How To Make a Man Addicted To You

When you think about making a guy fall for you so hard that he can’t live without you, you might think that it all comes down to sex — isn’t the Big O the way to his heart? Well, not really. The truth is, there are plenty of other ways to keep him coming back for more. Here are just a few of them:


1. HOLD BACK A BIT. When last did you fall for someone who spilled out their entire life story during a coffee date? There’s a reason why you should hold back a bit when dating someone new — you give the mystery a chance to build. Be a bit of a puzzle that he has to work out instead of an open book that he can read in an hour and he’ll have a reason to come back. Follow the same rule when it comes to sex. Although it might feel old-fashioned to wait to get undressed, just think of how hooked on you he’ll be when you look sexy AF and he knows that he can’t have you yet. Primis Player Placeholder


2. LET HIM PEEL BACK HIS LAYERS. Everyone needs a special someone with whom they can be honest and open about their feelings about anything without being judged for it. When a guy can talk to you about anything and you allow him to be himself, this is addictive, especially because he’ll only be able to get such full support from you. Sure, he can laugh and be silly with his friends as much as he does with you, but he’s not going to open up to them in the locker room. By giving him what no one else does, he’ll be coming back for more. 


4. ACT LIKE A PRIZE — IT’S THE GATEWAY DRUG TO HIS LOVE. Guys want the challenge of pursuing you. If you’re too available and show you’re too interested in him too soon, this is an anti-climax. It would be like giving him all the cheats to his favorite Xbox game. Where’s the fun in that? Carry yourself in such a way that you know your worth and you know he has to work for it, and he’ll rise to the occasion


. 5. GET SOME DOPAMINE. If you are always suggesting the same coffee or dinner dates, you risk boring him. It’s like watching the same movie a hundred times — you know exactly what’s going to happen. Yawn. Do something a little different — maybe try an adventure sport together or go on a road trip to a place you both have yet to see. This won’t only give you new stuff to talk about, but exciting new experiences release dopamine in the brain. This chemical is responsible for lust and desire.


6. MAKE HIM MISS YOU. It’s not enough to have lots of powerful, memorable dates with a guy, though. You have to let him miss you. Once he suffers withdrawals from you, that’s when he’ll realize just how much he wants to be with you. If you’re always in his space, whether in RL or via text, you don’t give him a chance to reach that understanding on his own.


7. GET PASSIONATE OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM. What can cause a guy to lose interest is if you were a fun and carefree woman but then changed as the relationship progressed, perhaps losing your spark or becoming clingy. Be the person you are from date one and always bring your passion to the table. Whatever it is that makes your eyes sparkle is what you need to keep refueling because this is what makes you so sexy to men. Your guy will want to be around you when you’re chasing your fire because it’s so damn intoxicating.


8. SHOW HIM YOUR VULNERABLE SIDE. Once you get to know a guy, you should not only allow him to be real with you but you should also peel back your layers. The reason comes down to biology. When men feel the need to protect you and keep you safe, this triggers their instinct to take care of you. In other words: love! It feels so good to lie in your BF’s arms and open up to him emotionally, and he’ll be feeling the same warmth and fuzziness. Of course, he might be too manly to admit it.

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