Help! Am I Peeing During Sex? What’s Going On?

urinating during sexOne question that many women ask is “Why do I feel the need to pee during sex?” It’s a common question that may have you worried something’s wrong with you. And while the feeling might be of concern in a few extreme cases, it’s much more likely that something good is going on, and that you’ll be able to learn more about your body and increase your pleasure during sex once you explore it!

Why Sex Makes You Feel Like You’re Going to Pee

If feeling like you need to pee during sex only happens in some positions, it may be that your partner’s penis, fingers or a toy are pressing against your bladder, which sits above and in front of the vagina. Try to move pressure toward the back of your vagina to stop this feeling from happening or simply move to a different positions.

Of course, while many women might feel the need to pee during sex, there are far fewer reports of women actually peeing during sex. Although, you may have wound up here because you think you’ve peed during sex. Don’t worry because it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve actually done it. Although female anatomy – more on that here – isn’t the same as a man’s so technically peeing during sex is possible, you’d still need to relinquish complete control of your muscles to let a stream of urine go.

You may experience female ejaculation, or squirting, however. Because the fluid is held in your bladder and exits through your bladder, it can feel like you’re peeing. But female ejaculate is typically clear and smells differently from actual urine. If you’re not well hydrated, your FE may be more like urine, however.

Many women discover their ability to squirt by accident during orgasm, when it becomes more difficult to control their muscles, even if those muscles are toned. This is because it’s not an issue of incontinence but one related to your body’s natural response to orgasm – specifically speaking, G-spot orgasm. More on that here. Some women are able to squirt without orgasm, too! Learn how to squirt better in this guide.

Thus, feeling like you need to pee during sex may not be a bad thing at all! It may simply be a side effect of G-spot stimulation – and arousal. Some women start to feel like they have to pee as they become aroused – learn how to get horny quickly in this post – even before they experience any sort of sexual stimulation. This might feel like swelling in and around your bladder and urethra. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

To tell whether the feeling is happening because of G-spot stimulation, you’ll need to know where it is. The G-spot is located along the front wall of your vagina. When using your fingers, you’ll feel a valley surrounding some bumps or ridges. This is your G-spot. It will swell as you become aroused and stimulated it. You can experiment with the type of stimulation. Some women are responsive to vibrations dragging a toy or fingers across the G-spot, fast thrusting or even tapping. The “needing to pee during sex” feeling may indicate that an orgasm is approaching, so keep going!

So What If It Is Pee!

do girls pee during sex

Recently, some articles have been floating around the Internet claiming that female ejaculation is nothing more than urine, and many people believe these posts to be true. That is just one possible conclusion that can be drawn from the study. The two substances do share some chemical markers, but female ejaculate isn’t made in the kidneys like urine is. The paper, which was published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, is hotly debated, and there’s plenty of research to be done on peeing during sex.

One thing you can rest assured by is that you shouldn’t feel bad as long as it feels good and your partner is okay with it! You shouldn’t avoid having an orgasm just because you squirt and it may or may not be urine. Throw a towel – or two, if you need – on the bed, and have at it!

This can help many women let go and truly enjoy G-spot stimulation, orgasm and sex with their partners because they don’t have to worry about protecting their furniture from pee. You can always shower after sex, and the shower is a great place to experiment with this feeling for the first time as well. More tips on masturbating here.

Medical Reasons for Needing to Pee During Sex

peeing during sex

Some women do pee during sex due to certain medical issues. These include muscle paralysis, which makes it difficult to control bowel and bladder movements. However, there are even ways for you to work around those conditions. One is the Foley catheter, which you can tape to your thigh to keep it out of the way during sex. Source.

Catheters like this may also be recommended by a doctor to help with general urinary incontinence. However, you should consult with your doctor before trying to use a catheter to prevent urinating during sex. Peeing before you have sex may lessen the likelihood that it happens during the act, and it’s also smart to pee before and after sex to decrease the chances of getting an infection. More on that here. In fact, infection can increase urinary incontinence. Source.

Most women won’t experience any urinary incontinence severe enough to need a tool like that, but it’s common to experience a bit of incontinence if your pelvic floor is weak, especially after having a baby or having menopause. You can do kegel exercises to improve muscles and reduce urinary incontinence, even if you continue to feel like you have to pee during sex. Check out this guide to doing kegels, which can improve sex and help you experience more intense orgasms.

Being able to differentiate between typical urinary incontinence, which usually occurs due to stress such as laughing, coughing or sneezing, and more serious conditions can help you to feel more reassured when it comes to having sex and feeling like you need to pee. But even if it is a medical issue, no body is perfect, and you deserve to enjoy sex as much as any woman!

There may be some things you can do to reduce feeling like you need to pee when you have sex, but you might not need to do anything at all if it’s just a sign of an oncoming orgasm. In fact, you may find that letting go unleashes pleasure like you’ve never experienced before!

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