Golden Gate 69 Position

The Golden Gate sex position is a 69 position so that both you and your man can perform oral sex on each other at the same time. It’s a very difficult to perform position and not many students have reported it as that pleasurable, so it’s more a novelty sex position than a serious one. You’ll find plenty of satisfying position in our sex positions guide with illustrations.

To perform the Golden Gate position, your man needs to lie down on the bed on his back. He then needs to bend his knees and put his feet on the bed to keep himself balanced. You then need to get on your knees, directly over your man’s mouth so that you have your back to his body. He can start licking you out and performing cunnilingus on you. You now need to lean backwards, just like you would in the Acrobat position.

As you lean backwards, keep your knees on the bed and arch your back to bring your head down towards his crotch to start giving him a blowjob. Extend your arms and put your hands on the bed to keep yourself balanced.

If this all sounds very difficult, then you’re right, it is. That’s why I consider it more a novelty position than a serious sex position. But there are other ways to spice up your sex life that you might enjoy more.

What The Girl Does In The Golden Gate Position

All you need to do in the Golden Gate position is just stay in this awkward, arched position and give your man a blowjob while he performs cunnilingus on you. It can be quite difficult, but you also need to prevent yourself from taking your man too deeply to stop him from accidentally choking you.

What The Guy Does In The Golden Gate Position

Your man has very little to do in the Golden Gate position other than just eating you out. He may feel like thrusting into your mouth in this position, but he shouldn’t. He should just remain still and let you do all the thrusting in case he chokes/hurts you by mistake.

To help keep you balanced, your man can wrap his arms around your legs. Other than that, though, he won’t be doing a whole lot.

Things To Consider When Performing The Golden Gate Position

I have talked to a few students who have tried the Golden Gate with their man, but not many of them have actually done it for a length of time. Here is some of the feedback they gave me on it:

  • It’s really difficult to perform. Just getting into position can be a lot of work for some.
  • You feel like your have very little control and that one wrong move could have your man’s penis very far down your throat.
  • If you want to try every single move and position in the Princess Fantasy, put the Golden Gate as one of your last. Most couples find that it’s not worth the effort, even though it does look really exotic. If you like crazy sex positions, this post has tons!

Similar Positions

  • Lie Back – You can relax because you’re on your back while blowing him.
  • Face Off – He sits up while you stand and bend at the waist to perform simultaneous oral.
  • 69 Standing – A much more challenging sex position that requires trust on your part and strength on his.

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