The recent media attention surrounding websites like Seeking Arrangement or Sugar Daddy For Me (which connects individuals for mutually beneficial ‘arrangements’) has sparked a great deal of interest in the lifestyle ofsugar babies. Loosely defined, a sugar baby is an individual who receives generous financial compensation from a wealthy and usually older man or woman in exchange for companionship.

For those interested in learning how to be a sugar baby, or for those interested in becoming a sugar baby, read on to discover more about the pros and cons of sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships along with some steps you’ll need to take to become a sugar baby.


The reasons cited for becoming a sugar baby are as varied as the individuals who decide to become one. However, one of the most often cited reasons is financial need.

For example, a 20-year-old student studying at the University of Georgia wrote an article for the university’s newspaper The Red and Black revealing her experiences and thoughts on becoming a sugar baby. She became a sugar baby because, after losing her college scholarship, she needed the finances to pay for her college education. The sugar baby, who was not identified by name in the article, admits that the most she’s received at a given time is $500 and that she still works two additional jobs.

For other sugar babies, like 26-year-old Rylee, the draw of sugar relationships is the opportunity to afford a luxurious lifestyle that may not otherwise be possible. Rylee, who discussed her lifestyle on the Dr. Phil Show, “dates older, wealthy men who shower her with gifts like cars, luxurious vacations, shopping excursions, and thousands of dollars a month in cash.”

Another commonly cited factor that plays into the decision is a recent, painful breakup. Emma, who shared her story with Cosmopolitan Magazine, became a sugar baby after breaking up with “a cheating live-in boyfriend who left her heartbroken and in debt.” Cited in several other sugar baby interviews, bad breakups appear to be a strong catalyst, propelling young women to seek a new, exciting and perhaps more rewarding arrangement.


Critics of sugar relationships often compare these arrangements with prostitution. However, Brandon Wade, the Chief Executive Officer for Seeking Arrangement, told Cosmopolitan Magazine, “A prostitute’s transaction with a customer is linear and non-emotional, while a sugar daddy and baby relationship is more complex. Most resemble a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but with an added financial incentive.”

Despite Wade’s defense of sugar relationships, many outsiders view sugar babies as morally bankrupt, home-wrecking types. That’s why many sugar babies tend to conceal this part of their lifestyle from friends, family members, co-workers and other acquaintances, believing they may suffer hostility and judgment.


For those wondering exactly how to be a sugar baby, getting started requires you to take just a few practical steps. Following, then, are things you should do to become a sugar baby.


Sugar relationships are a form of legitimate relationship, but as it is at the onset of most relationships, physical attraction is critical. Maintaining your appearance — hair, nails, makeup, clothing, etc. — is important to first catch the attention of a wealthy and generous partner. While some women will want to go the extra mile (with breast augmentations and other surgical enhancements), that’s not always necessary. What is, however, always important is looking your absolute best.


Although Seeking Arrangement may be the best known sugar relationship site, there are plenty of other, similar websites which facilitate sugar relationships. Just type in “find a sugar daddy” into Google and you will find a plethora of sites.

Once you join a site, you will complete a member profile, complete with a flattering picture of yourself, and an interesting profile message. You should fill in information regarding the minimum amount you want to earn, so that you don’t accidentally end up with some guy who can’t really afford to be a sugar daddy. Once you’ve made a connection, you can go forward with negotiations about the monthly allowance, number of times you’ll meet each month, when and how you’ll be paid and the fringe benefits associated with the arrangements (i.e., travel, living expenses, shopping, etc.).

When figuring out how to become a sugar baby, research multiple sites to find the ones that you feel most comfortable with. Once you’ve joined and completed your profile, though, be sure to remain active on the site, flirting with potential suitors. Remember, on these sites, you’ll want to be noticed, so being active and even actively contacting potential sugar daddies will help.

Talking about sex at the early stages on these sites is probably not a good thing.


When you want to fish, you’d head to the lake or ocean, right? Well, the concept is the same when figuring out how to be a sugar baby.

One of the best places to find a sugar daddy (or sugar mama), offline, is at a hotel bar, especially at a trendy, upscale bar in your area. But mixers and events aimed at the affluent are also good places to attract the type of arrangement you’re seeking. Depending upon where you live, there are evend sugar daddy conventions hosted by various organizations at certain times of the year (these conventions usually happen in large, metropolitan areas).

Don’t forget to bring you flirting game when you go to these places.


While many sugar babies remain understandably private about this part of their lives, if you decide to become a sugar baby, taking the necessary to precautions to ensure your safety is important. Each time you’re meeting with your sugar daddy, be sure to let at least one other person know that you’re going on a date, with whom you’ll be meeting, and the agreed upon time when you’ll call.


Becoming a sugar baby certainly has a number of attractive perks, but there are also some associated pitfalls you should be aware of, especially if you’re in the midst of making a decision on whether or not to become a sugar baby.

First, the pros. Although seldom discussed, not all sugar babies are automatically involved intimately with their sugar daddies. There are opportunities to negotiate the type of interaction you’ll have upon meeting, and a chance for the sugar baby to define what she will or will not do. Some sugar babies report being paid to have coffee, or to accompany their sugar daddy/mama to an event.

This way, if a more serious and more inclusive relationship develops, it has the chance to develop more naturally.

Now, the cons. Some sugar babies report that at certain stages of their relationship with a sugar daddy, they felt owned by them and not fully happy with the situation. It can also dramatically affect how you view relationships with the opposite sex. Sugar baby-sugar daddy type arrangements can lead you away from viewing relationships as something tied together by mutual love and instead view them as merely financial arrangements.

There’s also the issue commonly cited of dating someone you’re not intimately attracted to (from a physical standpoint). However, most successful sugar babies find that the perks outweigh this challenge. What’s also difficult for some – disconnecting emotionally, at least in the beginning. However, being successful in this arena often requires emotional detachment from the beginning.

In conclusion, becoming a sugar baby is quite straightforward, and is almost always based on one thing…financial need. So if you are in financial distress and can remain emotionally detached from the whole situation, you’ll find it very easy to be a sugar baby.

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