If you want to make love to your husband and have him enjoy it every time, then there are a few simple things to get right.

Making passionate love to your husband is a great way to bring you both closer together. The Princess Fantasy is here to help!

Get each of these things right and he will adore making love to you…and a great side effect of this is that your man will be less likely to cheat too!


There are some awful urban myths out there. The myth about men hating foreplay is one that I am desperately trying to eradicate. The truth is that men love foreplay! Sure, sometimes a quickie with no foreplay feels great for both of you, but ultimately he will have far stronger orgasms if you do some foreplay first. So you might be wondering what kinds of things make foreplay great. Here are some great ways to get started:

  • Start foreplay as you leave for work. Give him a kiss as you are leaving, then lean in and whisper something like this his ear, “I have a little surprise for you later!”This will have him anticipating what’s in store when you see each other again.
  • You can also talk dirty to him on the phone. So if you talk on the phone during the day, try using some examples from the dirty talk sectionas a guide to spike his interest and desire (these examples should also help).
  • When you are both alone together that evening, slip into something sexy before having dinner together. This will keep his eyes on you as well as have him anticipating what’s coming later.
  • When you finally get to the bedroom he will be dying to rip your clothes off. But don’t allow him to just yet. Keep foreplay going by using these foreplay tips.
  • Also don’t forget about learning how to give an awesome blow joband handjob to add to your foreplay repertoire.

As you start to master foreplay and spiking your man’s desire for you, you should also be learning some decent sex positions to try with him. However, before jumping right in, here are 2 helpful hints that will greatly speed up your learning curve:

  1. Just because a position looks more exotic, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more enjoyable for both you and your husband. Although it’s probably still worth trying at least to keep things interesting.
  2. Remember to take note of the sex positions that you both enjoy. Use them again and again with your man. But don’t only rely on just 1 or 2 positions. Otherwise he will end up getting bored. It’s a much better strategy to keep experimenting and adding to your repertoire.

Like I just said when learning new sex positions for making love to your husband with, you need to keep adding to your repertoire. So don’t just settle with learning 1 blowjob technique, 2 handjob techniques and 2 new sex positions. You need to try as many as possible and then keep what workswhile forgetting about the techniques and positions that didn’t work so well. After only a few months of consistently trying new things while making love to your man, you will have a large amount of techniques, tricks and positions that you can use at any time.


So mastering foreplay, learning some wonderful new sex positions and using a lot of variation is great for having fun sex. But… Having sex is not the same as making love.Think about that for a minute. Even read it again: Having sex is not the same as making love. Becoming a sexual goddess is great for keeping your man happy. But it’s not necessarily the same thing as making love to your guy. When you make love to your husband, your aim is to have more than just sex. It’s to bond with him. It’s to show him how you feel about him. To show him that you love him. And hopefully for him to show you how much he loves and cares about you too. So remember this. It’s not just about crazy, animalistic sex. It’s about connecting with him. A great way to connect physically with each other is to:

  • Massage each other
  • Communicate to each other what you both like and dislikein the bedroom
  • Hug, hold, kiss, touch and comfort each other
  • Accepting that neither of you are perfect but that you love each other regardless is important when connecting and making love

While sex plays the main part in making love to your husband, connecting physically like I have described above plays an equally important role. In other words: To make love to your husband, you need to have great sex and connect physically and accept each other.If you enjoyed this article and these tips on making love to your husband, but would like to learn my most powerful techniques for giving your man a great blow job, then you will learn a lot from this blow job instructional video. Enjoy! 

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