How to Give a Happy Ending Massage Like the Pros

According to some reports, songstress Taylor Swift broke up with musician boyfriend Calvin Harris after he was seen leaving a massage parlor. Of course, plenty of people have gotten a massage that hasn’t ended their relationship, so why was this a big deal? Some reports state it was because Calvin wasn’t just receiving a PG rated massage – he was getting a happy ending massage.

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What Is a Happy Ending Massage?

It’s not something that most people are familiar with, even if it seems pretty common in tabloid gossip. A happy ending massage is a type of massage that ends with a hand job to get a man off – his happy ending. These type of professional massages originated in Asian countries such as Japan, and they’ve made their way to other countries.

However, happy ending massages are contentious and often illegal depending upon where you live, especially with places that have strict laws against sex work. In the United States, for example, Las Vegas is among the few places where a happy ending massage is legal, and a man could risk some serious trouble if he wants one. This can easily be avoided if you provide one for your man, of course!

The idea of a happy ending massage is one that makes many women feel uncomfortable. You may not even want your man to be touched by another person for any massage. And while a massage can definitely be appropriate, relaxation is quite conducive to being aroused. Read more about that here.

When we let go of inhibitions and tension, changes happen in our bodies. This includes an increase in blood flow. When this happens during our sleep, it often leads to the erections most commonly known as morning wood. More on that in this post. It only makes sense that similar relaxation during the day time could give your man a hard-on, just like you might feel more aroused when relaxed.

Plus, a happy ending massage offers all the same benefits of a regular massage. Knots are worked out of muscles, stress from work, school or home melts away, and sore bodies become whole once again. Touching your partner also releases bonding hormones, which is one reason why cuddling can increase intimacy.

Prepare for the Rub Down

You can dress sexy to turn your man on, or you can simply wear what’s comfortable because you’ll need to be able to manipulate your man’s body and move around him. Skip the heels if you’re a little clumsy in them. If you’re using a massage oil, you might not want to wear something that won’t become stained or ruined if the oil gets on it. Many pros wear casual clothes such as a button down t-shirt. Yoga or workout clothes also work well and show off your body!

The key to giving a good massage is to provide your man with what he needs. So encourage him to speak up about what he likes or doesn’t like. If he’s having a little trouble with this, the two of you could read this guide to sexual communication. Don’t be afraid to check in, either. Ask him whether something feels good or he likes it. Hey, you might just get better at your dirty talk through a happy ending massage!

Also pay attention to his non-verbal cues, including whether he sighs or moans, if his body tenses or if he moves away from you. Because a moan can be good or bad, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention. Consider blocking out other distractions such as the TV; although, some sexy background music like the songs in this list might help to set the mood.

There are also other ways to increase ambiance, including dimming the lights, lighting a scented candle or spraying air freshener. Clean sheets are always a plus, and having a few towels on hand will be useful. Consider popping them in the dryer beforehand so they’re fluffy and warm.

A massage candle can provide good smells, romantic lighting and work as an oil for the happy ending massage you’re giving your man. These candles melt at a low temperature, so they’ll puddle into a warm oil that can be poured and rubbed on the skin without hurting you or your man. Test the oil on yourself first if you’re worried about temperature. You can also move the candle further away from skin when pouring, so it has more time to cool as it pours.

You can also use a massage oil. They have those that warm or cool when you blow on them and flavored oils as well. Silicone based lube – more on that here – works well because it’s long lasting and doesn’t absorb into the skin; although, it doesn’t taste all that great!

Sensual and Happy Ending Massage Techniques

Now, you don’t need a professional to give a good happy ending massage. You just need to know a few techniques. Read through this advice in this post for giving a sensual massage and check out this guide to erotic massage to get started. Because you’re the one making your man feel so good, it will already be better than any massage he has to pay for – and it’s free to boot!

Occasionally brush your hand, hair or other body part against him in a sensual way. If he’s on his back, you can “accidentally” touch his penis or balls. When on his stomach, touch his inner thighs or butt. Breathe warmly against his skin. Don’t be afraid to make appreciate noises when you’re touching his body, too.

When you’re ready to get down to it, the culminating event of the happy ending massage is making your man cum through a hand job. This can be a little worrying if you don’t feel like this is your strong suit. However, you don’t need to worry! We’ve got a few tips to help you give a killer hand job that create the happy ending your man needs.

  • Instead of stroking back and forth, twist your hand as you pump it along his cock.
  • Alternate between hands if you feel one hand is becoming tired.
  • Use both hands at once. Start with one hand at the base of his penis and stroke upward. Before you reach the head of your man’s penis, place your other hand at the base and repeat the stroking motion, so one of your hands is always on his cock.
  • Don’t forget about his balls. Massage his testicles with one hand while you stroke him with the other. You can also try a tickling sensation with your fingers.
  • Use your own spit or massage oil for lubricant to keep things slippery and comfortable.
  • When stroking his shaft, move the skin up and down rather than just sliding your hand up and down. You can do this even if he’s circumcised.
  • With your thumb, massage the ridge at the bottom of his head, known as the frenulum. For most men, this is the most sensitive part of their penis.
  • Rub the palm of your hand over the head of his penis as you bring your hand up in the end of the stroke.

Happy ending massages may also provide ample opportunity to add prostate massage into the mix. You can stimulate your man’s prostate through his anus or perineum. Check out this information to learn more. Of course, you don’t need to penetrate. You can also massage his butt as part of your massage. After all, there are plenty of muscles there!

Vary the techniques to keep things interesting. As he approaches orgasm, his breathing will intensify. Why not give edging a try? With this activity, you bring him close to orgasm then back off or stop stimulation. Repeat this several times until allowing him a final and very intense orgasm. Note that edging may be more difficult for you to achieve if your man cums more easily.

If you want, you can stroke him to orgasm while using a condom to make cleanup a breeze. Or you could invite him to cum in your mouth, and you could swallow his ejaculate. Many men also find it incredibly arousing when they’re able to ejaculate onto their partner’s body. Whatever you’re comfortable with is good!

Not all men are able to orgasm from a hand job, however. This may be due to how he masturbates. Men typically use a lot of pressure and force, and this may not be something you’re good at. But with practice comes perfection. If you treat your man to a happy ending massage everyone once in a while, he’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be able to improve you skills, too!

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