How To Find & Stimulate The Male G Spot For Powerful Orgasms

When it comes to the G-spot, most experts focus on the female G-spot, which can be a source of intense pleasure, orgasms and even ejaculation. The “organ” isn’t limited to just the fairer sex, however! Men have their own version of the G-spot…and where is this male G spot??? It’s located in his anus, and it’s also known as the prostate. The male G spot can be just as fun to pleasure, and learning how to work it can bring you closer together!

Is It Really the Male G Spot?

You might wonder why some people consider the prostate to be the male G spot. There are a few reasons, including:

  • Stimulating these spots provides intense pleasure, both alone and when combined with other types of play!
  • Both can be stimulated by specialized sex toys. In fact, the same toys work for both the female and male G Spot!
  • The prostate can provide new types of orgasms like the female G spot does for some women. And multiple orgasms.
  • Exploring sensitive spots is a great way to learn more about yourself and your partner!

Why Stimulate the Male G Spot?

Stimulating your man’s G spot can cause him to instantly get a strong erection, perfect for turning him on fast. It can also create more intense pleasure if you’re stroking or sucking on his cock at the same time. For some men, male G spot stimulation leads to some of the strongest orgasms of their life, “often surpassing those obtained from penile stimulation” [1].

However, male G spot stimulation may not lead to orgasm, and it may even cause your man to lose his erection even though it feels fantastic! It all depends on your man’s preferences and physiology.

Psst, did you know that some doctors recommend massaging the male G spot to help with chronic inflammation [2]? It’s true! A study found that a combination of prostate massage and antibiotics “was effective in a proportion of men with longstanding chronic prostatitis” [3].

And if his prostate develops cancer, it can cause erectile dysfunction and both the disease and treatments can lead to psychiatric disorders [4].

So if he wants to stay healthy, then he should start thinking about massaging his male G Spot.

Not Into the Idea?

We’ve already listed some great reasons to dive into exploring the male G spot. However, some people are reluctant to explore male G Spot orgasms.

Why is that?

First, some people might mistakenly think that any sort of anal play is gay. However, this is rooted in a misunderstanding. While some gay guys do incorporate anal play into their experience, the activity itself says nothing about your sexuality. The only way to be gay is to be attracted to people of the same sex.

Plus, how can anything that happens between partners of differing sexes “be gay?”

However, there’s another reason why some people might hesitate when it comes to hitting the male G Spot: they’re worried it’s dirty. It’s true that the prostate is located within the anus, the same place where fecal matter exits the body.

Like any anal play, there is risk of coming into contact with poo.  But there are a few ways you can avoid that including:

  • Avoiding play when GI issues may arrive
  • Preparing his body for male G Spot orgasm, which we’ll get to shortly
  • Using a condom over toys or glove on your hand, and
  • Stimulating his G Spot from the outside.

So there’s no reason not to explore male G Spot stimulation.

Of course, if you’re going to try any sort of backdoor play, it’s difficult to avoid poo entirely. The mature thing to do is take it in stride. You can always wash your hands or toy afterward. And you don’t want your partner to feel bad about something that’s natural or cannot be entirely controlled.

Finally, he may be into the idea if he can explore the male G spot on his own before jumping into partnered play. There are many toys that you’ll learn about in the technique section

If you both can open your minds and respond maturely, there’s a lot of fun to be had when you find his G Spot!

How to Prepare Before Stimulating His G Spot

how to make a guy cum from anal

A little bit of prep can make your forray into male G Spot orgasm more pleasurable. First, you’ll want to gather your supplies. At the very least, this means lube. However, you might also want to grab:

  • A harness and sex toy or just a sex toy
  • A condom to place over the toy
  • Glove

Your Nails – If your nails are long or jagged, consider clipping them short and filing them smooth. Alternatively, you can wear gloves with cotton balls in the fingers to prevent hurting your partner when massaging his G spot. You can apply the condom or glove beforehand or while with your partner.

The same goes for a toy and harness. He may find it super sexy if you put it on in front of him or if you walk into the room wearing “your” cock!

Get Him Squeky Clean – When it comes to what your partner can do to prepare, there are a few options but all of them have the same goal: for him to feel comfortable as you try to find and stimulate his G spot. At the very least, he’ll probably want to shower beforehand. If he wants to go the extra mile, he can use an anal douche with room-temperature water.  The most intensive prep method is using an enema, but it’s usually not necessary.

Hair can be an issue because it can get caught on toys and may make it harder to cleanse properly, so he may consider shaving. However, it can be tricky to do and lead to chafing and discomfort, especially as the hair grows back.  Alternatively, he can consider trimming or even waxing. A Brazilian wax removes hair from the buttcrack, and there are even professionals who offer the service to ensure it’s done right.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t attempt to find his G spot on a day when his GI system is upset. No one wants to deal with that mess.

You can find in-depth information about getting ready for anal play here.

Does Insertion Have to Hurt?

Before we get to the techniques for finding and massaging the male G spot, let’s discuss the first few moments. If you’ve experimented with anal play before, you may be familiar with the discomfort that can happen upon insertion.

For many people, this discomfort can be minimized or even completely prevented by following a few guidelines. There shouldn’t be any extreme pain (or bleeding) if you’re doing it right, and any discomfort should give way to pleasure sooner rather than later.

Here are a few tips to ensure the maximum pleasure potential of male G spot play, especially if it involves penetration.

  • Make sure he’s fully relaxed. Tension can make penetration more difficult and painful. Being aroused, and anal foreplay (mentioned in the male G Spot techniques section below) can increase relaxation. Some people like a glass of wine, but he definitely needs to be sober enough to communicate, control his bowels, and notice pain.
  • It’s smart to use lube because the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. Learn more about lube. You can apply lube to his body or the toy/your fingers, or both–whichever feels the best.
  • Go slowly when inserting anything. There may be resistance when passing the external anal sphincter, one of two rings of muscles that keeps the anal canal constricted (i.e. closed) when not in use [5]. Although it sounds counterintuitive, he can bear down to allow insertion. Once inside, it’s smart to stay in position for a moment to let your partner get used to the sensation.
  • When he’s ready, you can explore with rubbing and thrusting.
  • Check in with your partner. It can even be a form of dirty talk as you ask him what feels good, what he likes, or what he wants you to do. This is important even if you’re just stimulating his prostate externally.

Avoid numbing products – These prevent him from feeling pain and knowing when something is wrong!

From there, you keep doing what feels good as long as it feels good–hopefully until you make him orgasm from anal play. You’ll learn exactly how to do that in the next section which is all about the techniques for male G spot orgasm…

Techniques for Male G Spot Stimulation

can a man cum from anal

With the following techniques, you can provide your partner with intense pleasure when you stimulate his G spot.

Anal Foreplay

There’s no reason for you to jump straight to penetration. In fact, foreplay is important because it can help to make your man cum from anal as he’ll be more aroused and relaxed. You can start by massaging his cheeks and entrance to his ass to aid relaxation and prepare him for male G spot play. Press against his opening or insert your finger–but only slightly!

You can also kiss or lick, perhaps starting with his penis or testicles and making your way to his butt and anus.

If you tease him right, he may practically beg you to stimulate his male G spot!


Fingers are ideal for stimulating the male G spot. Start by inserting one into his anus and locating his prostate. It’s important not to poke at the male G spot, which can feel uncomfortable but to massage it with the meaty part or pad of your finger. Try a milking movement. Your man’s G-spot can typically handle a bit of pressure, but you should absolutely get feedback from your partner to ensure you’re not applying too much or too little pressure.

Your partner may like tapping or thumping. Experiment with constant and rhythmic pressure to see what he likes best.


If you have shorter fingers, you may not be able to stimulate your man’s G spot, but that’s okay. You can avoid directly getting your hands dirty by using a variety of toys. Before you go any further, however, note that you should never insert any toy anally without a flared base or a handle to prevent it from becoming lost in the rectum!

  • Butt plugs  might not be enough to stimulate the P-spot without a curve or angle, but they’re worth trying anyway!
  • Prostate toys – typically have a handle so you can easily rock the toy against the male G spot . They might also have an arm that remains outside the body to stimulate the prostate and perineum externally from the other angle. Many companies make toys that are designed to provide the firm stimulation that the prostate responds well to. Some of these toys can even be used while you have sex with your man!
  • Vibrating toys – each man’s preferences vary, and vibration may add to the sensation for your man or he may simply prefer pressure.
  • G-spot toys – can often be adapted for stimulating your guy’s G spot. Both toys are angled, and as long as a G-spot toy can be sterilized – if you’re sharing it – and has a handle to ensure it can’t slip into the anus where it can’t be retrieved, it will make a great option to stimulate your man’s G spot.
  • Dildos – come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that he’ll like!
  • Anal beads – can be used by anyone but might help stimulate his G spot. Learn more about anal beads.

Remember that rigid toys (hard plastic, metal, glass, etc.) will feel even more intense than those made from softer material. Larger toys can also increase stimulation of the male G spot even if they’re not curved to stimulate the prostate.

It may help to start with fingers or a toy smaller than the one you plan to penetrate with, especially if it’s his very first time with anal stimulation.

Go slowly. When using a toy, you won’t have the same feedback as you do when using your fingers. You can always thrust deeper or increase the pace.


where is the male g spot

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention pegging, the act of penetrating your male partner with a strap-on. Pegging requires a dildo and a harness. You can sometimes purchase them together, but it’s also possible to purchase a harness and dildo separately or use multiple dildos with your harness.

Any dildo with a G-spot angle or curve will work amazingly for prostate stimulation and making finding a man’s G spot easier. Plus, being able to use your weight can help provide firm stimulation to your his G spot.

Male G Spot Play and BDSM

Once you know how to make a guy cum from anal, you might want to think about more than just the mechanics. It’s common for pegging and other methods of stimulating his G spot to make you feel powerful and dominant and to make guys feel more submissive than ever. If you’re interested in power play, check out these ideas to dominate your man.

You can have him suck “your” cock or experiment with degradation if that’s up your alley. You might even try it with sissification, where the man dresses and acts feminine.  Plus, if you’re focusing on his butt, you can also spank him or use a different impact play toy.

Remember, that female domination doesn’t have to be extreme.

Even if you don’t incorporate BDSM, you might enjoy roleplaying with your man in the bedroom as you explore his G spot.

External Male G Spot Stimulation

Pressing against the perineum, the space between the anus and balls that’s also known as the taint, allows for access to the prostate from outside the body [6]. You may have to press quite hard to reach the male G spot from this angle, but it can a subtle way to introduce male G spot play if your lover is a little reluctant.

Try using your knuckle or a vibrator to press against this sensitive spot during a blow job, 69, while giving a hand job, or other sexual activity.


Generally, the best positions for hitting the male G spot are the same as those you might use for anal sex, spanking, and other butt-centric activities. However, you can also stimulate his G spot while giving him a blow job if you reach around or under his body, and it may be possible while having penetrative sex. There are even positions where you can penetrate him when he’s on his back!

Orgasms From Male G Spot Play

You may have noticed that we’ve recommended adding male G spot play to other sexual activities. However, that’s not a requirement. Many guys can cum from male G spot stimulation alone, especially if you try one of the specialty toys mentioned above!

If you don’t combine male G spot play with other activities, he may go soft or shift between hard and soft. He may even feel like he needs to use the bathroom [6]. This doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying it, however!

Furthermore, the orgasm he has when you stimulate his G spot alone may lead to another type of orgasm–the “dry” orgasm where he doesn’t ejaculate [7]. Rest assured that many people find this type of orgasm incredibly pleasurable.

Plus, some men report having multiple orgasms from prostate massage using toys, but no “no scientific study has investigated how effective” these toys are at giving guys multiple orgasms. [8] Still, for those who have had this experience, it may be that they don’t have to wait for the refractory period, the time required for him to have another erection and orgasm. This can take a few days for some guys; although, it’s generally shorter for younger men [9]!

Your Mileage Will Varycan a man cum from anal

The advice in this guide to male G spot orgasms may lead you directly to your destination. Or you may need to experiment a bit to perfect your male G spot stimulation techniques. For some people, male G spot orgasm just isn’t easy — or even possible. And different factors can make it easier or harder from one day to the next. But it can still be tons of fun to explore!

Many men are curious about playing with the male G spot, which can be beneficial to their health, but often they’re not quite sure how to approach the subject. If your man suggests it, try to have an open mind because there are plenty of benefits. If you’re the one who wants to add something new to the bedroom, knowing where his G Spot is and stimulating it might be the trick, but understand if he wants to take things slow or isn’t into the idea at all.

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