Whether your living situation prevents you from having steamy sex with your partner in the comfort of your own bed or you simply can’t wait to get home before your hands are on each other, you might find yourself having sex in a car.

Even if you’ve never experienced having car sex as a teenager like is so common on the Hollywood big screen, you might find that occasionally sneaking off to a secluded space where you can steam up your windows a la Titanic is just what the doctor ordered…even if you don’t necessarily need to.

It doesn’t cost anything to have sex in a car, which is one reason why people first hooking up in their teens do it rather than paying for an expensive hotel room or risk getting caught by their parents. If your schedule is busy, all you might have are a few moments to spare in the back seat of a car while there are screaming children at home. There’s also that wonderful thrill of knowing that you can get caught, too.


The best locations for having car sex are those that are slightly out of the way, where it’s unlikely that other people or cops will happen by your parked car as it’s rocking. You’ll want to stay away from parking lots because of this, but the right parking garage might be a better option (just make sure to turn off your car first to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning!).

It’s safer to have sex in your car at night so you won’t get caught; however, that might not be an option. A location surrounded by hills, trees or fences that block the view offer the best chance of you getting away with having sex in a car.

Of course, part of the appeal of having sex in a car is the fear – or hope – that other people might see you. In fact, an entire subculture has arisen around watching people have sex in a car. Known as “dogging,” this activity usually takes place at night, where multiple people will gather. Some couples have sex in their car while other people watch from outside.

Of course, the greater number of people and the more visible you are, the more likely you’ll be caught. If you are looking for more locations to have sex in besides just your car, then make sure to check out this guide on the best places to have sex.

Aside from location, you’ll want to take into consideration how to protect and clean your car. Hard plastic, metal and glass can easily be wiped down, but that’s not true for the fabric interior. If you have seat covers, you can simply remove them to launder. A towel or blanket kept within reach also protects your vehicle.

You might consider something like the Liberator Throe, a blanket made especially for lovers with multiple layers that protect surfaces underneath it. There are also upholstery cleaners with brushes built right into the bottle that makes cleaning a breeze.


Technically, it’s not illegal to have sex in a car. Most lovers who are arrested find themselves facing public indecency charges, which simply means they’re naked in public while having car sex.

This is why it’s so important so find a place that’s secluded. The ideal location should absolutely be far from any place where children might be, including schools and daycare facilities. If you’re caught exposing yourself to minors, you could face permanent labeling as a sex offender.

Remember that laws about how to have sex in a car vary by state. In Utah, police offers legally can’t knock on your window but must first honk their horn. In New Jersey, you can face jail time if you accidentally lay on the horn while getting frisky, while New Mexico residents can legally have sex in a vehicle if curtains are drawn…bizarre, right? This is good news if you drive a van with installed curtains!

Take time to research your local laws. Know what sort of fine or punishment you’re facing before you dive into car sex.


Obviously, a car isn’t as open and inviting as a bed when it comes to having sex. Space is limited both horizontally and vertically, and while one position may be comfortable for a petite couple, it’s not going to be nearly as easy for a man who stands over 6′ tall. Similarly, thinner people might be able to better maneuver in the confines of a vehicle while those who carry more weight will have difficulty comfortably having car sex.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just requires a little creativity to have sex in a car in a way that’s both comfortable and sexy. Here are just a few of our favorite positions.


Whether your partner sits in the front seat or the back, cowgirl is the easiest position in which to have sex while in a car. It’s best to be in the passenger seat while in front, but if you can move the seat further from the dash or recline the seat back, you’ll have more freedom to move.

One of the benefits of this pose is that you don’t even have to take off your clothes. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress that you can hike up to your hips, you can simply straddle your partner for some great car sex. For more on how to perform the cowgirl position, make sure to check out this demonstration.


Missionary-style sex is definitely more difficult in a car. It works best in the back seat and in older cars that are wider. It’s nearly impossible for your partner to rest both legs – or even knees – on the backseat. Instead, he can rest one knee on the floor of the car.

Kneeling also provides plenty of access if he wants to manually stimulate you. It’s tricky, but hey, that’s car sex for you. You can learn more about how to perform missionary position with your man from this guide.


Going down on a man in a car might be the easiest way how to have sex in a car. In fact, you can even do it while he’s driving; although, you should be careful as this can be dangerous.

Simply lean over from next to your partner and wrap your lips around his cock. It’s easy to add your hand to the mix, too, to give your mouth a break. You’ll learn more great tips for giving your man intense oral sex from this instructional video.


If your body shapes work, you can sit on his cock while he’s seated in a car. This leaves your breasts within reach, and you can control the depth and speed of your sex. If you can, try to position the mirrors inside and outside the car to give you a picture of what you’re doing to heighten the moment.

The sofa surprise position, demonstrated here is what it should look like when you are facing each other.

You can also try it while both facing in the same direction like in the backseat position, that you can learn more about here.


Depending on your height, your partner’s height and the space in your back seat, you might be able to engage in mutual oral sex, or 69ing. Rather than simply lying down, the person on top should bend their knees and arms to take up the least amount of space. For more tips on the 69 position, check out this guide and demonstration.


If the roof of your car is high enough, you might be able to achieve doggy style (read this guide on doggy style), especially if your partner leans down over you while he takes you from behind. This position is ideal because he has access to your breasts, and either of you can stimulate your clit.


If you’re considering how to have sex in your car, don’t forget that you can use a vehicle as a sex prop but you don’t have to be in it. For example, the bed of a truck can turn into an impromptu sex space if you toss in a few blankets.

If you have preparation time, an air mattress or futon can offer even more comfort. On a warm summer night, the bed of your truck can literally become the bed in which you and your partner sleep and have sex.

Furthermore, the trunk or hood of an appropriately-tall vehicle can become a great place for you to perch while facing your partner. You can wrap your legs around his standing body or he can lift them against his chest, which will also provide deeper penetration. Alternatively, this position provides better access for your partner to perform oral sex on you, which is must more difficult than inside the car.

If one of you sits sideways inside the car while the door is open, the other can perform oral while kneeling outside of the car.

When done right, car sex can be satisfying whether it’s a fetish or a necessity, but it’s not without its risks. If you’re careless, you could find yourself in handcuffs. Plan accordingly, and you might find a new favorite sexual activity in car sex.

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