Road head, the act of giving oral sex in a moving vehicle, is a common theme in porn videos. It’s risky and risque, and that’s exactly why so many people want to know how to give road head and whether it’s worth it!

If you’re at all worried about whether you should even be giving road head, it’s okay to abstain from this sexual activity. There are plenty of ways to get hot and heavy in a car without adding the dangerous element of sex while driving. And who wants a reluctant partner, anyway? Chances are, your man will prefer you being naughty when you’re confident and really into the moment, rather than just going along with an idea that doesn’t turn you on.

Still, the danger and the possibility of being seen — or even getting in trouble! — can cause an adrenaline rush and make the blood rush straight between your legs, so we’ve got plenty of tips to help you learn how to give road head.


1. Start by reaching over to your partner, running your hand up and down his thigh. Move your hand closer to his crotch, which should stimulate some activity!

2. As he grows aroused, rub his cock through his pants. When you can feel it straining the material, undo the button and zipper and remove his penis — carefully so as to avoid catching on the zipper.

3. Continue to stroke him as you lean over his lap. 

4. Explore his penis with your tongue and lips before wrapping your mouth around it and moving your head to suck the entire shaft.

5. Keep your head low to avoid detection as you drive. If you can tell your man is close to orgasm, ease up or pause for a minute. If he gets too close or even cums, he may lose control of the vehicle.


If the vehicle has an adjustable steering wheel, moving it upward gives more access as you learn how to give road head.

Parking while you give road head obviously makes it easier because you can adjust the seat and remove your seat belt. However, you can more easily give head in roomy vehicles like SUVs or vans than smaller cars. Add a racy element by unbuttoning your blouse a few buttons or completely removing your shirt. Your man will be able to feel the weight of your breasts on his lap.


Obviously, there’s an element of danger to road head, which is why so many people like it! But you could run over a curb, hit a sign or a car or, even worse, be part of a collision. A little sexual bliss isn’t nearly a good enough reason to risk your life or the life of a stranger. Because of this, we recommend knowing when your man — or you are — is coming close to orgasm to pull over or save the best for later.

Both men and women alike report that road head is uncomfortable more often than not. That’s why parking makes so much sense. Whoever is on the receiving end can angle their seat backwards or move it back for more room.If you try road head and you find that you don’t like it, you’re not alone. For many people, it’s a one-and-done type of thing. However, the excitement that comes from being naughty in public is what encourages most people to try road head at least once. You’ll often get stares from strangers in other cars that pass you, and some people might even cover their children’s eyes. 


In general, the answer is “No.” At least 13 states in the USA have banned road head (listed below). Most of these states have fines between $500 and $2,000, but the penalty in North Carolina and Mississippi is up to 10 years in jail!

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma Penalty
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia


Of course, laws can vary depending upon where you live, and a prosecutor might search for any law no matter how irrelevant or outdated it might seem to enact a penalty against you. In addition to laws specifically targeting road head, you have to worry about penalties for indecent exposure, causing car accidents or reckless driving. If you’re found guilty of sexual offenses, that could go on your record forever.

You can decrease the chances of getting caught by keeping your head low as soon as you bend over. Otherwise, you’re more likely to be seen.


Obviously, there’s more access between the steering wheel or dashboard and your partner if you’re just reaching out with your hand. Plus, you’re less likely to get caught if other drivers or cops can’t see your head moving up and down. If you’re the one who wants to get off, fingering also works better than your partner trying to lick your clit from the seat of the car.

Just because it might not be safe or comfortable to fully take your partner’s cock in your mouth while driving doesn’t mean there aren’t other alternatives. You can rub his penis and balls through his jeans so he’ll be ready for a romp as soon as you get home.

You can take a more coy approach and “accidentally” rub against his cock while placing your hand on his thigh. His mind will race as he wonders whether you meant to stimulate him or not! You can show him that it wasn’t an accident as soon as you can park or get indoors!

Of course, you can have full-blown sex in a parked car, but that probably requires a little more forethought than road head. But if you’ve got parents, roommates or kids at home, you might not have any other choice.

Once you’ve mastered how to give road head, you might find yourself surprising your lover with it whenever you’re on the road. Or perhaps you’ll move to the receiving end so you can enjoy oral or manual stimulation while behind the wheel of the car. Just be careful if this potentially-dangerous kind of sex is up your alley!

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