how-to-give-head-spit-or-swallowYou can skip down this page to the 7 techniques for giving your man head and making him cum like a fountain by clicking here, or you can keep reading to learn about the important aspects of your man’s physiology which will help you give him extra orgasmic pleasure.


Men and women both have something in common that they never talk about…the top of his penis, the glans[1] is very similar to the exposed part of your clitoris, the clitoral glans [2]. This is most true when you or your man is close to orgasm. Here’s why:

As you get closer and closer to orgasm, your clitoris becomes increasingly sensitive, until you reach orgasm at which point your clitoris usually becomes too sensitive to touch. Then after orgasm, your clitoris will usually remain too sensitive to touch for a few minutes.

This time when your clitoris is too sensitive to touch is called the “refractory period,” and has been documented by researchers happening to 96% of women[3]. So if your husband has been rubbing your clit, bringing you to orgasm, you may have noticed how painful it is if he keeps vigorously rubbing it during and after orgasm. It’s pretty painful, and I’m guessing you pushed his hand away for a moment due to the sensitivity, right?

The funny thing is that the top of your man’s dick, his glans is similar to your clit. As he gets closer and closer to cumming, the tip of his penis gets increasingly sensitive. Then as he starts to orgasm it will become almost painful if you keep stimulating it heavily. If you do keep stimulating it intensely, then don’t be surprised if your man tries to stop you. Then after his orgasm he will enter a refractory period where his penis will remain supersensitive[4][5][6].

Understanding this is vital to bear in mind when giving head to your boyfriend. As he reaches orgasm, the top of his penis is naturally going to become hypersensitive. If you keep massaging and rubbing it vigorously, then you’re going to make him uncomfortable and ruin his orgasm.

Equally, if you take his cock out of your mouth and stop stimulating it altogether, you are also going to ruin his orgasm. He still needs a tiny amount of stimulation.

The Solution – As your man climaxes and starts to ejaculate slow everything right down to a snails pace so that you are only softly licking, kissing and caressing his penis with your tongue, lips and mouth. Slowing right down to a snail’s pace is the best way to guarantee that his orgasm is super powerful…and NOT painful.

With this in mind, let’s learn some other great techniques you can use to give your husband head and completely blow his mind.


blowjob-orgasmWhen your man starts ejaculating into your mouth, you may be wondering what you should do with his cum. There is no “right thing” to do, it’s all down to your personal preference. If you can’t stand the taste, then feel free to spit it out. But if you don’t mind it, then try swallowing it at least once to see if it’s something you enjoy.

Even if you don’t adore the taste, you may enjoy it as an erotic act. Many guys find it particularly erotic seeing their partner swallow their “seed”, and some guys even find it hot to watch you play with it using your fingers.

Another option is to already have something tasty in your mouth to mask the taste of his semen. I go into detail about this and list things you can use to mask the taste of his sperm in Chapter 3 here.

The main thing to remember is that as you’re the one giving him head, it’s your choice as to what you do with it. You’ll find more tips on swallowing his cum in Chapter 9 here.


eggplant-penis-blow-jobPerhaps you are repulsed at the thought of him ejaculating into your mouth. That’s no big deal. A great way to avoid this when giving him head is to finish him off with a hand job. As he reaches orgasm, simply take his penis out of your mouth and use your hands to finish him off. The Hand Job Guide has some great tips on giving him a killer hand job.

But if you don’t have time to read it, then here’s how you should finish him off with a handjob…

As you notice him getting closer to orgasm, take him out of your mouth(Click here to learn when your man is close to orgasm) and softly grab his shaft near the head of his penis. Then simply move your hand in a fast up and down motion, moving about one inch up and then 1 inch down, making sure that some of your fingers are wrapped around his shaft while the others are gently rubbing over the head of his penis.

You can give him extra pleasure, by using your free hand to cup and gently massage his balls while giving him a handjob. Alternatively, if he is particularly well endowed, then use two hands on his shaft.

As he gets closer and closer to orgasm, start stroking faster and faster until he climaxes. Once he starts cumming, loosen your grip until it’s almost featherlight and slow your stroking right down so that it’s very slow. Loosening your grip and slowing your stroking will give him maximum pleasure and minimum pain.


pearl-necklace-blow-jobA very sexy and hot alternative to letting your boyfriend finish in your mouth is to have him finish on your body. There are many different ways to do this.

Pearl Necklace – If you are on your knees while giving your man head, then a simple finishing move is to let him ejaculate and cum on your neck, giving you a “pearl necklace”.

Body Painting – Of course, there are far hotter parts of your body to have your man finish on. These include your breasts, back and butt. But these aren’t the only places he can finish on. If you happen to have a foot fetish, having him explode all over your feet and toes can be incredibly hot. The same goes if you have a fetish for any other body part.

Facials – Everyone knows about facials as they can be incredibly hot when giving your man head, but…everyone has their preferences. So if you don’t particularly like the idea of your man ejaculating all over your face, DON’T ever feel compelled to take a facial for him.

However, if you are neutral to it or even turned on by the thought of it, then definitely try it out at least once with your man. Thanks to porn, almost all guys are well aware of facials, and many are very turned on by the thought of it. It can be an incredibly submissive and intense experience.

Note: Be aware that his cum can sting and irritate your eyes, so when he is giving you a facial, make sure to close your eyes or grab hold of him so you can control where he ejaculates.


how-to-give-head-eye-contactI’ve already talked about making eye contact with your man during fellatio in Chapter 3 here and why it works so well. Making eye contact with him as he reaches orgasm can be an intensely intimate experience, especially when you consider the fact that men find oral sex more intimate than women do[7].

There is just something incredibly sensual, connecting and intense about staring deep into his eyes as he climaxes and starts cumming. You may find it to be slightly submissive being on your knees looking up at your man while you give him head. Or you may just enjoy the feeling of sexual power as you see him writhe in pleasure while you control him completely using only your mouth.


close-to-orgasm-hands-clenching“How the heck am I supposed to know when my man is going to cum?”

It’s surprisingly straightforward!

If you are giving your man a BJ but you don’t want him to finish in your mouth or you want to time it perfectly so that you can give him a facial or have him cum elsewhere on your body, then knowing when he is close to orgasm is vital.

Here’s how to tell he is about to climax:

  1. Start by listening to his breathing. You’ll notice that as he gets closer and closer to cumming, he’ll start breathing faster and taking shorter breaths.
  2. Additionally, his body will begin to tense up. So if you have a hand on either his stomach or thigh or even in his hand, you’ll feel it starting to tense up.
  3. Some guys start to get more vocal as they reach orgasm, but others remain quiet. It depends on your man.

You can probably notice that all these signs from his body are very similar to what your body does as it reaches orgasm.

Then once he begins to orgasm, his cock will start twitching as he ejaculates.


telephone-blow-job-headSomething that is often overlooked when giving him head and finishing him off is that you need to talk to him. Assuming that he likes this or hates that or is indifferent to something else is a bad attitude to have.

Like I said in Chapter 1 of the Blow Job Guide, great communication is vital if you want to have a great sex life. Keeping this in mind, it’s vital that you communicate your own desires to your man. If you don’t particularly like the idea of him cumming in your mouth or on your face or even on your body, then talk to him and let him know how you feel.

While I always encourage you to experiment and try new things (as long as it’s safe and legal), if you aren’t comfortable doing something, don’t ever feel compelled to do it.

Now that you’ve read the rest of the Bad Girls Bible Blow Job Guide, then you’ll know all the different aspects of giving great head, from building up to your blow job in Chapter 2 to what techniques to use to deliver maximum pleasure in Chapter 3. You’ll also have learned to all the ideas you can try to keep it exciting, varied and fun for your man in Chapter 8 whether you’ve been giving him oral sex for a few weeks or a few decades.

If you’d like to learn some advanced oral sex techniques, to make him never desire another woman again, then you should check out Chapter 5, where I will teach you the same techniques pornstars use.

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