While we here at the Princess Fantasy are known as experts in teaching women how to give incredible blowjobs, today I want to show you something entirely different…

Almost all people have a range of fantasies. A very common fantasy that both men and women have is breastfeeding. Whether that is a wife breastfeeding her husband or just a girlfriend breastfeeding her boyfriend. Most people who have tried it will tell you that it’s an incredibly intimate and fulfilling sexual act for both partners.

Breastfeeding your husband on a consistant basis is called an adult nursing relationship (ANR). However, before you can start breastfeeding your man, you need to talk to him about it first.


Part of the allure of breastfeeding for a lot of couples is the idea of a woman feeding and nourishing her man with her breast milk. However in order to lactate, you usually have to become pregnant first. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a supplement to start producing breast milk.


From talking to students, I have found that by far the easiest way to bring up breastfeeding with your partner is to simply tell him that you like it when he sucks and kisses your breasts. Foreplay usually involves fondling, caressing, kissing and sometimes sucking a girl’s breasts, so this is completely normal and natural to say to your boyfriend or husband. Then the next time you are in bed together, all you need to do is just ask him to kiss and suck your breasts

When he is doing it, you can ask him to concentrate around the nipple and areola with his suckling. Alternatively, you can just use your hands to bring your nipple down to his mouth or to bring his head to your nipple. It’s that easy.

As he is suckling on your nipples, make sure to tell him how good it feels. Telling your man about what a good job he is doing is a great way to massage his ego, which will in turn help him to enjoy suckling your breasts even more.

And that’s all there is to it. Many men really enjoy sucking their girl’s tits. However they are often afraid to admit it to their partner or bring it up because they think it sounds childish or ‘not manly’. Like many fetishes and kinks I discuss in the Princess Fantasy, it’s perfectly normal.


If you are still a little hesitant to talk to your man about breastfeeding him, there is another way to make him open to the idea. All you have to do is to fulfill one of his fantasies (it’s especially good if it’s a fantasy that he’s a little embarrassed about). Then after you do his fantasy, tell him that you would like him to indulge one of yours. Then just use the advice above to make it happen.


  • Ashley can suck your tits

  • Guys, how does it feel emotionally for you to orally go after nipples? Physically-please be as specific as you can. How does it compare with kissing? Thanks.

  • I met a man online who was interested in sucking on my breast to help them enlarge and to prepare them for breastfeeding, after our first initial session my nipples and aerola’s were purple from continual sucking. But After a few more meet ups my breast became use to the sucking and didn’t feel sore anymore. Usually he would have me lay on my side and suck my boobs while he laid his head beside my chest. I’m smaller chested so when I lay on my side it makes me breast appear fuller so that he had more to hold onto. Our arrangement lasted a few times and since then my breast size has increased. I now have soft perky and firm full breasts. And have gone up a cup size. From a B to a small C. This man really worked on my breast and took his time sucking and massaging them. Taking the whole aerola into his mouth. He did it with a gentle technique but he also sucked deeply and latched on good. It definitely hurt the first time but I just had him keep going. I was on the smaller side then so I didn’t have a lot of breast tissue so when he was finished sucking my nipples were both hard and my chest ached. I didn’t notice a difference in my breast size until a lot later after I stopped seeing him. But he definitely helped to prepare my nipples for future breastfeeding. And I can now go longer periods of time with a partner sucking on them. Currently I don’t have a partner to suck my breast which is too bad. Since my breast have increased to a C cup. Their natural but have the round shape of an implant. But are soft and squeezable. Very perky even when braless.

  • sucking nipple is really nice especially with a small breast

  • Sarap magjakol putang ina!

    Bryan Bautista

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