How To French Kiss With Intense Passion

french kissing tutorialKisses are like snowflakes- no two are the same. You can kiss a different person every day, or the same person every day and it will always be a unique feeling. It can be soft and gentle, or rough and hungry, but each French kiss speaks its own language as you communicate with your partner without words.

French kissing is also a powerful way to be intimate during sex. Often, you can predict how a partner makes love from the way they kiss. If kisses are short, lack passion and are one-sided, then you may need to run in the other direction! On the other hand, or should I say the other lip, if French kisses are slow and gentle in a way that teases your man, he may want to stay forever – or at least stay the night.

The same way in which you are seeking the perfect kissee, you probably want to be a darn good kisser too, so learning how to kiss well can be really beneficial to both you and your partner. If kissing is not already a part of how you seduce a man, consider adding it to your repertoire. And if your French kissing sessions are limited, then some of these simple French kissing tips help you indulge all of your senses and awaken the passion in you and your partner.

Sight & Sound

An important thing to keep in mind when kissing a guy is to maintain the eye contact only until your lips meet. Then throughout the kiss, keep your eyes shut and try to focus only on the sensation of French kissing your man.

You’ll also notice that it’s actually much easier to just keep your eyes closed while kissing him.

When you kiss, you may find yourself wanting to release sounds of pleasure during the act. If you are enjoying the kiss, small moans, or little sighs are perfect as they will both encourage your man and let him know that you are enjoying him.


tongue kissing tips

Do you remember your first French kiss when you weren’t sure how to breathe? Maybe you held your breath and almost passed out? Or, maybe you exhaled through your mouth and forced air down your partner’s throat! Once you learn how to French kiss and breathe, things will get a lot, lot easier.

Try to time your inhales and exhales with his. Close the back of your throat and only breathe in and out through your nose.

The sense of smell also includes the smell of your breath. If you anticipate an evening of kissing, enjoy an after-dinner mint or use a breath spray so you do not offend your date. We also have more advice on how to smell good for your partner.

The smell of perfume, cologne and after-shave also affects a kiss. If you do not enjoy the smell of lemon grass and your man has wiped it all over his beard, you may pull back from kissing him. The same is true of your perfume, so be mindful of your choices. It’s always best to start out with a light scent and use it sparingly if you‘re kissing someone new.


The sense of smell and taste are very close to each other when French kissing. You do not want to taste your partner’s salami sandwich when enjoying a moment of intimacy. Make sure your teeth are clean and free of food residue. You can chew gum after a meal, but remove it before you begin kissing. A French kissing tip to eliminate many odors is to brush or floss your teeth.

The proper amount of spit falls under the taste category. Your kisses should contain some saliva so you can easily slide your tongues and lips together. However, too much spit can feel as if you are drowning in a swimming pool of saliva.

When considering how to French kiss effectively, keep in mind how much spit is pooling in your mouth and during the closed-mouth kisses, quickly swallow any excess. However, if you want to give a good blow job, then the more saliva, the better if will feel.


how to french kiss

The best part of French kissing is when your lips touch in the perfect combination of gentle, but firm pressure. Begin with small closed-lip kisses as you feel each line in your partner’s full lips. Then slowly part your lips and enjoy a few open-mouthed kisses without your tongues touching.

Ease into the kiss and bring your tongue forward to meet his- he most likely will meet you in your mouth with his tongue. Move your tongue slowly up and down, side to side or swirl it around as if licking a lollipop. Try to avoid thrusting your tongue aggressively (you’re not digging for oil after all!) but you can move your tongue in and out gently while massaging his tongue. This works as a powerful foreplay technique for making your man hard.

It’s also a good idea to alternate tongue kisses with closed-mouth kisses. Change the intensity of each kiss from slow and gentle to deep and breathtaking. Lick his lips or briefly suck on each other tongues for variety.

You’ll find it most comfortable to tilt your head in one direction, but try to alternate the head tilts for a different feel and perspective. Touch your partner with your hands too, instead of only with your lips. Hold hands, or hug, or place your hands on his face or neck to increase the intimacy.

Change the intensity of the kiss to match your mood. If you are in a relaxed, unhurried mood, kiss slowly and gently and make it last. If you are overcome with sexual desire and want to progress the kiss, increase the intensity and the depth of your French kiss to silently communicate with your lover.

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