Face it, sex just isn’t as much fun unless you’re wet. In fact, sex can be downright uncomfortable or can even hurt if you’re not wet down there.

If you have trouble getting wet, you’re not alone. This happens to some women. The good news is that there are a number of different remedies for getting wet.


If your man thinks that having foreplay is only something he needs to do to you so that the real sex can begin, it won’t be as much fun for either of you. Once both of you consider foreplay as having sex, not just the intercourse part being sex, you’ll both discover that you’re both having much better orgasms.

When you extend foreplay, it gives you a chance to become more aroused and wet. And that increases the chance of you not only having an orgasm but having a great one.

Here’s some foreplay moves for how to get wet that you should try:

  • Kissing using your tongue:this leads to a deep connection and puts both of you in a better mood. Your tongue doesn’t need to go only in his mouth. Try tracing the outline of his lips with your tongue. The thin corners are especially sensitive.
  • Caressing:touching each other all over the body is important to increase your arousal level. Giving each other a full body massage is one good way. What’s important is that your man caress other body parts before he goes for the breasts and clitoris. He can touch your ears, the back of your neck, your abdomen, the back of your legs and your lower back.
  • Touch, suck and lick:now you can move on to paying attention to each other’s genitals. You can take turns or do this at the same time.



If you have a secret sexual fantasy or a fetish that you need to act out to get you turned on, by all means, share it with your man. Here’s some favorites of many for how to get wet:

  • Bondage:If you and your man have never done this before start with taking turns blindfolding each other. After blindfolding him, you can lick, touch and even scratch different parts of his body. Next session, you can graduate to tying each other up or using handcuffs.
  • Voyeurism:Make him watch as you turn yourself on, or watch as he turns himself on.
  • Role-playing:Break out your inner actor and become the French maid to your rich client, the nurse to your patient, the homeowner welcoming in the repairman or the teacher instructing her student on what to do.


Mucous membranes that line your eyes, nose and mouth also line your vagina. All these areas need to be hydrated to function right and not dry out. If you find you are having difficulty getting wet, try drinking more water, about eight glasses a day. You might be dehydrated.

Hydration also makes it easier to squirt.


Is it allergy season? If so, you might be experiencing vaginal dryness. Certain allergy medications that dry up your sinuses can also dry you up down there. Medications that contain antihistamines and asthma medications can cause your whole body to experience a drying effect, including your vagina.


Some hygiene products such as feminine sprays and douches can cause vaginal dryness. Harsh soaps can also be a culprit. And chemicals in swimming pools, hot tubs and certain laundry detergents can dry out your vagina as well.


Learning how to make yourself wet is an important skill. Many women find that by reading erotica, they soon become wet. It’s similar to guys watching porn, but many women prefer the written word and using their imaginations.

Even if you haven’t read erotica before, you’ve probably heard of “50 Shades of Grey.” It became a mainstream hit for woman of all ages.

And there’s more out there than just that. Amazon has a large selection of erotic books, for example. Just read the reviews, and you’re sure to find something that will get you wet.

Reading instructional sex techniques is just the ticket for many women. Doing so can get you aroused while teaching you how to make yourself wet. You get a double benefit here.


If you still need some help getting wet, there’s always lube. Use it first on yourself while masturbating to see whether it does the trick. If so, bring it out when you’re with your guy. You can put some in your hands, rub them together and spread it over the tip of his penis and then all the way down the shaft. He can then use the lube on you. Reapply it before intercourse. You can put more on every time you start to feel dry or try silicone-based lubes for a longer-lasting effect.


If your vaginal dryness persists, consider talking with your doctor about it. Before you go in, make a list of what you’d like to discuss. You may feel embarrassed, but don’t be. Just tell your doctor your symptoms so he or she can help you determine the problem and how to treat it. They hear this sort of thing all the time.

Although men can be ready for sex at the drop of a hat, it sometimes takes some planning and effort for women to get wet and to even learn how to get wet. But it’s worth every minute of the extra time you take in learning how to make yourself wet because sex is so much more enjoyable for both you and your man when you are adequately lubricated.

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