Who hasn’t seen the bumper sticker, “If this van’s a rockin’ don’t come a-knockin'”? It’s pretty cheesy to let everyone know you drive a bedroom on wheels. But that association doesn’t apply to car sex! That’s another story.

There are specific reasons people have it. One: they’re so horny they can’t wait until they get home, so they don’t. Two: they don’t have a home of their own to have sex in.

If you fall in either scenario, car sex is hot because of the urgency. You want sex so badly, you don’t care where you are. Car sex is typically the domain of the following:

  • Teenagers or 20-somethings who still live with their parents
  • People having affairs
  • Long-term couples who want some sexual excitement by reliving their younger days

After all, the naughty element of car sex makes it a perennial sexy fave. But if you want to have sex in a car, you should first know some of the ground rules.


It’s not exactly legal — you are not free to have car sex anywhere you like. Society has certain rules against public nudity and exposing private parts. So if you can remain totally clothed while having sex in a car, you would not be breaking any laws, but to have car sex, you usually need to take off (or at least pull up or down) some of your attire.A car does not grant you privacy as a house does. If you expose yourself in a car, it’s the same as exposing yourself in public, which is against the law. If a police officer walks by and sees you in the act, you could be charged with one of several crimes that could include public fornication, indecent exposure or gross lewdness. You could be fined or even arrested, not to mention being embarrassed. And forget about finishing what you started. You can have car sex, just be smart about it.


Even if you like to live on the wild side, it’s not a good idea to simply park your car in public in broad daylight to have car sex. Besides, children could see you. Make some effort to be discreet. Wait until dark and drive to a park, a parking deck, an abandoned building’s parking lot or a dark neighborhood. Use your imagination. If you have tinted windows, even better.


Having sex in a car is not the easiest of places because of the cramped quarters and hard objects that you are likely to bump into. Ouch. The front seat can be particularly hazardous with the steering wheel, dashboard and gearshift. You might be so uncomfortable you find it difficult to have an orgasm.

If your car has a backseat, use it. You’ll find it more comfortable. But if not, you can still have sex in the front seat if you choose the right position.


When you are interested in how to have sex in a car, you’ll want to learn the best positions. Read on for our favorites.

Backseat Driver

  • Get in the backseat for this one, flip the front passenger seat forward, and slide the seat up as far as it will go toward the dashboard.

  • He sits down in the backseat, and you sit on top of him, facing away from him. You are in the driver’s seat (figuratively not literally) for this one because you control the action. It called the Back Seat Driver.

  • You can bounce up and down or use a grinding motion. He can just lie back and enjoy the ride.

    • Or he can put his hands around your hips to direct your movement. You are in a great position for him to rub your clit, too. 

    And with backseat driver position, you both are in perfect lookout position to spot someone coming toward you.


    You can always have standard missionary sex in the backseat. You might need to bend your knees or throw a leg over the top of the seat to find a workable position. Pull the front seats up as far as they will go to give yourselves more room. 

    Mastery Sex Position

    This is a good position for having sex in a car in the front passenger seat. He sits on the seat, and you sit on him facing him. You can be quite active in this position, or you can slow things down and be more romantic. This position is super intimate because your bodies are in alignment and you are sitting face-to-face. Both of you have your hands free in this position, so you can caress each other … anywhere.

    Cowgirl Position

    Jude Law said of cowgirl position in the movie “Alfie,”This was President Kennedy’s favorite position.” So let your guy feel presidential and have him lie down in the backseat while you ride him. A car with good headroom works best for cowgirl position.

    Oral Sex While Driving

    If your guy fantasizes about road head, it’s probably best to leave this fantasy as just that — a fantasy. Giving your guy oral sex while he’s driving is too dangerous an activity for us to recommend. Think about it: if he’s distracted enough when texting while driving to have an accident, just think of how distracted he’ll be while cumming!

    If he still needs convincing that this activity is just too dangerous, tell him that, while this might be stuff of urban legend, it is possible for his penis (or at least a part of it) to be bitten off if a car accident occurs during oral sex.

    But that doesn’t mean you can’t have oral sex in the car. You can, and it can be great. Just park the car first. Here’s some tips on how to have sex in a car using mainly your mouth:

    • Be a dominatrix by strapping him in the passenger seat with the seatbelt. Tie his hands to the headrest using his tie, a belt, your bra or whatever is available. Blindfold him or have him wear sunglasses at night. Now that he’s properly restricted, you can do what you like with him.

    • You can also be a dominatrix and make him give you oral sex. This works great if your car has a sunroof. Have your guy sit in the passenger seat. You stand up over him with your legs on either side of his hips. Your upper body will be sticking out of the sunroof, and your lower body will be in a perfect position for him to access. Wear a dress or skirt with no underwear for this activity.

    • If you really want to have sex while the car is in motion, a safer way is to unzip his pants to expose him. Then, give him a slow, leisurely hand job. He’ll get excited but not so excited that he loses control of the car. When you get to where you’re going, or when he sees a good spot to pull over, you can then give him oral sex while the car is parked.


      Car sex can be great fun, but it takes a bit of know-how to get it right, so you first need to learn how to have sex in a car.

      The urge to fool around while driving a car can be great, but it really is not worth the risk of crashing the car. And you’ll likely be arrested after being released from the emergency room.

      The possibility of being caught is a definite con of having sex in a car. The police do look out for that sort of thing. But the thought of being caught and getting away with something can be super exciting and fun.

      The car is not exactly the most romantic place to have sex, but if it’s all you got, you appreciate it. Plus, if you want to rekindle the passion you once had, the car might be the perfect way to do so.

      Because of the limited space in a car, it could be difficult to find a comfortable position. If you stick with the best car positions we discussed or some variations, you should have great sex that you aren’t likely to forget.

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