Sex is touted as a great way to burn calories, but is it true? Some experts claim that sex can burn hundreds of calories during every session while other studies show this isn’t the case and that you shouldn’t give up your gym membership just yet. Of course, sex burns more calories than watching TV and there is no shortage of reasons to have more sex, anyway! So along with showing you how many calories you burn during sex, we’ve also come up with some of the best ways to burn even more calories when you are your man are getting down!

how many calories does sex burn


This is actually a difficult question. Few studies have been done on the subject, and sexual activity covers a broad range, so your mileage may vary. Whenever you read an article about how many calories sex burns, those stats and number may not apply to you because women and men burn different amounts of calories during exercise[1]. Your weight plays into it, too.

This is why sex apps and calculators such as this one, should be taken with a grain of salt. They can give you a general idea of calories burned during sex, but it’s not an exact science – yet!

Still, some people have tried to figure out how many calories sex burns. The folks at the University of Montreal estimate it’s around 100 calories per session per men and 69 calories per hour for women. A general equation for women is to multiple the amount of time spent having sex by 3.1 to determine calorie burn. Professor Antony D. Karelis, who organized the study, described sex as moderate to significant at times. Depending upon your routine, sex might be the equivalent of exercise that is more intense than walking uphill [2]!

If you’re thinking that this means you should spend more time having sex – and not just for the caloric benefits – you’re right. And, we’ve got some tips to burn even more calories per hour that we’ve split up by activity.


Thinking of skimping on the foreplay? Think again! Kissing burns up to 68 calories per hour. Add in hands for a little heavy petting, and you’ll be getting an even greater workout. Plus, changing the pose can up the ante. Consider kissing while one of you is in plank position or stretching to grab something on a shelf up high!


When your kisses become deeper, longer and more lustful, and you’re using your bodies to provide pleasure before your clothes come off, you’ll burn even more calories. Making out gets your blood pumping and makes your breathing faster. This anticipation is as awesome for burning a few calories as it is for building sexual tension. More on that here.


Okay, so undressing only burns a handful of calories, and it’s something that you do once and you’re done. But you can burn more calories if you get a little creative. Try getting undressed in the dark, undoing his belt with your mouth or performing a striptease. You’ll get undressed and he’ll get all hot and bothered.


To really burn some calories during sex, you’ll want to make it as long as possible, and massage is one way to do that. Of course, you won’t burn as many calories on the receiving end of a sensual massage as when you give one, so make sure to switch it up with your man. It’s only fair, after all! So break out the massage oil and get down to it!


When you’re thrusting, grinding, moaning, groaning and reaching for your man, you’ll burn the most calories during sex. The more you do, the more calories you’ll burn. Your man will love how you’re active during sex, too. Make sure to get on top so it’s not just your man burning calories! Move your thighs and butt, and you can get a great workout there.

Plus, you can check out our guide to sexercise, which includes sex positions where you’ll get more of a workout and burn more calories.


Giving your man a handjob can certainly burn calories, and you might have the sore arm to show for it! Grind your body against his while you stroke him or use both hands to burn off a few extra calories!


You probably won’t spend an entire session only giving him a blow job, but it’s more calorie-intensive than others because you’re moving your head and upper body. Try leaning on your arms over him rather than just kneeling in front of him. Add hands to burn more calories, too. And if you’re looking for a thorough guide on how to give him good oral, then check out these blow job techniques and these tips from readers.


If you’re looking to burn even more calories during sex, then you may want to try some of these ideas below:

  • Make sure to add plenty of time for foreplay. The more time you spend getting to sex, the more calories you burn.
  • You’ll burn more calories from sex if you do more of the work. So hop on top. Worried about riding your man? Read this post to boost your confidence and then try out the Cowgirl position.
  • Consider something other than just sex to burn calories. For example, flogging or spanking someone will work out your arm muscles and burn some calories.
  • If you turn up the heat, you’ll sweat even more. It’s the same concept used in hot yoga. Consider sex around a hot tub or in a sauna (plus, sex in a hotel adds a little something).
  • Even if you don’t have a partner or you’re dealing with a long-distance relationship, you can do the job yourself and burn calories. If you’re new to masturbation, check out these female masturbation techniques along with some of the other benefits of masturbation, too. Sex shares many of those benefits!

You might consider more ways to make sex last longer or you may dedicate an entire day to rolling in the hay! Several sessions could burn more calories and lead to multiple orgasms!

There are other things you can do to burn calories, too. Consider starting off with a slow dance, which burns more calories because it uses your whole bodies. Whether you turn on the tunes in your house or head out to the club, take the time to dance with your man and connect physically when you can’t keep your hands off of him!

But don’t stress if you’re not burning as many calories as someone else. Just continue to enjoy having awesome sex!


Ready to burn calories? Don’t forget the following!

  • If you’re really burning those calories, you might find yourself sweating. Consider hopping in the shower together during sex for a few orgasms or after sex for some sensual touching.
  • Speaking of water, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Keep a glass of water by your bed or even pause for a sexy snack in the buff!
  • You always want to play it safe. Don’t strain yourself. Follow safety advice when tying someone up or engaging in impact play. Don’t expect that you will be able to support your partner’s full weight. In fact, much furniture and household fixtures are incapable of this, which is why you need to be careful when suspending someone during bondage.

Now you know more about calories burned from sex and how to add sexercise to your routine to make it a bit more of a workout. Of course, sex should be fun and you shouldn’t overwork yourself or cause an injury, and you’re probably not going to replace your workout with sex. But we won’t tell if you slip your workout to spend some time with your man or opt for morning sex instead of that run before work!

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