Do you want to catch a special someone’s eye? There are a few ways to this: You can look gorgeous, you can be friendly, or you can learn how to be interesting. If others find you interesting, you can attract suitors even if you’re not a supermodel. And being interesting is something you can work on if you suspect — or if you’ve been told — that you lack in this area.

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Being less interesting usually stems from being too wrapped up in any one thing, such as family, work, school, your favorite video game, or whatever. The key to being more interesting is to cultivate new interests. Not only will others find you more interesting, but you’ll also be able to relate to more people when you develop new interests, and you’ll have a more balanced, healthier life.

One way to be more interesting to others is to learn to present yourself in a way that people find interesting, engaging, and charismatic. You don’t have to change anything else if you master that. If you can add humor to any situation or learn how to tell a good story, you’re golden.

With that said, here are 11 ways you can be more interesting to other people.


It’s great to develop a new hobby or hobbies when learning how to be more interesting, but trying to pick one can be challenging. It helps if you first choose a category that might be more interesting to you, such as arts and crafts, collecting, sports and outdoor recreation, music, pets, games, food and drink, performing arts, or spiritual development.

Once you choose where to focus, you can narrow down what to do in that category. For example, if you choose food and drink, you might wish to learn how to make sushi or to join a wine tasting group. When you have a new hobby that you find interesting, you become a more interesting person because you have something to share with others.


Staying in your house can become a habit, especially if you’re an introvert. But if you isolate yourself too much, it will be difficult to meet people. And the more you isolate yourself, the more unresponsive you’ll be to social situations. The solution is to get out, even if you feel like putting on your pajamas and settling in with a movie. That’s fine to do some nights, but not every night.

Try signing up for a class, a lecture, or a volunteer group. Go to the local festival in town. Make yourself get out that first time. Each time after that will become easier and more natural. The more you get out, the more people you’ll meet (maybe the man of your dreams!), and the more interesting you’ll become.


Your parents might have taught you never to talk to strangers. But now that you’re not eight years old anymore, you might want to try it, especially if you’re learning how to be more interesting. If you’re at a social event, smile and introduce yourself to someone.

Ask a question relating to the event or place you’re at. If the person wants to speak with you, they’ll start talking back. If not, try talking with someone else.


There’s always something the news media reports, and the news can be interesting. It doesn’t matter where you get your news, from the newspaper, online, radio, TV, or even comedy news shows. If you find a current event you heard on the news interesting, chances are the person you’re talking with will too.

It’s not a good idea to bring up controversial topics with people you don’t know. That could be awkward. But once you get to know someone, those types of conversations could be very interesting.


A standard conversation starter at parties to be interesting has traditionally been about whether the other person has read any good books or seen any good movies lately. If you have, you have an interesting story to tell. If the other person plans to read the book or see the movie, you don’t want to tell too much. Tell just enough to get their interest.


Engaging in small talk can be so boring to people that they need to be dragged to social functions. But if the prospect of having a good conversation exists, that’s a different story. You can be interesting as a conversationalist instead of making boring small talk by planning your conversation.

Think about a funny story you want to tell, a news story or sports event you want to bring up, or an opinion you have on something, which lets you find out what their opinion might be. When you get out more or take up a new hobby, you’ll naturally have some stories to tell.

Having trouble keeping a conversation going? Check out our advice on that!


You might have a story to tell, but it’s important not to tell it in a boring way. Giving too much detail or talking on and on without letting anyone interject can bore people. In fact, one story could be interesting or boring just from how it’s told. When in doubt, tell a shorter version of the story without all the details.

You’ll know once you’ve mastered storytelling. People will be laughing, turned toward you, and will be engaging with you.


Dale Carnegie who wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People said, “To be interesting, be interested.” You can learn what to talk about by listening to what the other person finds interesting. You can also ask the person you’re talking with a question. Don’t feel as if you can’t speak with someone if you know nothing about the topic. Use this opportunity to learn about it.

When you listen to others and show that you’re interested in what they have to say or that you wish to learn about a topic of interest to them, people will want to be around you because you’re so charming. You will be interesting to them.


Once you know how to read body language, you can tell whether you’ve got someone’s attention or whether you’re boring them. If you’re having a conversation and you see the other person’s eyes glaze or that telltale suppression of a yawn, stop. You’re not interesting.

There are also other less obvious ways to tell whether someone isn’t comfortable with you. They might touch their neck, necktie, or necklace. They might rub their face or forehead or rub their eyes. They might start looking away.

But if the other person seems to be engaged with you by leaning forward, turning toward you, smiling, and nodding their head, you’ve captured their interest.


We’ve all seen that person. When she walks into a room, people are drawn to her. She is practically a people magnet. One way you can be more interesting is to watch what she does and emulate her the next time you walk into a room. Chances are she is not posturing and acting like a diva — she’s probably a humble, yet confident, person. People like that.

This person is probably not a mean girl, either. She is instead supportive of those around her. If she sees someone standing alone (you maybe), she asks whether you’d like to join in on the conversation.


Emulating a person’s good qualities is great if you want to be more interesting. But you should also be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show your differences out of fear you won’t fit in. That will only make you boring. Be yourself. Many people should find that interesting and it can even boost your sex appeal!

If some people find you to be off-putting or a bit odd, you will learn where the boundaries might be until people get to know you better. If you’re passionate about something, though, that will show, and it will make you interesting.

Learning how to be interesting is important. Being interesting attracts potential lovers and new friends. And it makes your daily life more memorable. If you’re shy or anxious, it can be tough to put yourself out there. But once you take the advice we offered, it becomes easier to be more interesting. Give being more interesting a try. It’s well worth the effort.

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