How To Make A Man Cry, Shake & Scream Your Name In Bed – 21 Tips

how to make a guy addicted to you

Don't you just love the feeling of making your man cry in bed? And knowing they can't wait to be with again is something else, too. A woman who masters the art of making a guy sexually addicted to her wields a lot of power. It can take a little time to perfect the art; however, which is why we've written this guide. And following the advice here might very well turn your sexual pleasure up to 11, too!

The trick to making a guy addicted to you, whether he’s your boyfriend or husband or an FWB (learn more about FWBs), is twofold: do things so well that he forgets about anyone else and be a safe place so he can try things he’s never done with anyone else before.

There are quite a few things you can do to make him addicted sexually. These things often center around adding novelty and adventure to your sex life, exploring new things and building your trust, increasing sexual pleasure, and playing a delicate game of tug-of-war that will keep his brain wanting you.

It’s not that different from other types of addiction, where the brain’s reward system is activated [1] and causes a person to feel good [2]. In fact, falling in love activates some of the same brain regions as doing cocaine [3]. No wonder they both feel so wild!

Thankfully, you can have a lot of fun if you know how to make a man addicted to you sexually, and it doesn’t come with all the negative side effects of other types of addiction.

But enough of the idle chatter. Here are 21 surefire ways that will teach you how to make a man cry in bed…

1. Condition Him to Crave You

Did you know that you can make a guy’s mind associate certain things with sex even if he’s not aware that it’s happening? It’s all due to conditioning [4, 5]. If you wear a certain scent or lipstick every time you have sex, his brain will register “sex” when he smells or sees it. You can see that this a powerful tool you can use to your advantage.

Give it a try on your own. Do, wear, or say something right before sex for a few weeks. you may notice that eventually doing that thing will get him thinking about you sexually and maybe even make him hard! You can use this trick when you want to make him horny.

Just be careful not to accidentally use the trigger when around other people or use the same perfume that his sister wears!

2. Surprise Him with Sex

You might want to sit down for this one because it’s kind of a bombshell: guys like sex.

Like, a lot.

Remember that whole “random act of kindness” thing? This is one of the best ways to go about it, hands down. Men are more than willing to ask for sex, but one of the hottest things you can do is initiate it.

Guys love feeling wanted too!  Yet, they often have to make the first move.

It could be because of gender norms that we learn in our culture. And the fact that roughly 30% of women have responsive desire while many men have spontaneous desire doesn’t help [6 p 225]. So you may have to get yourself in the mood first if you want to surprise him with sex.

Find out how to get horny.

So open the door without clothes on, run your hands across his pants when he’s playing a video game, or kiss him deeply. Tell him how much you want him and cannot resist him, even if you’re got messy hair and morning breath! Sometimes the key to getting him to desire you is to remind him how sexy you find him!

Remember, it can be ultra-sexy if you initiate in the car or a semi-public place when he’s least expecting it or when the curtains are open and not just at home and in the bedroom.

3. Ride Him With Confidence

If you’ve got the confidence to get on top and ride him skillfully, you’re already leaps and bounds above any woman who’s a little too self-conscious, shy, or inexperienced. And if you use him for your own pleasure, it can make him desire you even more!

Not quite as confident as you could be?  Check out these 4 tips to ride your man with confidence and this guide to feeling super confident when you’re on top.

4. Talk Dirty to Him

One of the best “tricks” in the making him addicted toolbox is talking dirty to your man.

Talking dirty to him can feel a bit awkward if you’re never done it before…Fortunately, we’ve got a few tools to help you make a guy addicted by talking dirty to him…

5. Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises work out the muscles that hold your uterus, vagina, and surrounding organs in place. You can squeeze these muscles around your partner’s dick when he’s inside you making your vagina feel tighter, which can even make him cum right then…perfect for making your man cry in bed.

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6. Try New Things in the Bedroom

how to make him cry in bed

Want to know how to make a man addicted to you in the bedroom? Easy: branch out. Guys like to experiment, and while girls usually do too, society sometimes may make you hold back a little bit more than you want to. We say,

Screw society.

Try New Positions – Your guy likes you, probably loves you, and you don’t need to be ashamed or afraid of suggesting something new to try in the bedroom. An easy way to start is by trying some new sex positions. You’ll learn over a hundred sex positions here (with demonstration photos).

There are positions for oral and some positions that work great for anal sex, too. Keep in mind that some positions give him a great view of your body.

Toys & Games – You can also add toys, costumes or lingerie, or something kinky. If you’re not sure what you want to try, sex games like these or sex dice can give you ideas and switch things up.

Prostate Play – For men, in particular, prostate play can be a deep desire. Yet, society often makes them feel ashamed for wanting to try this because it “might be gay” to experiment with backdoor play. Of course, no activity done between you and your man can ever be gay!

7. Encourage Him to Open Up Sexually

If you provide a space where he can talk about his kinks and fetishes, it’ll make him crazy for you! This is especially true if he didn’t feel like he could open up to other partners in the past or that he was judged for doing so.

You can make this safe space by asking him if there’s anything he’d like to do sexually. Or you can start a conversation about your own fantasies or sexual bucket list. Hopefully, being vulnerable will encourage him to do the same.

Psst.. wanna know the most common fantasies?

It’s important for you not to judge him in any way even if he suggests activities that aren’t exactly your cup of tea. But if you’re willing to try something new, you might find ways to bring sex to the next level and get him hooked on you sexually.

8. Try Dominant or Submissive Roles

Imagine this: a guy is sexually obsessed with you, and you both know it.

He craves you sexually.

All the power is in your hands.

So why not try actual power play and dominate him in the bedroom? You can hand out punishments and rewards and control his orgasms.

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You can hold or tie him down, use blindfolds, spank him, and use all manner of toys.

This type of roleplay is perfect for adding dirty talk, too! You can talk about how he’s sexually addicted to you and encourage him to agree. Get him to list the things he loves about your body and sexual talents or the things he would do just to be with you. We guarantee it’ll make sex better for both of you.

On the flip side, you can try submitting to him sexually. What better way to keep him sexually obsessed than by catering to his needs and letting him feel powerful in the bedroom?

The key is to experiment with dominating your man and being submissive for him and figure this out for yourself.

9. Edge Him

If you were a little confused about what I meant by “control his orgasms” in my previous point; don’t worry. Orgasm control is all about letting a guy cum only when and how you want him to. It’s a powerful tool to have when learning how to make a man shake in bed with pleasure. Toys exist to prevent erection and orgasm, or you can ruin his orgasm.

You can also try making him orgasm on command. The tip about sexual conditioning helps with that.

But an especially important sex trick to keep him interested in edging. Edging is the practice of bringing yourself or someone else close to orgasm and backing off. You repeat this several times before finally letting him cum. Why? It makes that final orgasm so intense after all that stimulation and buildup of anticipation!

More on edging your man here.

Learn how to control his orgasms.

10. Make Him a Little Jealous

where to touch a man to make him scream

A little jealousy never hurt anyone (although, a lot can certainly be a red flag). No one is advocating that you disappear for a night or hold hands with his best friend, but a small reminder here and there that he wants you to be his and his alone can be good for your relationship.

A touch of flirtation with a passing stranger, a long gaze with the waiter, drawing heads in a pretty dress … these are all perfect ways to remind your guy that you’re desirable and that he’s lucky to have you. And if you’re not in a relationship, it might not hurt to let him know if you’re seeing other people.. or that others want to date you.

Just don’t make him so jealous that it causes a problem.

11. And…Play Hard to Get

When you’re too available for a guy, he might become the opposite of addicted to you sexually: bored.

So consider not answering his messages immediately or declining the occasional invitation for sex or a date. Leave his place before he asks you to, or even plant a sensual kiss on his lips and disappear before it has a chance to go further.

When he knows you’re in demand, he’ll be motivated to work harder to get your attention and won’t be able to stop thinking about you, even when you’re not together.

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Plus, making him come to you ensures that you won’t become too clingy or needy, which can be a serious turn-off, especially if he’s only looking for something casual. Discover how casual sex can be awesome.. and not so awesome.

Be careful to give him just enough that he stays lusting for you. If you give him too much space or are too cold, he might look for someone who is a bit more accommodating or warm.

11. Build Sexual Tension

If there’s a surefire way to make him cry in the bedroom from pleasure, it’s building sexual tension higher than the Empire State Building and keeping it high.

Sexual tension requires enough sexual suggestion to keep him interested sexually but not so much that you give it all away. Flirting and teasing are two key elements of sexual tension, but there are more things to discover.

Learn how sexual tension can become the most important part of your toolbox.

12. Prioritize Your Own Pleasure

This might not sound like a way to make him want you sexually at first, but hear us out. No guy likes a woman who just lies in bed limply like a starfish or makes him do all the work. This can be a lot of pressure on a guy and is the reason why initiating sex and riding your man are such powerful moves.

But if you make a point to get your own pleasure, whether by stroking your clitoris or bringing out a sex toy, it can turn a guy on like crazy and leave him sexually wanting you! Try this the next time he’s in your bed: ask him if he wants to see you cum, and grab your favorite vibrator!

It’s even better if you cannot control your pleasure and have an explosive orgasm with loud (and real) moans. He might just forget about the rest of the world as he watches you.

13. Dress Sexy for Him

After you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s natural to let your hair down a little. You start to use the toilet while he’s in the shower; he adopts an exclusive uniform of sweats from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

And that’s okay and totally normal, but in the interest of making him addicted, consider putting yourself together a little more often. Hair, makeup, and a cute top shouldn’t be reserved for when you’re out meeting other people. If he knows you go to extra efforts for him alone, he’ll crave and appreciate you even more. It can make you feel more sexy and desirable, too!

And if you really go all out for a date night, he may find himself picking his jaw up from the floor!

The key is to wear something that makes you feel sexy and compliments your body. If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show.

Learn how to dress sexy for your man.

14. Keep Flirting!

Ah, flirtation. Something we relegate to our younger years, but we really shouldn’t. Flirting makes us feel special, sexy, wanted, and approved of. It stimulates sexual appetites and builds bonds. Knowing this, why would you ever stop?

Use shy glances, playful games, and steamy touches to keep your man interested. For more help with flirting, check out these flirty texting games you can play with him and this in-depth guide on how to flirt effectively.

15. Massage His Ego A Bit

Do you love how his cock feels?

Maybe he’s a great kisser or good at oral?

If he makes you cry, scream and shake in the bedroom every time or is a good lover in some other way, let him know! It’ll make him feel good and desperate for you. Just make sure that your compliments are genuine. Don’t tell him he has the biggest penis you’ve ever seen if he’s average or on the small size.

Not sure where to start? How about a breathless moan about how good he feels inside you!

16. Set a Regular Date Night

how to make him scream your name in bed

Everyone knows that date nights keep your marriage and sex life strong after kids, but what about when you’ve just gotten together or have only been with someone for a few months or years?

Dedicated date nights are still important in this case because that’s your time to invest in the relationship, be silly, have fun, prioritize romance and continue to get to know one another.

Failing to set aside time for date night means that the to-do list gets the upper hand or that you always have routine sex, which can become stale and won’t help make your boyfriend sexually addicted, so don’t forget about it!

17. Use Sexy Body Language

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on your first date or thousandth … sexy body language is, well, sexy.

But people tend to lose the knack for it over the weeks, months, and years as they become more comfortable with someone. It happens to guys too, they forget about looking sexy. Lean toward your man intimately, touch him softly on the arm or shoulder or cheek, lower your head and look up at him from underneath your lashes.

Everyone loves to feel special, and using sexy body language is one method of making your man feel that way.

Draw attention to your cleavage or butt. Bite your lower lip, chew on a straw, or suck on a lollipop. It might sound cliche, but it definitely works! You can also trace a finger across your collar bone or drag an ice cube along your skin.

18. Set — And Enforce — Your Boundaries

Guys might briefly like someone who is all about them, but being all about him or worse, being a doormat, becomes boring pretty quickly. That’s not how you keep him hooked. It’s also not a good way to ensure that you get what you want in bed!

Instead, set your boundaries and make sure to enforce them. This says that you’re a capable woman and it makes you more desirable. It’s another way to remind him that your time is valuable and that you’re not too needy.

19. Stay Fit & Eat Healthily

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a man addicted to you, a great way is to start with your body. Slimming and toning your figure is just one benefit of eating healthy and exercising; you also receive better skin, sleep more soundly, and have more energy.

Regular exercise can also give you more stamina for riding your man!

These all impact how a romantic partner sees you. Remember, it’s not just your looks that are important; it’s also your confidence. The better you feel in your own skin, the more courageous, inventive, confident, experimental, and charming you will be, and the more your man will want to be around you!

20. Laugh. A Lot

Everyone knows a good laughing session is fun, but did you know that laughter releases the hormone oxytocin? Also responsible for bonding mothers and babies, oxytocin brings couples closer together. The more you can laugh with your guy, the more he will feel close to you and want to be around you.

The more he’s around you, the more you two can laugh, the better; it’s a virtuous cycle. Think about fun ways to keep your guy entertained, like telling jokes, renting comedies, or (gently) teasing one another. It’s a surefire way to make your guy addicted to you. Another great way to make him laugh in a more intimate way is with some light flirting…these flirting tips will show you how.

Don’t forget to laugh in the bedroom, too. Sex doesn’t have to be serious all the time! And sometimes it can be awkward or weird, and a little laughter breaks the tension.

21. Be Uniquely You

Addiction of all types rests on the feeling that you can’t get what you need from anything or anyone else.

That’s why you need to focus on being the best you and not on being someone else.

So, focus on accentuating your good qualities, the ones you know that your man likes and don’t worry about being somebody you’re not. Oscar Wilde said it best, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

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