Porn is full of shower sex scenes and who can forget that steamy scene in Showgirls, where the main character has wild sex with her man in a fancy pool? No matter where we look, it seems like we get signals that having sex in water is a “must” and that our lives will be incomplete without it.

There’s certainly some allure to having sex in water, be it your own tub, a pool or a hot tub, but there are also a lot of realities that make it unpleasant or uncomfortable. Of course, we don’t see those when we’re watching a hot scene from our favorite movie or porno – and that’s the point! Dramatic lighting, staged poses, cut scenes and awesome directing make sex in water seem like the hottest thing you can do with your man.

That’s why we wrote this article to help you decide whether you want to try sex in a pool or other body of water and to point you in the right direction if you do!


Although the idea of having sex in water might seem hot, it’s often neither as practical nor as fun as it seems. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Water actually removes lubricant: This is why we recommend using a silicone-based lube with your partner or toys in the shower. It’s much harder when you’re submerged in a tub or pool. Plus, all those chemicals can make things feel dry and uncomfortable, which doesn’t make for a good time for you at the very least.
  • Water and the chemicals and bacteria therein can wreak havoc on your vagina: The thrusting action of sex can introduce water into your vaginal canal, and while it might look clear, there are tons of germs in the water in a public pool or hot tub. This can lead to uncomfortable and even painful infections of the yeast or bacterial nature. Even if you don’t get an infection, you might still wind up feeling pretty uncomfortable when your vagina is full of water.
  • Water makes finding the right position hard: Unless you have some very secure stairs or levels built in, water creates a slippery situation that makes it hard to get a handhold. In the hunt for the best way to have sex in the shower or another body of water, people wind up using pool ladders, soap rests and other hardware as makeshift handles. But these things were never designed to support weight for as long as it takes to have sex, and the Internet contains more than one horror story of shower walls collapsing or people free falling from pool ladders. At best, you could wind up paying a big bill. The alternative? Some serious bodily damage! Be careful when walking around a pool or hot tub because the floor might be wet, too.
  • You could get caught: Sure, there’s something to be said when you’re worried about potentially getting caught (which is why so many people are attracted to having sex outside), but having sex in water and actually getting caught is something different. This is why a public pool, hot tub or even pond might be a bad idea. The consequences of getting caught range from sheer embarrassment to being banned from the facility to facing charges of public indecency.
  • Condoms and water don’t mix: Chlorine in pool water can make a condom work less effectively. Plus, it can be harder for a condom to stay in place. Make sure to double up on birth control if you use condoms.
  • Someone gets left out in the cold:Sex in the shower sounds hot, but it’s not. Literally. Unless you have multiple shower heads that spray you both at the same time, someone will likely wind up with the remnants of now-cold water running over them. It’s hard to keep your motor running when you’re freezing! Once you get out of the water, you might be in for a deep freeze unless the air around you is plenty warm.


There are a lot of things that could go wrong with sex in water, but don’t let that stop you from trying it at least once. You’ll want to take precautions to ensure it goes well, of course. And we’ve got the 411 on that!

First, you’ve got to figure out where you wanna do it. Public water spots are probably a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a pool in the privacy of your own backyard. Stick to the shallow end. A personal hot tub also works well, or you and your man can ditch all clothes if you rent a hotel suite complete with a whirlpool. These settings work because there are typically stairs built into the tub or pool, which solves issues of positioning and safety.

Make sure you’ve got privacy! Lock the door if you can. When you’re in the middle of things, you might not notice if someone has walked in on you and your man.

Bring lube. No matter how turned on you are, water is going to dry out your ladybits. So a nice silicone-based lube will make things easier. You’ll want to apply it before you step into the water, however.

Be clear with your man. It probably works better to go slow to prevent as much water as possible from entering your vagina, to reduce splashing around you and to ensure that both of you keeps your balance safely.

One thing you can try is fooling around – making out, groping and grinding – in the water, but heading to dry land for the main event. Then, it’ll be easier to use lube. You could sneak off to your hotel room or a private cabana.

If you’re really stuck on the idea of having sex in water, you can probably make it work. Start with sex in the shower to see if it’s something you want. Move on to sex in a pool or hot tub if that’s your thing. Just make sure to do it smartly and safely so you can continue having sultry sex with your man in the future! And if you do try sex in water and find it’s not for you, you can cross it off your sexy bucket list and move to the next thing!

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