be if he were in Sigmund Freud’s office for a session of psychotherapy. If you are looking for oral sex techniques to perform on your man in this position, then you will learn over 50 ways to give your man an intense blow job in the Blow Job Guide.


To get into position, your man will need to lie down on a sofa on his back and put some pillows under his head so that he can get comfortable. Your bed also works perfectly for this. Next, you need to get down on your knees as you would when you’re in the Kneeling bj position and start giving him a bj as you normally would.

The Doctor is a wonderful way to treat your man, especially if he has just come home from a long and gruelling day of work as all he needs to do is lie back and enjoy it.


Your Hands – Feel free to use your hands while giving him a blowjob in the Doctor position. Here are some hand job tips from the Hand Job Guide to spice things up. And don’t forget to pay some attention to his other sensitive areas too, like his balls (tips here) and his perineum and even his prostate (learn some prostate massage techniques here).

His Hands – If you like, your man can have a lot of control over the blowjob, by putting his hands on the back of your head. He can also run his hands over your back while you are giving him head. Additionally, if you happen to have long hair, then your man can hold it out of the way.

A Very Hot Surprise – If you want to surprise and treat your man while in the Doctor position, why not put on some porn for him to watch while you get busy giving him a blowjob. This is where a laptop will come in very handy.

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