When you’re sick of missionary position, what’s next? Sex doesn’t have to involve staring straight ahead in your partner’s eyes; although, this can definitely be enjoyable. Any position where your man takes you from behind can help you explore the slightly more animalistic side of sex. Sex from behind also keeps your man’s hands free during sex, which is awesome if you like to be dominated!


One of the highest forms of praise sung about doggie style is that it enables better G-spot stimulation than missionary due to the angle. If your partner’s penis lacks the length or girth to fully fill you in other positions, sex from behind might be the solution!

Additionally, if you can support yourself with just one hand, you can reach between your legs to stimulate your clitoris with your hands or even a vibrator.

Variations on this pose include the Leapfrog, where your shoulders and breasts dip down to the bed. This helps to take strain off your arms and shoulders. Your partner can then move into Jockey position by leaning forward with his arms outstretched to on either side of your body.

This enables him to thrust long and slow so you can feel every inch! If your partner moves his knees forward toward your rib cage and grasps your hips, he’ll have plenty of leverage when riding you from behind. You can see demonstrations of the Leapfrog and Jockey positions below.



Want to try something else? Reach back to grasp your knees with your hands. You’ll curl up your body in a position that will allow you to feel your partner deeper than ever before, just like in the first picture in the article. You can also move into a kneeling position where you’re sitting in your partner’s lap if your bodies allow this pose to work.

Reach up and behind to wrap your arms around his head to feel closer to him. This is called Teaspooning, as demonstrated below.

Of course, not every position involves you being on the bed. You can just as easily lean over the bed, back of the sofa, dresser or even table to mix things up like in the Burning Man position. In a pinch, your partner can take you from behind over the hood of a vehicle, and you don’t even need to take off your top! This adds excitement thanks to the potential of being caught or watched by someone if you’re in public to the already-amazing feeling of sex in this position…just make sure you aren’t breaking any laws!

Be careful that any furniture you lean on can fully support your body weight though, and don’t attempt any positions from behind in the shower that might cause you to slip. You cannot rely on a faucet to safely support your body weight let alone the combined weight of you and your partner.


This position is great for your partner, too. In fact, sex from behind works for lesbians with strap-ons and even gay couples. In fact there’s not many people who don’t love it! Aside from providing your lover with a great view of your ass, this position can also leave his hands free to perform a variety of sexy activities. If the two of you are fans of impact play, for example, your lover can spank you or swing a paddle flogger at your behind to leave delicious red marks.

No implements are needed, however, as he can bite your shoulder or drag his fingernails down your back. It’s the perfect position for him to grab your hair or wrap his hand around your neck for a more intense sense of domination, just make sure to discuss a safe word if you are both going to get particularly intense.

In some ways, being taken from behind is like wearing a blindfold because you don’t exactly know what’s coming. If he starts out slow, then the anticipation can increase your arousal or even make your orgasms more intense.

You can use a free hand between your legs to rub your clit until orgasm. Plus, doggy style and similar positions enables him to massage your back or even do something more intense like pouring hot wax onto your skin. If you’re agile enough to do so, he can even bind your hands above your head on the headboard in this position, but this is something you should both discuss beforehand.


Any of these sexual positions might require some tweaks to work best for you and your partner. For example, it can be difficult to achieve deep penetration if you have a well-endowed backside and your partner has a smaller penis or a rounder tummy. A large height difference can also make it more difficult for your bodies to sync up.

If you have trouble raising your hips off the bed, then you can raise your hips by lowering your shoulders or by placing a pillow or two under your hips. In fact, some companies create memory foam pillows specifically to aid in sexual positions!

Some people think that doggy style is less intimate because you can’t face you partner or do things that come with facing each other, including kissing while facing each other. So there are limitations to sex from behind, but this doesn’t mean that sex from behind has to feel less intimate, and you can increase intimacy in a couple ways.

If you’re on hands and knees, for example, you can turn your head to face your partner. Alternatively, you can position yourself so that you’re facing a mirror to see each other’s faces. Finally, your partner can lower his body so he rests more fully only yours. From this position, he’ll be able to wrap his arms around you, kiss your neck and whisper into your ears, all of which are plenty intimate!

For many men, these positions feel so good that that reach orgasm more quickly. If you want to prolong sex, suggest that your partner use slower, more shallow thrusts. This can also help to ease any discomfort on your cervix if these positions cause it to be more easily bruised by your partner’s penis.


When your partner is already behind you, the transition to anal sex is natural. Any position that works well for vaginal sex from behind works just as well for anal. You can work your way from vaginal to anal sex by allowing your partner to stimulate your anus with his fingers, tongue or a toy.

In fact, an oral lashing in either location can be quite enjoyable and get you ready for your partner to enter you from behind. You can even experience double penetration if your partner inserts a toy into one hole while his penis fills the other one.

The same advice applies to all anal sex. Because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, you’ll want plenty of slippery stuff on hand. A thicker gel lasts longer, while silicone-based lubes tend to be thinner and resist washing away with water. You and your lover might even consider an oil-based lube, which can also double as a great massage product before you get down and dirty.

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