If you want to attract a guy, then you need to do things that build both emotional & sexual connection. He will not be truly attracted to you unless you can do both.

Think about it from your own point of view for a minute…have you ever been in an emotional relationship with a guy and relate to him on a very deep level, but never feel that ‘I want to rip your clothes off’ feeling of attraction? The solution is creating both emotional and sexual attraction with him. This guide will show you how..


Flirting with a guy lets him know you’re interested in him and works wonders for attracting him. The art of flirting is not to be too obvious. You might want to try these ways:

  • Don’t be afraid to playfully challenge him when he says something you disagree with.
  • Make sure to touch him from time to time when you’re talking.
  • Display the right body language by relaxing your arms and legs — in general clenched fists or crossed arms and legs reveal that you are closed off to him.

These are gust a few quick tips, but if you want a more in depth guid on flirting with him, then you should check out this guide on flirting I put together along with these additional flirting tips.


Touching a guy shows that you like him and is a powerful way to make him attracted to you. And when mutual touching is going on, your heart rate and his are likely to elevate, according to research reported in Psychology Today magazine. But not all touching is created equal. Shaking his hand isn’t likely to produce much attraction, but holding his hand or touching his face will.


When you combine eye contact with touching, the desire you make him feel increases. Just looking at your guy can build attraction and sexual tension, but kick it up a notch by giving him the triangle gaze. Here’s how…

Look first at one eye and then at the other. From there, move your eyes to his mouth and back up to meet both his eyes.

But don’t just keep the stare indefinitely. It can be creepy if you keep staring for too long. A few seconds gets the point across without making you seem like a stalker.


Whisper into his ear as if you’re going to tell him a secret. Let your lips brush against his ear as you tell him how much you want him tonight. Other sexy things to say include, “I want you right now,” “I’m not wearing any underwear,” or tell him what you want to do to him when you get him home.


If you’re not with your guy, send him flirty or outright dirty sexts to make him more attracted, like these ones and these ones. If you plan to see him later on that night, send him a text that says you are looking forward to having him see you, and then send a picture of a sexy shot, such as your cleavage in your outfit or your thigh with the edge of your short skirt showing.

You could also let him know that you are lingerie shopping to get ready to see him. It that’s the case, ask what color panties he likes.

If you are out with friends, text him that you’re out with friends tonight but are hoping to see him tomorrow. This shows him that you have a life but that you want to see him, too.


Kissing means a real kiss, not a friendship peck on the cheek or a closed lip one. A good kiss leads to arousal and builds physical attraction both in established relationships and when looking for a new partner.

A good kiss requires that you both have fresh breath, clean teeth and be somewhat assertive. A good kiss also combines touching and caressing. This video tutorial will show you how to kiss him with passion.


Pulling back some creates sexual tension, a key element that some overlook when learn how to make a guy attracted. Sexual tension makes him want you — guys generally want what they can’t have, so let him think he can’t have you after you’ve built up an expectation that he can.

You could do this by complimenting him and then by teasing him a little. You’re showing you want him, but then you’re pulling back some. Be careful not to cross the line when teasing to being hurtful; that’s taking the game too far. You want to have him come back, not drive him away completely.

Another pulling back method is to lean in for a kiss. Get close enough to his lips for a second, maybe two, and then pull back. You’ll have him wanting you more than before. More tips on building sexual tension here.


Part of the fun of going out on a date is getting ready for it. Wearing provocative clothing and looking hot just for him build his attraction for youd. Before getting dressed, make sure your skin feels nice and soft by applying body lotion. For an unexpected treat, use a flavored lotion made for kissing.

Almost anything can be sexy to a guy if you wear it right. The key is to accentuate a particular area. If you have great legs, definitely wear a short skirt. He’ll be thinking about pushing it up even further. If you have a nice cleavage, wear a blouse with just enough buttons undone. If you’re not sure what body part to expose, show the shoulders by wearing a one-shoulder or strapless dress. Shoulders can be very sexy to guys.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to dress up to build sexual attraction. Many men find body-hugging yoga pants and shorts sexy, too. For more tips on dressing sexy, check out this guide.


Making a guy jealous can backfire on you, so you don’t want to overplay this one, but there are some subtle things you can do to make him squirm a little and want you more.

  • When he sends you a text, don’t answer it, at least not right away. Make him wait a little. This works if he’s used to you texting back immediately.
  • Let him know about a really funny, smart, athletic or successful guy from work. Telling him that you know someone who might be better than he is at something should make him jealous.

Remember to use jealousy only to add some spark to your budding relationship. If you do truly harsh things, hurting your guy in the process, it will backfire.


Massaging is always a good way to build sexual attraction when you already know a guy quite well. Start with a head massage. Have him lay his head down on your lap while you two are watching TV. You can massage his scalp from this position.

Foot massages are also great for building sexual attraction. First, prepare a warm bowl of water mixed with essential oils that he can soak his feet in. Then massage the soles of his feet using firm pressure.

You can also give him a full body massage. Using massage oil, work slowly, and don’t push too hard. You might want to ask whether the pressure is right.


It pays to work on making a guy attracted if you want to start your relationship off on the right foot. However, if you take any of the actions too far, you can come across as needy, creepy or even stalker-like. You don’t want to be like Glenn Close’s character in the classic movie, “Fatal Attraction.”

Overdoing any type of actions designed to build attraction can drive a guy away if he thinks you want to be exclusive right away, are texting him too much or are just coming across as too needy, which translates to guys as insecurity.

To make a guy attracted, you need to strike the right balance between showing him you’re interested, but not in a clingy or creepy way.

When you first meet a guy, don’t expect to see him more than twice a week. If it’s right, the relationship will grow naturally. Continue to have fun in your life without him, and let him pursue you, too.


Sexual attraction is important to have in any relationship to keep it from turning to a purely platonic one. When you’re sexually attracted to your partner, you’ll do more to keep the relationship intact, and you won’t want to stray and start a physical relationship with someone else. And neither will he.

It’s possible to build chemistry when it doesn’t exist at first, but many people prefer for the chemistry to happen right away.


Emotional attraction needs to happen if you are to create and sustain a meaningful relationship. You need to make your partner feel something to connect on an emotional level. Many men connect with women who excite them, make them laugh or make them feel good about themselves. Emotional attraction creates a bond that when combined with sexual attraction is a powerful force.

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