How to Make Semen Taste Better: From Salty to Sweet

how to make semen taste betterWhether you’re apprehensive about going down on your man and swallowing his load for the first time or you already know that you don’t enjoy the taste of semen, you might be wondering how to make semen taste better — or if it’s even possible. Science has yet to take a stab at this subject, but the odds are in your favor if you believe others’ experiences.

What Is Semen

Check this guide about what cum tastes like. You should check it out if you’re interested in that more general question. You’ll find out that the flavor can vary from person to person and even from day today because of factors such as diet.

Semen contains seminal fluid and sperm [1], which originate in the testicles (Testicles can be an erotic place, too! Get tips for sucking his balls). Most of semen is water [2], which you might guess from its watery texture. The rest of the contents include amino acids and protein, sugars, minerals. At least one study has found that semen contains a variety of elements: zinc, copper, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, titanium, iron and nickel [3].

These ingredients could be one reason why semen has benefits.

The result is white, gray, or even yellow in color, and a gelatinous texture that can be sticky. When it comes to taste, which is the entire point of this article, semen can be musky or salty [4]. It can be bitter or sweet at times [5].

Pre-cum, which occurs before a man ejaculates, also has a salty taste.  Precum starts in the Cowper’s glands, and its job is to prepare the urethra for the sperm [6].

Discover how you can get pregnant from precum.

Honestly, some women don’t mind the taste of semen. Some might even like it. If it’s obvious that you’re nervous about swallowing or the taste of cum, it might affect your performance. Enthusiasm is important when giving head and having sex in general.

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What Affects the Taste of Semen



Lack of hydration can affect bodily fluids including semen. You might be familiar with how potent and dark urine can be if you haven’t had enough water. Imagine what a lack of water can do to semen, much of which is water.

Alcohol and Drug Use – Including Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes doesn’t just change the smell of your clothing, fingers, and your breath; it could be the reason why your man’s semen tastes a little funky.  If you can, encourage your man to cut out or at least cut down unhealthy habits that might be affecting the taste of his semen.

If smell is also an issue, you might want to ask your man to shower before you engage in sexual activities. You can have sex in the shower or start with some soapy foreplay.


Another unhealthy habit that can contribute to how cum tastes is diet. There are foods that are known to alter the smell of bodily fluids, and you might notice a certain pungency to your sweat or urine after you eat certain veggies. This can extend to semen, too.


Medication is supposed to make you healthier, but it can cause all sorts of side effects, some of which get less attention than others. Changes to the flavor of semen are one of those changes. Obviously, the label isn’t going to warn that his cum will taste differently, but be aware that anything that affects bodily fluids can similarly change the flavor of cum.


There is the possibility that certain conditions could also change how semen tastes. Men with diabetes may have cum that tastes sweet. Again, this isn’t something that had been readily studied, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility based on anecdotal evidence.

How to Make Semen Taste Better


Now that you know some of the things that affect the taste of cum, we have some tips that you can use to help your man improve the taste of his semen, which can make giving head and swallowing easier.

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Note that few studies have been performed on the qualities of semen, especially taste. The following recommendations are mostly anecdotal until researchers perform tests on how to make semen taste better. However, many people report having good luck with altering the flavor of semen using these methods.

Don’t just tell him he needs to change his bad habits, especially if he’s not receptive.

This can come across as nagging and make him dig his heels in, which helps neither of you. Instead, have a conversation where you express that you want to connect through oral sex and be able to swallow for him but find it difficult. Let him know some of the factors that you think might be coming into play and allow him to suggest possible solutions.

Do encourage a healthier lifestyle by being healthier with him.

This may mean increasing your own water and fruit intake or eating less dairy and meat. It’s often easier to make these changes when you feel like you’re not alone and when you know you’re not being nagged or punished. Try cooking some healthy meals to enjoy together (you’ll learn what to avoid in a bit) as a romantic precursor to a sexy night, blowjob and all.

Don’t drink alcohol or use drugs.

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Chemicals can alter your body chemistry in unexpected ways.

Do drink lots of water.

There are a lot of guidelines about how much water we should be drinking daily. You’ve probably heard that you should be drinking 64 ounces of high-quality H2O a day, which equates to eight 8-ounce glasses. However, there is leeway, and some people need less water than others, so 4 to 6 glasses is often enough [7]. Plus, watery fruit, other beverages, and even soup can count toward your water intake.

Instead, look for signs of hydration: skin that’s elastic and clear and urine that’s faint in color and scent but not clear are signs that you are properly hydrated [8]. And you should simply drink whenever you’re thirsty. After all, it’s your body’s best symptom of dehydration.

If you experience symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and dizziness, dehydration might already have set in [9]. Be prepared by bringing a water bottle with you wherever you go on hot days or when you plan to exercise.

So pour a glass for you and your man. He’ll taste better, and you’ll both feel better. Plus, being well hydrated is good for your skin and hair!

Don’t binge on dairy, meat and highly processed foods.

People report these categories of food having a noticeable effect on the taste of semen. So while that bacon cheeseburger might taste good to your man now, it might make him taste less than pleasant later. Furthermore, highly processed food may contribute to foul-tasting cum.

Do eat lots of fruits — and some veggies.

Fruit such as melon contains a lot of water, which is good for hydration, and celery, lettuce, zucchini, and cucumber are over 95% water [10]. Many people also report positive results when a man eats fruit such as pineapple, papaya, and oranges, You might think that this makes semen taste better because of the sugar, but some people suspect it’s more a response to the chemical and enzymatic effect that fruit has while being digested. Other foods that may help improve flavor include parsley, wheatgrass, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

While eating your vegetables means you’re taking in healthy foods to boost energy and burn calories, not all of them are your friend when it comes (pun intended) to how cum tastes. Specifically, pungent vegetables such as garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, and onions may result in semen that doesn’t exactly taste good [11]. Cabbage might also be a poor choice due to its sulfur content. Let’s not forget about asparagus, which can make semen taste unpleasant as well as making urine smell terrible and take on a green hue [12]!

Many of these things affect how a vagina tastes, too.

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Don’t expect miracles.

Semen will always taste like, well, semen. And it might be out of your control, which we’ll touch on later. But even if you can learn how to make semen taste better, there’s no hiding what it is.

Do experiment.

Aside from the suggestions with food on this list, there’s one more thing to try: pills to make semen taste better. Now, there are a few products, and they’re not all highly rated. You’ll need to decide how important it is to you to make his cum taste better and how much money you’ll spend on the endeavor. But if it’s a small enough risk, you might just get lucky!

Don’t stop taking medication.

After all, a doctor prescribed it for a reason. And going cold turkey may have unwanted or even dangerous side effects.

Do talk to a doctor.

If you suspect that it’s medicine or even another condition that might be messing with your man’s jizz, it might be time to schedule a doctor’s appointment. He might be able to switch medications or to start a treatment plan for illnesses that might be affecting more than just his sex life. Unfortunately, there may not be much that you can do about medicine if it’s necessary. This brings us to our next point.

What If You Can’t change How Semen Tastes

I know you’re here to learn how to make semen taste better, but sometimes you just don’t have options to change how semen tastes from within, but you might be able to change your experience from without.

  1. Use a flavored condom, so you don’t have to swallow or taste the semen. Flavored condoms are just one of several types of condoms. Check out this guide to using condoms so you won’t make a mess when taking off a used condom.
  2. Apply flavored lube when going down on your man, which will help mask the natural flavor of his semen. Sliquid even makes cubes with multiple sample packets, allowing you to try different flavors to find your favorite. Some flavored products even numb your throat, making it easier to go down on your partner without gagging.
  3. Have your man ejaculate elsewhere, such as on your face or body or even into a tissue, so you don’t have to taste the cum once it’s in your mouth. We don’t recommend letting him come in your mouth and spitting as this actually makes the flavor stick in your mouth longer.
  4. Take a drink of something flavored immediately after you swallow.

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While semen will always taste like semen, a healthy lifestyle can reduce its potency and pungency to make swallowing much easier and even more pleasant when you give head! Plus. now that you know how to make semen taste better, you can experiment. Your man will be sure to love all the oral attention he’s getting!

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