How To Get Rid Of Sexual Anxiety Once And For All

how to get over performance anxiety

Getting rid of sexual anxiety is crucial if you want to enjoy your sex life to the fullest extent.

That’s actually what the Princess Fantasy is all about! Having the best sex possible (both for you and for your man).

If you are not feeling fully sexually confident with yourself and around your partner, then this article will help to alleviate some of that anxiety/stress you are feeling.

Overnight Change?

Before reading on, you need to recognise that becoming sexually confident and reducing your sexual anxiety to zero takes time. It’s not an overnight process. Don’t believe any people who say it is.

Like Learning To Drive

sexual performance anxiety

Think of it like learning to drive.

At first you are worried about your position on the road. Are you driving too fast or too slow? Are you checking your mirror enough? Are your hands on the right place on the steering wheel?

Once you get your licence and are confident behind the wheel, you stop caring about these things. Eventually you reach a point where you are doing everything on autopilot and are only thinking about your destination.

The process of learning to drive is exactly the same process you go through when you are gaining sexual confidence and eliminating sexual anxiety.

You might start off worrying about all sorts of things:

  • Am I doing it right?
  • Am I going too fast/too slow?
  • Should I talk dirty or not talk at all?
  • Should I be a bit more assertive?
  • Should I be less assertive and let him take control?
  • Should I have made foreplay last longer?

Once you gain experience, you won’t have these questions anymore. You’ll simply be enjoying yourself and will know when to focus your attention on your man and when to relax and let him focus his attention on you. If you want a quick start guide on getting confident, especially when it comes to talking dirty to your man to build sexual tension and turn him on then you will learn a lot from this powerful dirty talking tutorial video I created.

Putting It Into Practice

Ok Sean, I think I get it. I need to gain experience to reduce my sexual anxiety. What’s the best way to gain sex experience? Are you saying that I should sleep around a lot?

Sleeping around is not the best way to gain sexual confidence.

A much better way is to find someone that you like, but more importantly someone you are comfortable around. In other words, someone that makes you feel good when you are around them.

As you start getting intimate with him, you should begin experimenting pretty much straight away:

Still Feeling Anxious?

how to get rid of sexual anxiety

Even though you may feel comfortable around your man outside of the bedroom, you may still be feeling nervous or worried about what your man is thinking inside the bedroom, but the truth is that he is just as worried about what you think of him (trust me, I am a guy writing this after all).

The only way to overcome this anxiety is to just forge ahead and try new things even if you are feeling nervous. You’ll notice that if you try a new sex technique, even if it doesn’t go very well, nothing bad actually happens.

In fact, the most likely outcome is that your man will still enjoy it and appreciate the fact that you are interested in trying new things.

After experimenting with your man only a few times, you will notice that you are more sexually confident and less sexually anxious.

The more you experiment, the more confidence you’ll get.

It really is that simple.

*Note: If you have experienced a traumatic event in the past that you feel has led to your sexual anxiety, it important to get the help and advice from a trained medical professional.

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