The Face Fuck blowjob position is one in which your man will be in a dominant position and will have a lot of control over you, while you will be in a much more submissive position and will need to trust your man.

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To get into the Face Fuck position, you need to lie down on your back on the bed and put some pillows under your head. Your man will then straddle you on his knees facing you. He will have a knee on either side of your chest, just below your armpits. His penis will be right in front of your mouth. Start by kissing and licking it and then take it into your mouth to start giving him a blowjob. Learn even more blow job techniques here.

Your man can grab your head and control how deep you take him, but make sure to let him know if you don’t enjoy this.


Start Slow – I always advise that you start off without his hands on your head as this gives you much more control so that you don’t accidentally cough, gag or choke on his dick. You can learn how to control you gag reflex in this guide.

Extra Pleasure – While giving your man a blowjob in this position, you can use your hands to run up and down his back or you can reach under his groin area to start massaging testicles (testicle massage tips here), his perineum and even his prostate (techniques for massaging his prostate here).

Perfect For A Facial – One of the great things about the Face Fuck position is that you are already in position for your man to give you a facial when he cums.

Cunnilingus – The great thing about the Face Fuck position is that you can use it on your man too! Just get him to lie down and then straddle him. If you want to be extra dominant, you can even grab his hair and pull his face close into you to grind against. He can get tips for eating pussy.

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