Learning how to be sexy for yourself or your partner is easier than you think. There are a lot of different things you can do to be sexier that range from easy and even a little tame right up to being quite outrageous and out there. Lets start with the easier things first…


This dress may be more slutty than sexy!

By far the easiest thing to fix if you want to be more sexy is how you dress. Now, there are a number of ways to go about this. Obviously if you want, you can choose to dress like a pornstar, but you absolutely don’t have to go there to get the desired effect.

There are 2 general rules of thumb that you need to follow if you want to be sexier:

Wear Clothes The Draw Attention To Your Best Assets – If you have a great pair of legs or you are proud of your breasts and think they deserve more attention or you have a figure to die for, then wear clothes that accent those assets. Don’t cover them up and keep them from the world! The same goes for your shoes. If you look great in heels, then why not wear them every chance you get?

More Skin Is A Good Thing (Usually) – Showing off more skin to your man is usually a good thing when you want to look and dress sexier. There is no need to go overboard, but definitely consider revealing a little more skin. Again like I said earlier, there is no need to wear clothes so skimpy that you could be mistaken for a pornstar, but definitely think about showing a little more skin if you want to appear sexier.


Ok, ok, I get it! This is a sex advice website, not a dance instruction website!Still, there are just a few simple things that you need to know in order to dance in a sexy way.

Slow Right Down! – Yup…if you want your dancing to be sexier, then the easiest way is to slow your movements right down when you hit the dancefloor. Even with the same dance moves, this will make everything far, far sexier.

Reading About Dancing Sexy Is Pointless, You Need A Demonstration – Reading about how to dance sexy is kinda pointless, so here are 2 videos demonstrating what kinds of moves you can use in the club to look sexier. They are a little cheesy, but have great information…

This first one is super cheesy, but thankfully breaks everything you need to do right down.

This next one thankfully isn’t quite as cheesy…


Experiment with you hair and see what works best to make you look sexier.

This next tip on how to be sexy is straightforward, but can cost an arm and a leg…how can you use your hair to look your sexiest? It can take quite a while and a lot of experimentation to get right, but it’s definitely worth it.

Some girls look very sexy with short hair (Rihanna anyone?) while others look better with long hair. If you have medium length or long hair, should you wear it up or down, in a ponytail or over one shoulder? Time to experiment and see what makes you feel sexiest and gets you the best results. You (& your man) may find a change in style, regardless of how it looks to be the sexiest thing of all


One really powerful way to be sexier is how you choose your words. Using just a tiny amount of dirty talk on your man is the perfect way to be sexier and more alluring around him.

But just like with dressing sexier for your man, you don’t have to take your dirty talk to pornstar levels for it to be effective.

You’ll find that even just sneakily hinting at doing certain things with your man is enough to arouse him.

For my best tips & tactics on talking dirty to your man, check out this powerful dirty talking tutorial video, where you’ll learn the most powerful ways to use dirty talking to keep a guy obsessed with you and chasing after you, even if you’ve been dating for years. Click here to watch it now.


Just like with your dance moves, your body language plays a big role in how sexy you look…but I want to warn you about a few things…

If you look around the internet, you’ll find all this crazy information on your body language, his body language and what it’s all supposed to mean. The frustrating thing for you is that the majority of this information is utter…GARBAGE! It’s confusing, misleading and often not accurate at all.

You might have heard advice like this…

“If he folds his arms, he is not interested in you.”
…or maybe he’s just cold…or maybe he’s more comfortable doing that…or maybe he hurt his arm (there could be a thousand reasons that have nothing to do with how he feels about you).

“If you hold your drink up high around your stomach or chest, then you are showing everybody that you are uncomfortable.”
…or maybe it’s just easier to hold your glass that way!

If you want to get your body language right so that you appear sexier, then the most important thing is to just be comfortable in your own skin.

If you are really trying hard to push your chest out and keep your back arched, then it’s going to seem like you are trying too hard and will come off as forced.

If you overdo it with the ‘forced sexiness’ then you’ll do well at attracting those super-shallow guys, but the really great guys will be able to easily see through it.

So my advice is to not worry too much about your body language and spend more time getting comfortable. The only other thing to consider is slowing down your body movement a bit, but this is not nearly as important as getting comfortable with yourself.


Just touching your man can be a fantastic way to appear sexier to him.

Now that we have covered the things you can do on your own to be sexier, what about what you can do to be sexier when interacting with your man?

How you touch him AND how much you touch him plays a pretty important role in how sexy YOU APPEAR. Think about it like this:

If you never touch your man at all, then you’re going to find it near impossible to seem sexy and sexual around him or even show him that you are interested…but…if you are constantly touching your man in a way that is kind of over the top and too much, then your man may find that you are coming on too strong. So how to get it right?!?!? Here is a rough guide on how to touch your man in in a way that’s sexy but not over-the-top.

  • When there is a reason to touch your man, then feel free to do it.
  • If he just said something really funny, then it’s a good time to touch him as you are laughing.
  • Obviously if you are trying to get his attention , you should touch or grab him.
  • If you are making a point then it’s completely appropriate to touch him.

The key is to only touch him for a few seconds, there’s really no need to linger.


Starfish can be beautiful…but they just lie there, hardly moving

A key problem that I have diagnosed with many couples is the curse of Starfish Syndrome. It happens when one partner basically just acts like a starfish during sex…they just lie there hardly moving. Let me tell you something that’s both obvious and tragic…

Starfish Syndrome Is NOT Sexy

Sometimes men are guilty of starfish syndrome, sometimes women are, the key is both of you completely avoiding it.

So the next time you are getting intimate with your man, you need to ‘give as good as you get’. Don’t just sit there passively, make sure to get involved and show your man your passion for him. Here are some ways to get more involved in your love life:

  • Be the initiator! Don’t let him be the only initiator in your relationship.
  • Make your way down to his crotch with your hands before he has a chance to do the same to you.
  • Start kissing him before he kisses you.
  • Try grabbing him by the hand and leading him to the bedroom to initiate sex.
  • Surprise him with a blowjob.
  • Give him a quick kiss on the cheek when he’s not expecting it.

If you’d like to learn the best techniques to use on your man when giving him a blow job (as well as how to do it confidently), then you will probably enjoy this instructional blow job video.

You don’t have to do anything really sexual if you don’t want to, the key is INITIATING it.


Every guy appreciates a blowjob…but if the only skill you have in your sex arsenal is knowing how to give him a blowjob, then you are in trouble, he’s inevitably going get bored of it. Wouldn’t it be better to only give your man a blowjob once a week or so?…while using other awesome sex techniques on him sparingly too.

That way he will never get bored. In fact he’ll be eagerly awaiting to see what sexy surprises you have in store for him. If you are serious about improving your sex skillset, then you should check out the sex skills area.


Learning specific sex skills to try out with your man is certainly a great way to be sexier in the bedroom, but an even easier way is to just learn some new sex positions. You’ll be glad to know that the Bad Girls Bible has an entire sex positions section with detailed photographs that will teach you everything you need to know about what sex positions you should be using with your man.

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