Most women want to look ravishing and to garner the attention that comes with beauty. However, the look we crave isn’t always what shows up in the mirror.

While a few aspects of appearance, like facial features, are hands dealt by nature and genes, there are plenty of things you can control. From skin care and makeup to fashion, looking hot is all about finding your best features and highlighting them while also diminishing the things you don’t love so much.

Establishing a beauty routine and learning how to look hot will not only draw the attention of everyone around you, it may also help you feel confident, feisty and sexy when you flirting with guys.


Beauty may not be skin deep, but it’s the perfect place to start, especially if you want to seduce a guy. Achieving a fresh complexion and enhancing your features with cosmetics is an effective way to catch attention. Plus, you get to play with makeup, and who doesn’t love that?

  1. Take care of your skin – Makeup might be the most fun ways to look hot, but before you jump into eye shadow and lipstick you need a clean, clear canvas. Papering your skin creates a beautiful glow and prevents breakouts and redness. Figure out if your skin is oily, dry or sensitive and seek out products specially designed for your needs. Be sure to take off makeup every night before bed since sleeping in cosmetics can cause inflammation and clogged pores.
  2. Use cosmetics to camouflage skin issues –Even the healthiest skin can use a little camouflage from time to time. When blemishes and discolorations pop up, a few simple makeup tricks can hide the flaws. Start by correcting skin tone with primer. A green-tinted primer can combat redness that comes with acne or rosacea. A yellow tint can help lighten dark circles while blue primer helps to blur imperfections and adds radiance.

For sallow undertones, try a pink or purple-based primer to brighten your complexion. To spot-correct blemishes, use a concealer pencil or stick on top of the troubled area and then blend with the tip of a clean finger.

  1. Create contours –Contouring is one of the most of-the-moment makeup tricks and one of the best ways to look hot. Using carefully applied areas that are highlighted and shadowed, you can define your facial structure and enhance your features. Apply a slightly darker shade of foundation or bronzer to the areas the sun would normally cast a shadow on, such as just under the hairline, on the sides of the nose, along the jawline and in the hallows of the cheeks.

Then apply a slightly lighter foundation or a highlighter to the bridge of your nose, the center of the chin, the apples of your cheeks and the center of your forehead. The key to great contouring is blending for a subtle look.

  1. 4. Protect yourself from the sun –It’s no surprise that a red, painful sunburn isn’t an appealing look. But, protecting yourself from the sun can help you look hot today and for many years to come. Overexposure to the sun can cause dry skin in the short term, and brown spots and wrinkles in the long term. Skip the tanning bed and make sunscreen part of your daily beauty routine, all year round.

Pay particular attention to areas such as your face, chest, ears and hands. Protecting your face doesn’t mean slathering on zinc oxide. Opt for moisturizers and foundations that feature at least SPF 15. Since sun protection leads to younger looking skin, you just might end up being that sassy grandma that everyone comes to for tips on how to look hot.

  1. Exfoliate and moisturize –Quick question: Which is more likely to look hot…dry alligator skin or supple, soft & touchable skin? The answer is pretty clear.

Moisturizing alone isn’t enough to create radiant skin. No lotion or potion will work if there are dead skin cells clinging on. Carve out a little extra time in the shower every day to use a loofa or body brush along with an exfoliating cleanser all over your body. Above the neck, switch to a facial brush or a nubby washcloth. Once you have a smooth surface, slather on a good quality moisturizer.

  1. Play up your best features –When applying makeup, it’s tempting to try all the latest trends and prettiest colors. But, looking hot doesn’t mean being overdone. Moderation is key, so pick your best feature to accent and keep it simple everywhere else. Have haunting eyes? Make them pop with smoky eye shadow and frame them with luscious lashes paired with a soft lip. Got plump, kissable lips? Slick on high-gloss, fiery red teamed with natural eyes.


From hair to nails, attention to detail counts when learning how to look hot. Exquisite grooming may take time, but it pays off in the confidence you’ll feel and the eyes you will catch.

  1. Groom your eyebrows –You can spend hours perfecting your makeup routine, but perfectly lined peepers and lengthened lashes are no match for stray brow hairs. Bushy eyebrows can be distracting and can ruin an otherwise polished look. From waxing and threading to plucking, there are plenty of options for cleaning up your brow line and most can be done in the sanctuary of your own bathroom.

But, before you dive into at-home maintenance, visit a professional to define your lines. They’ll be able to create the brow shape that works best for your face. Then, you can simply tackle the strays on your own.

  1. Find your perfect hairstyle –From Princess Kate’s silky locks to Emma Stone’s choppy layers and Taylor Swift’s perfectly waved bangs, everyone feels the pangs of hair envy. Just like clothes and makeup can highlight some features and camouflage others, some hairstyles are better suited for particular face shapes than others.

While round faces look lovely with uneven cuts and long layers, oval faces benefit from bangs that diminish the forehead. Rather than flipping through the pages of a magazine and guessing what will frame your face the best, find a stylist you trust and work together to determine your style.

  1. Manicure Time –From gesturing while you talk to waving and holding hands, your nails are on display more than you might imagine. Neat nails and a beautiful manicure are must-haves for looking hot. While a trip to the nail salon is a fun splurge, a simple manicure is easily done at home.

Carefully trim all nails to the same length and file away the rough edges. A gentle buffing will bring out the natural shine, but polish in your favorite shade can be an attention getter as long as it is chip-free and smooth. It also means that your hands will look beautiful when you are giving him a hand job.


Now that your perfectly made up and pristinely groomed, it’s time to hit your closet or the fitting room to complete the look. Nearly every little girl loved playing dress up and its no less fun now that you are all grown up.

  1. Wear the right shoes for your body type –Just like everything else in your closet, shoes can enhance your look if they flatter your body type. Tall ladies, you can take the comfy and cute route with flats. For those that need a little extra height to look their hottest, heels are the way to go. If you have shorter or heavier legs, try nude heels and open shoes to create a longer line and skip anything with ankle straps.

No matter what, make sure you can walk easily in whichever shoes you choose. Even if they flatter your frame, if you are tripping, limping or clomping in your shoes, you won’t look hot.

  1. Wear heels to accentuate your assets –Sure, flats can look cute, but there is nothing like a pair of stilettos to play up your curves. There’s no reason to go sky-high, unless you really want to. Even a slight two-inch heel can force better posture, which then enhances curves. By making you stand tall, with a slight curve in the back, high heels thrust the hips and breast forward and can give the appearance of toned, shapely calves and a prominent, perky bottom. Plus, walking in heels may cause you to flex and firm your abs.
  2. Use clothing to accent your figure –The world of fashion is full of ever changing trends, but knowing how to dress for your body shape is more important than any fad. The right shapes can flatter your favorite curves and move the eye away from the spots you don’t care for. If you, like many women, carry weight in your tummy, steer clear of hugging tops, and try wrap and empire styles paired with straight-leg pants.

If you are heavier in in the bottom, try pairing tunic tops with dark-colored bottoms. The best way to figure out the shapes and styles that complement your body is to head into the fitting room with lots of potential new favorites and try, try, try. Grab a friend and have a shopping field trip while trying lots of new styles.


  1. Get plenty of rest –Beauty sleep isn’t just a cliché; looking hot requires the right amount of shuteye. Late nights and early mornings can add up to bloodshot eyes, dark circles, deeper wrinkles and puffiness. On the other hand, a good night’s rest gives your body a chance to rejuvenate and can give you a fresher complexion, brighter eyes and a more toned look.

Aim for seven to nine hours each day. If you find yourself tossing and turning, try cutting out afternoon caffeine and adding meditation and an aromatherapy bath to your pre-bed routine.

  1. Drink plenty of water –It may not have the jolt of caffeine your morning coffee offers or taste as yummy as a soda, but when it comes to looking hot, water is the go-to beverage. Water can help flush toxins out of your system, as well as give your skin a fresh glow. Plus, drinking plenty of water can plump up skin cells to decrease wrinkles and prevent dryness and flaking. Try to drink at least 64 ounces a day and eat plenty of water-dense fruits and vegetables.

Looking hot should be fun, but it also requires a bit of effort. While some strategies are easy, others require more time and patience. But, looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. But, enhancing your beauty and looking your best can make you feel more confident and open to the possibilities around you.

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