From his dazzling smile to his witty sense of humor, he’s definitely on your radar. You’re already picking out outfits for your first date, dreaming of your first kiss and fantasizing about how hot the sex is going to be. But, before you jump too far ahead, you have to get him to notice you.

Option number one is to put on your tightest top and shortest skirt, flirt obnoxiously and stalk him everywhere he goes. That’ll probably get a guy to notice you, but not in the way you’re hoping. At best it’ll end with sleeping together and never hearing from him again and at worst you end up with a restraining order.

Instead of going the over-the-top route, try option number two. A handful of subtle strategies can showcase your unique personality and best features, getting him to notice you in a good light without all the drama and game playing.


Trying to get a guy to notice you can be nerve wracking. It’s natural to feel a little nervous, but try not to let it show. Strong, confident women may get more attention than fidgety, timid types. Look at it from his perspective. Who would you rather be with, the woman who is self assured and poised or the one who is too shy to speak?

Even if you don’t feel bold and brave, fake it. Steady yourself with a deep breath, keep your head up, and go for it. Your might be playing pretend at first, but once you start to draw his attention, real confidence may set in.


Chance encounters can be a great way to get a guy to notice you, even if you have to secretly stage a random bumping-in-to-each-other. If you already have a big crush, you probably know his favorite spots, like the gym he works out at or the bar he watches the games at. This is something I talk about in this article on getting a boyfriend.

You can also use social media to your advantage here. If he also posts pics of his morning mocha or checks in at his lunchtime smoothie place, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it out as well. Just remember, less is more. If you’re showing up every time he parks his car, you’ll just appear creepy instead of interesting.


Your personality might make him stay, but your appearance is probably what will turn his head initially.

Take extra care to look hot any time you might cross paths with him. But, feel free to leave those skimpy outfits in your closet. To get the right kind of attention, aim for a sophisticated, stylish, pulled together look. Choose flattering clothes in your best colors and keep your makeup and hair simple but beautiful.

Don’t think you need to be some boring old cookie cutter either. Your unique features, like your kinky hair or your quirky fashion choice, may be the trick to getting him to notice you.


Holding his gaze for a few beats can create an intense moment of connection. But, be discreet. There’s no need to stare him down from across the room waiting for him to feel your eyes on him and look your way. Instead, lock eyes for a few quick seconds, then break the gaze and refrain form looking his way for a little while.


Blank canvases are pretty boring. Rather than being bland, waiting for him to add some spice to your life, be interesting and intelligent on your own. Know what your passions, interests and hobbies are and talk about them enthusiastically.

Once he strikes up a conversation, he’ll likely be expecting to hear about you and the things you care about. If all you can do is shrug your shoulders and redirect it back at him, you probably won’t keep his attention. Even if you hate talking about yourself, skip the wallflower act and show off what makes you special.


Just as you should have your own interests and hobbies, he should too. Whether he roots for a football team, volunteers at the local animal shelter or goes hiking every weekend, give it a shot.Trying out one of his hobbies will give the two of you common ground and a natural conversation topic, plus he’s sure to notice the effort you made to get to know him. Bonus points for asking for his help or advice. Most guys like their ego stroked, so he’ll probably leap at the chance to teach you about something he’s an expert at. Plus, it may give him an easy way to ask you out. 


Positive, happy people usually get more attention than grumps and sourpusses. After all, do you want to spend time with a sour person who always looks unhappy?


Try not to only save your smiles for just face-to-face time. If your efforts in getting him to notice you are paying off, he may be sneaking peaks at you. So, keep the grin going even when you think he’s out of range. No need to plaster on a crazy Joker-style grin. Just be relaxed with a pleasant, approachable look on your face. Happy faces don’t come naturally to everyone; so feel free to practice in the mirror at home.


Putting together an after-work happy hour, a dinner party or a beach day gives you an excuse to be in the same place at the same time. Plus, it lets you show off your interests and lets him see you having fun and interacting with friends. As an added bonus, you’ll be the center of attention as the go-to girl for details and RSVPs, making it almost too easy for him to notice you and strike up a conversation.


Getting him to notice you may actually be more about getting in good with his friends. Not only will it give you extra insight into him, he’s sure to notice the new girl in his social circle.

Plus, if his friends are mentioning you, his ears will probably perk up in curiosity. Guys often like girls who can hang with the boys, so seeing you in that setting may peak his interest. But be careful. You want him to see you as a tempting, interesting woman, not one of the guys. And your certainly don’t want to get trapped in the friend zone.


When trying to figure out how to get a guy to notice you, be sure to use body language that draws in him instead of closing him out. Start with the tried-and-true body language advice.

Uncross your arms, stand tall, and keep your eyes off the floor. But, body language is a little more than that, especially when you are trying to get a guy to notice you. Using hand gestures when you speak may make you appear more charismatic and animated.

Rather than flailing your arms about wildly, make gentle gestures and softly touch the person you are speaking to in order to appear open and agreeable. If you are trying to garner his attention in a crowed room, make sure he has an opening to approach you.

So instead of huddling in a circle with a flock of gal pals, stand side by side with one or two others. This arrangement may help you stand out, and he will be able to see and access you better. 


Turn his head by enjoying yourself, wherever you are. If you are fidgeting, glancing nervously around the room, frowning or smirking, you’ll probably come across as if you would rather be anywhere else. Instead, make the most of every moment by laughing, making jokes, smiling and appearing relaxed. If you’re clearly having a good time, he may be able to see himself having fun with you.

Plus, you won’t look like you are angling for attention if you are reveling in the moment. Keep it natural and real though. Laughing too boisterously at jokes that aren’t funny or getting overly excited about mundane activities may out you as a faker.


You don’t want to resort to outrageous, overly obvious moves, but a little subtle flirting never hurt anyone. Keep things light and fun by being playful, complimenting him, casually tossing your hair and whispering in his ear if it’s appropriate as I teach . Flirt just enough to show that you are interested without being obnoxious.


Sincerity is the name of the game when figuring out how to get a guy to notice you. While molding yourself into his ideal girl may capture his attention initially, if you’re acting completely different to who you truly are, then he’ll probably see through the shenanigans and look elsewhere for a girl that is more comfortable with herself.

Getting a guy to notice you means putting your best features and most appealing attributes out there and creating opportunities for him to notice them. But, if what you put out there isn’t real, it’s all a waste. So, he’ll be probably be more likely to notice the real deal while a faux may blend into the background.

Getting him to notice you and attracting him isn’t all that complicated or hard to do. But, attention isn’t the same as attraction. Wild over-the-top antics, weird behaviors and stalker tactics will get him thinking about you, but they probably won’t be positive thoughts.

Since the goal is to get him to ask you out, not laugh about you and avoid you, try a more subtle approach to get a guy to notice you. It may take more effort, but in the end, the attention you get will be the kind you want.

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