How to Make a Guy Jealous and Make Him Want Only You

how to make a guy jealousDisclaimer: If you’re interested in building a relationship built on negativity and hurt emotions then you’ll love this article, but bear in mind, this isn’t the best way to build a trusting and loving relationship. Only use these tips as a last resort

If there’s anything Hollywood has taught us about how to get the guy, it’s that we have to make him jealous! As a woman, making a guy jealous is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal!

You might be wondering why you want to know how to make him jealous. The answer to that one is a no-brainer. Jealousy can encourage a prospective lover to scoop you up.

He’ll be as crazy about you as he is over the idea that someone else has your attention. If your current relationship is in a rut, then you can add some spark and redirect his attention back to you when you make him jealous. Jealousy can also encourage a guy who has taken you for granted to give you more attention!

However, you don’t want to run away with the idea of jealousy. Don’t make him jealous just to be spiteful or highlight his insecurities in a way that might damage your relationship (Read: How To Save Your Relationship From Jealousy).

Another possible side effect is that you get used to manipulating him in negative ways. This isn’t the key to a successful partnership, which every relationship should be. You can see why making him jealous is such a double-edged sword!

Before You Try to Make Him Jealous

Is jealousy really what’s going to save your relationship, get your ex back or make him fall in love with you? Most times, the answer is “No.” It may only attract his interest for a brief time if at all. If he ignores you, you’ll only feel worse.

And if his lack of attention or your boring routine is a symptom of a deeper problem such as cheating, depression or stress, then adding jealousy to the mix might be the final nail in your relationship’s coffin. You might not to try this at all if there are things you can do to improve your relationship.

The two of you might consider going to therapy together, using active listening or just adding a weekly date night so you’ll feel closer. Those things can effect positive and long-lasting change.

Think of these tips to make him jealous as a last resort and recognize when it’s time to stop playing games!

Jealousy in the Digital Era

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you can shamelessly flirt and engage with other guys, and this is certain to get a guy’s attention if you’re intent on making him jealous. From “Liking” photos on Facebook, commenting on one another’s walls, tagging each other in images and poking back and forth, there are plenty of ways to show a guy that you’re focusing on someone else – and that someone else is focusing on you, too.

You’ll want to be careful not to give any wrong messages with your flirting. It should remain harmless, after all. In fact, if you can encourage a male friend to help you make your guy jealous, you can really milk it for all it’s worth.

If you’re active on Facebook, even if it’s not with another guy, and he’s waiting for a reply via Facebook Messenger or text, it’ll really encourage his green-eyed monster. Imagine how you feel when the guy you like or even love is active online but not replying to your texts. It only makes you want him to reply to you more.

The same goes for texting. Playing hard to get in this way is great for making a guy jealous.

Even if you have time to reply to his message right away, wait at least a few minutes so he knows you’re not dropping everything for him. When you do reply, keep those replies short and sweet. The same goes for phone calls.

Did you know there’s another way to make him jealous thanks to your phone? Simply paying more attention to your screen than his conversation is sure to make your man jealous (& frustrate him). Although, it’s considered pretty rude when you’re not actively going for that response, so make sure to put your phone away at other times.

Compliment Someone Else

texts to make him jealous

If you’re a fan of the TV show FRIENDS, then you might be familiar with the episode where Monica calls a guy she works with the funniest person she ever met. Her husband, Chandler, takes offense at this because being funny is his thing. He then goes out of his way to try to be funny, and Monica wonders why he’s acting so weird. The answer is simple, however. Chandler was jealous when his wife complimented another man about something he took pride in.

When you’re learning how to make a guy jealous, this skill comes in handy. You’ll want to compliment another person, typically a man, on something that your man does (or thinks) he does well. It should be something specific such as his sense of humor, his ability to fix car or computers or even the way he is as a parent.

Just like compliments toward your guy, this should be specific to be effective (Discover how compliments can bring you closer together)! You don’t even have to be talking to the person you’re complimenting, as long as your guy hears it.  Nonverbal compliments work as well. In Chandler’s example, he would have been jealous to hear his wife laughing heartily at another man’s joke!

As the episode wraps up, Chandler and Monica talk over the reason for his jealousy, and she reassures her husband that he’s the only one for her. She’s not even attracted to the other guy, and she certainly didn’t mean to make him jealous! But you might encourage jealousy if your man has been taking you for granted.

Do Nice for Others

Nothing drives a guy more insane with jealousy than when you do things for others that you won’t do for him, especially a younger guy. This might mean making a home-cooked meal, offering a massage, taking care of a house or pet while your friend is away from home or another favor. You’re sure to make him jealous when he sees the effort, time and care you put into doing things for others, especially if it doesn’t even cross your mind to offer him the same thing.

But if you’ve been forgetting about your man’s needs, you might want to do these things for him before trying to make him jealous.

Spending Time with Guys

how to make your crush jealous and want you over text

The number one way to make a guy jealous is to spend time with other guys. This will be especially effective if it’s with your ex because every guy feels wary about previous lovers. If you’re not on friendly terms with your ex, consider bringing up memories of good times to make your guy jealous.

Guy friends, especially close guy friends, come in a close second. And even flirting with a stranger can make him feel jealousy and remind him that he doesn’t want to share you with other men. Laugh, twirl your hair and make physical contact. Your guy won’t be able to ignore it.

Remember that spending time alone with other guys can have a similar jealousy-causing effect, so your significant other doesn’t even have to be there to witness it! If a guy knows you’re dressing up for another man, it can spur him into action.

Finally, relying on other guys to help you with things will bother him like none other, because guys like to be depended on. In his mind, you’re his woman and you should come to him whenever you have a problem!

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to make him jealous. Keep busy, whether it’s with your own hobbies, a girl’s night out or working late. What if you use vacation days to travel with friends rather than spending time with him? Cut conversations short and don’t be too quick to reply to phone calls or texting.

Be a little inconsistent to keep him on his toes. Keeping busy sends signals that you don’t care, and there’s hardly anything that will make a guy more jealous than thinking you’re over him or have other options. It could lead to reconciliation.

One way to make him jealous is to keep your relationship casual – and let him know! If you’ve got three dates a week, he might want to solidify your relationship because of the competition.

Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll be too busy to care!

A Word of Warning

A number of the ways of making a guy jealous involve showering attention or getting attention for other guys. If those guys have any feelings for you whatsoever, this extra time and focus could encourage those feelings and lead to confusion. He might think he can get out of the friend zone.

Make sure that whoever your partner-in-crime is, he understands that you don’t have feelings for him and that he won’t develop feelings for you in return. If you’re just using a guy to make your ex or crush jealous, it could be quite hurtful when the truth comes out. We’ve all seen the romantic-comedy where this situation heads south, so avoid it if you can.

What You’ve Learned About Jealousy

how to make your boyfriend jealous

When you know how to make him jealous with a light hand, you can drive him right into your arms or remind him how much he misses you. The trick is to make him wonder so he can’t get you out of his mind. He’ll be curious when you spend more time at work or the gym or change your routine.

Make him jealous but don’t be outwardly mean or ignore him. He might pass you up if you think you’re too into playing games. There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to using jealousy to increase his attraction to you.

Making him jealous won’t work if he doesn’t already have some feelings for you.

Don’t worry if he’s not super into you right now. You can get your crush to like you with this advice. Use those tricks with these ideas for making a guy jealous, and you should have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

Finally, if you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, doing this could breed negative jealousy. Jealousy should be used sparingly and shouldn’t be par for the course when it comes to your relationship! If you overdo it, you might send him running in anger! Or you might wind up dealing with a jealous lover who becomes scary.

Consider why you want to make him jealous before you actually do it. You might have some issues of your own to work on if you’re trying to sabotage your relationship.

Think long and hard whether making him jealous will have the intended effect or will it lead to something like a break up (with breakup sex). If you’ve tried everything else, this might be the one way to make him yours.

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