How to Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted to You

Love is all about the emotional game, right? the emotional game exist when you are both in love , after the love and most importantly before the love starts to arise. In order to have that love we need to win the heart of the person we absolutely adore. The trick to instantly have them is to control their emotion which is a way to their heart. How do you make someone crave you so much that makes them always cling to you?

  1. Listen to what he says to you in a conversation

Being understood is probably the most basic psychological human need. When you are not understood your whole mood will fall down and even your self esteem. To be understood you need to be heard. So to fulfill your man’s basic psychological need, you need to listen to what he have to say to you when you are conversing with each other.

Listen not to reply. Just listen to what he have to say even if it sounds absurd or boring. Make sure you do not zone out or look like you are bored because it will hurt their feelings. If you really listen to them they will realize that you are a trust worthy person and they will always come back to you for more.

  1. Accept who he is

People will love you the most if you are the person that can accept who they are. Even in the worst part or the quirky side of themself, you need to accept who they are. Accepting them means that you will not put their flaws against them, will not be distant when they do something slightly bad and will not cringe when they show their true self. Validation creates trust and safety which in the end will grow to a strong based love. If you accept who he really is he will definitely cling to you even tighter.

  1. Support him

Sometimes there are too much pressure that it makes us put down what we really need to do to grow as a person. But with the right support from the people we love, we will feel like we can do anything and it will push us even more. So what you need to do in how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you is by supporting him.

He will slowly see that you are the person that can lift him up when he is down, so he will come back to you in time of need and he will always cling to you because he is forever grateful for your kindness. But do not blindly support him. See if the action that you support will make him grow or not. He will appreciate it if you push them to be a better version of himself.

  1. Keep the adventure going

In a relationship, you always need to spice things up in order to make the relationship more lively and go a long way. Spicing things up means doing some little things that will make your partner happy. So what you need to do is do fun and creative things to make him interested.

Therefore he will see that he is happy with you and you are the source of his joy. Joy is a really strong feeling so for sure, he will always come back to you for more adventure. These adventure does not necessarily need to be expensive. It just needs to break your routine, be creative and bring both of you happiness.

  1. Become a woman of worth

Everyone values a great thing. In fact they will treasure it and make it stay forever. One of the most important ways on how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you is by becoming the great thing that he treasure. Becoming a great woman means that you have a lot of admirable things in you that will make him value you more.

If he look up to you and is constantly inspired by you, he will want to make that feeling stay forever by staying with you. So it is less likely for him to leave you in an instant. 

  1. Open up to him emotionally

People tend to feel more safe towards a person when they open up with each other. If he have opened up to you, great. But sometimes some men do not open up themselves to people easily so you need something to start the conversation about their emotion. What you need to do is to open up to him emotionally. You can tell your deepest fear, or your intimate thoughts or maybe just any honest feelings that pops up in your head.

He will feel  safer once you initiate the conversation. He will also be tied to you more because now that you have shared your honest emotion, you have reached a new kind of intimacy and he will feel happy and safe when he is with you.

  1. Be mature in a fight

A lot of good relationship break over small fight that somehow grows bigger as the time goes.Do not let this happen to your precious relationship. What you need to do to avoid this is to be mature in a fight. Sometimes, in a fight people are not mature by sulking, or attacking each other personally or by making huge decisions when they are in a state of a high emotion.

In order to have a mature fight, you need to calm yourself down and know if the mistake is done consciously or not. Either way, you need to tell them how it makes you feel instead of blatantly pointing out what they did wrong. Do not scream at them when you say it.

If you do this steps it will be more likely that you can get out of the fight as a stronger couple.Plus he will feel attached to you because you are the person that will not make them feel bad about their mistakes. Instead, you are the person that can help him grow from that mistake.

  1. Respect his boundaries and values

Everyone have a set of boundaries and values that we carry through every part of our life. Men will respect and cling to you more if you are able to respect his boundaries and values. Give him space if he want to, do not tell his deepest secret to everyone, and many more.

There are a lot of boundaries and values which varies from person to person. Once you know theirs, do not try to use it against them or to test their limits. If you respect their boundaries and values he will admire you more and more.

  1. Praise him

Having a fan is never a bad thing. A fan is someone that adores you and praise you. These praises goes a long way. Do not just praise him when he is in a good mod or in a good position in life. If he hits rock bottom, praise how resilient he is or how good he is as a person. When you praise him, you are actually highlighting the good qualities in him which he sometimes forgets.

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