Everyone wants to have awesome sex with their man. That’s exactly why this site is created, to teach you how to have good sex that both you and him enjoy. I advise that you browse through the site and find specific techniques, tips and positions that you want to try with your man, but if you don’t have the time to do that, this quick start guide will get you up to speed.

Before reading any further though, please don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that there is one perfect sex position, technique or tip that you can use to blow your man’s mind every time you have sex. It’s a little more complicated than that.


If you just want the techniques, positions and tips, then skip this section, but if you are serious about building a great sex life, then read this part.

Having a great sex life is about 2 people having lots of fun. Not just you having fun or just him having fun. Both of you. This requires great communication, you need to constantly talk with your man about what you enjoy in bed and what you don’t like so much. And you need to listen to his desires too.

When you are both open with each other and both willing to explore each others fantasies, then you are not only going to have a good sex life, but you are also going to have a great relationship too.


Once you are on the same wavelength sexually as your man, then it’s time to start experimenting with different positions and techniques to see what you enjoy the most.

The Princess Fantasy has a whole library of every sex position imaginable, that you should check out to get some ideas. You’ll quickly find that certain positions will really feel great, while others won’t provide as much pleasure. The key is to keep trying new positions and variations with your man so that you build up a knowledge base of what works for both of you.

While learning new sex positions is certainly fun, it’s just as important to learn new techniques to try with your man. There are some techinques that are considered ‘normal’ like learning how to give him a good blow job or him learning how to give you great cunnilingus. Then there are other techniques that are a little more ‘out there’. These are techniques like breastfeeding your man or giving/receiving anilingus. Remember that the key is to keep an open mind and to at least try the things your man wants provided they aren’t dangerous or unsafe before deciding if you like them or not. It’s also important to encourage him to do the same for you and your sexual desires.


So different sex positions and techniques help for having better sex with your man. The one thing I haven’t mentioned yet though is indulging your fantasies with your man. Fantasy can be a massive turn on for you and your man. You may dream of being helpless and ‘taken’ by your man and him taking complete control of you. Or you may fantasise about the opposite, about you taking control of your man. Or it could be something completely different.

Again the key is talking to your man about these fantasies and getting him to talk to you about his to see if he is interested in playing them out in real life with you.


Variation is something that you must always keep in mind if you want to keep having good sex with your man. Using the same 1 or 2 positions or only ever giving him 1 type of blowjob or roleplaying the same fantasy over and over again is going to quickly bore your man and potentially lead him to stray and look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Instead you need to always try and inject some variation into your sex life. Obviously you should keep doing what works well for both of you, but at the same time, keep trying new things to see if they add to you overall sex life.

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