Make sure to take care of your feet if you plan on giving your man a footjob. The last thing you want is to accidentally catch a nail down there! 

If you have a foot fetish, then you are going to want to know how to give your man a footjob. These step-by-step instructions will show you what you need to do in order to give your man a satisfying and fulfilling foot job everytime.


Before you get down to it, there are a few things that you are going to need to take care of. The first thing is making sure that your toenails are trimmed and filed down so that there is no risk of them accidentally catching or cutting the soft skin of his penis or testicles).

Next, make sure that your feet are clean and don’t have any strong odours. There is nothing worse when giving your man a foot job than for your feet to smell of toejam! So make sure to give them a good scrub beforehand. Once you are confident that your feet are clean, it’s time to start with some foot foreplay.


Foot foreplay is pretty easy. You can start by just slowly dragging your feet all over your man’s body and massaging him with them. You can do this while you are both lying down in bed. But you may find it more fun to take a dominant role and sit on a chair, while your man lies down on his back. Or you can sit on the bed, while your man stays lying down. Once your give him a few foot jobs, you will find the positions that you both really enjoy and are comfortable in.

While rubbing your feet over your man’s body, try gently putting some of your toes in his mouth so that he can suck on them. Then slowly drag them down his body towards his crotch. Then start rubbing his inner thighs with your feet, before slowly and carefully moving one or both of your feet towards his testicles. Very slowly and gently start to massage his balls with you feet. To do this just slowly press them and apply a tiny amount of pressure before releasing it and then applying some more pressure. You can also use your toes to ‘tickle’ them.

After a few minutes of foot foreplay, it’s time to start actually giving your man a footjob.


You can give your man a foot job with any part of your foot. But most find that it’s easiest when they use their soles (the bottom of their feet) as you can slightly bend your sole as well as your toes. So unless otherwise stated, use the sole of your foot when giving your man a foot job.

Start by using your sole to push your man’s penis against his stomach. Slowly rub it up and down along the underside of his cock so that you are rubbing his Corpus Spongiosum and frenulum. You can then run your toes over it and even open your toes and put his penis in between them.

After doing this for a while, use both of your feet to ‘grab’ his penis between both soles. You now need to start masturbating his penis like you would as if you were giving him a handjob. Just use a simple up and down motion. Don’t worry if his penis slips out of your grip. It’s going to happen as your feet probably haven’t done this kind of thing many times before. You can keep masturbating your man’s penis like this until he reaches orgasms and cums. That’s all there is to it.

If you find that your feet get tired quickly when giving him a foot job with the soles of your feet, then try switching to using other parts of your feet.

To help your feet easily slide up and down on your man’s penis, I highly recommend that you use some lube. It will also help your feet to feel softer for your man.


Those with a foot fetish may be very keen to wear shoes while giving there man a foot job. This is fine, provided your man is comfortable with it. The only problem with wearing shoes while giving your man a footjob is that you greatly increase the chances that you will accidentally hurt him.

And that’s how your give your man a footjob. I highly recommend that you do some of your own experimenting with your man to find out what positions and foot job techniques you both enjoy the most. You may find that he enjoys it even more when you are wearing tights while giving him a foot job.

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